Premiering on June 15, 2024, “Miss Night and Day” (also known as “Woman with Different Day and Night”) is a new JTBC drama that blends comedy, romance, and fantasy. Starring Jung Eun-ji (of Apink) and Lee Jung-eun, the drama follows the story of Lee Mi-jin, a woman in her late 20s struggling to land a job.

Unemployed and down on her luck, Mi-jin’s desperate situation leads her mother to perform a special prayer for her daughter’s success. However, things take an unexpected turn when an orange cat disrupts the ceremony, foreshadowing the fantastical twist to come.

Miss Night and Day From Jobless to Double Lives

Mi-jin soon encounters a pair of intertwined destinies. By day, she remains in her own body, navigating the challenges of job hunting. But come nightfall, she finds herself inhabiting the body of Lee Sun, an older woman who works at a bar. This sudden body-swapping throws Mi-jin’s life into chaos, forcing her to navigate two completely different realities.

As Mi-jin adjusts to her bizarre situation, she crosses paths with Gye Ji-woong (played by Choi Jin-hyuk), a dedicated prosecutor. While searching for work during the day, Mi-jin encounters a job scam and is fortunately rescued by Ji-woong. As the story unfolds, a connection blossoms between Mi-jin and Ji-woong, with the added complication of their daytime and nighttime encounters.

Written by Park Ji-Ha and directed by Lee Hyeong-Min (known for his work on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”), “Miss Night and Day” promises a captivating blend of genres. The drama explores themes of identity, following Mi-jin as she grapples with the challenges of living two lives.

The drama is currently airing on JTBC in South Korea and is also available for streaming on Netflix with subtitles. With its unique concept, stellar cast, and blend of genres, “Miss Night and Day” is sure to be a hit with fans of Korean dramas.