Here Are The Top 10 Hottest K-Pop Girl Groups of 2018


KMazing  – South Korea is the talking topic that will never end, from culture, culinary to fashion, this country has a lot of charms that keep on attracting us. Not only that, the Hallyu virus that has spread throughout the world also has its own advantages for the ginseng country. Boy bands and Girl bands are growing rapidly and there are even some who have successfully penetrated the Global market. Well … here are KMazing’s picks on the 10 Hottest K-Pop Girl band of 2018.


Lovelyz is arguably one of the most successful girl groups in 2018. This group has quite a lot of members, namely Baby Soul, Jeong Ye In, Seo Ji Soo, Ryu Soo Jung, Yoo Ji Ae, Kei, Lee Mi Joo, and Jin. They managed to hold a concert for 3 consecutive days in February which is a huge deal for establishing their position in the top 10. The concert was always fully filled with their fans which made the concert tickets sold out in just one minute after the channel opened. The girl group also made their comeback last April with the 4th mini album. The album was titled “Heal” and won the first place on MTV The Show SBS on May 1, 2018.

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