Top 20 Best Romantic Korean Dramas of All Time (Up to 2018) (Updated)

Top 20 Best Romantic Korean Dramas of All Time

What type/genre of Korean Dramas that you like the most? Action? Comedy? Thriller? Romance? Horror? For me, I won’t watch Korean Drama that has no romance in it. So all Korean dramas that I’d like to watch should have romance. Or else I won’t watch it. Why? Because I think a drama without romance will tastes empty.

Unless action dramas which the excitement are no joke like Bad Guy. Although this drama has no romance at all, but the story is intriguing enough to make me curious and excited in each episode.

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The romantic genre is one of the most common genre adopted in Korean Drama Industry, the reason behind this is simple, this genre directly touch the feeling of the viewer. Well, who doesn’t want to be loved and loving your loved one. The complete relatable emotion is one of the perk of romantic television series.

Here at Kmazing, we enjoy this genre a lil bit more than the other, and also it’s rare to see drama that have zero romance nowadays so almost all Korean drama can be categorized as romantic drama.

But even so, not all dramas that have romance will interest me. Many of Korean romantic dramas are boring, too easy to guess, the story is repeated over and over again, too many cliches, and so for.

I love Korean dramas which has a unique storyline, have many plot twists, have a great OST songs, interspersed by action would also good, and most importantly, I really like Korean dramas that focus on the love relationship between the main characters.

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Why? Because it will always make my heart pounding, and wondered how it goes.

I’ve watched a lot of romantic Korean dramas, and many were very good. Romantic Korean dramas also made me addicted to continue looking for another romantic Dramas.

Here are the best Korean dramas by Watch carefully.

Let’s go!

21Plus Nine Boys (TvN, 2014) (Out from Top 20)

Plus Nine Boys tells the love story from four different men, each aged 39, 29, 19 and 9 years old. In this drama each man has a woman they like and also having various problems (although I always skip the scenes of a 9 years old child).

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Honestly, in this drama Park Chorong Apink was very gorgeous and beautiful. To the extent that I crowned her as one of the “top 15 most beautiful Kpop girls of all time“.

Plus Nine Boys Park Cho Rong

The drama is played by Kim Young Kwang and Kyung Soo Jin as the main character. The drama is nice and light, very suitable to fill your boring time.

Here is the teaser :

20Fight For My Way (KBS2, 2017)

There something strange that attract me every time my mind ask me to stop watching this series. The story is getting you up and down at the same time, *try to watch if you don’t believe me* I keep on wandering why do I have this bizarre entice toward this drama, wanna know the reason why ? It’s because the story depicted in this series is very close to our reality. We struggle to achieve our dream, but sometimes It’s just too high and impossible to achieved – Friends is all we have.

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19I Need Romance 3 (TvN, 2013)

I have to include one of these series on the list, I don’t know why but the third series of the franchise really hit me directly *boom*. The first and the second series is somehow similar to “Sex and the City” and it’s little bit too much to handle in several bed scenes. The third didn’t follow the same path as the first two of the franchise, the conflict is more simple and the storyline created more impact on the character. Another good thing I need to point out is the conflict is super relatable to one could suffer in normal life. I enjoy the series more than I expected to.

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18Nice Guy (KBS2, 2012)

Yes…. this drama is super complicated, and excitingly interesting. The plot is super thick and unique. From the start I can feel that this television series is going to be interesting. It developed in nice pace and the pathos is out of this world. Revenge and love is the combination that clearly drag me to keep on watching every episode. Song Joong Ki played big role in creating good scene throughout the series *plus you can see Kwang Soo here too*.

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17Reply 1994 (TvN, 2013)

What I like so much about the franchise is the fact that we can watch each of the character develop over time and feel involved to the point that by the time the finale is ending, you’ll feel like you are a part of the family. It’s a drama about the struggle and confusion in the beginning of adulthood, which all of us can relate, and it definitely makes us feeling nostalgic. The only thing I dislike about the drama is the fact that the central story of love triangle lacks a little impact. It adds so little to the plot and doesn’t propel the story into something more, a bit disappointing on that part to say the least. With that being said, it doesn’t mean this series isn’t worth a watch, it is and you should. It would have been better if they took the love triangle part a bit more seriously, though.

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All in all, it’s lovely little show with a nostalgic foam spreading around the timeline during the progress of the story. Far from perfect but worth your time to watch.

16Princess Hours (MBC, 2006)

I am quite skeptical with every manhwa adaptation television series, sometimes they go lengthy to prove something but it’s far from worth it. The effort sometimes high but the result was somehow too decent for my forte, that’s why I am quite cautious when I choose to watch this classic. The concept was cliche but not cheesy at all, the performance from Yoon Eun Hye and Song Ji Hyo perfectly create dynamic to pump up the story to the level of interesting.

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15Discovery of Love (KBS2, 2014)

Adapting the generic genre of romantic comedy with touch of melodrama is a gambling with success. If you do it right, you might hit the jackpot but if you do it halfheartedly the result won’t be nice. This television series prompt the genre but for me they did it halfheartedly, the main character is good, the story is good, chemistry between actor and actresses is good BUT the supporting character provide weak almost no impact toward the story. The weakness covered perfectly by the performance of the main character and the plot of the story.

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14BIG (KBS2, 2012)

Woo wooo, calm down people !! I know I am still sane and not crazy enough to include this drama on our very own list. TBH I am not sure if I want to add this television series but despite the ending which is shite_ly confusing *but somehow good(?)*, the series’ flow and chemistry is persistent throughout the series. I love how Gong Yoo acted on this drama *hell I love all the performance from every star that act on this drama*. Emotional roller-coaster is the perfect example to summarize this drama.

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13Healer (KBS2, 2015)

I am still somehow quite confused with the ability of screenwriter for this series. They have almost perfect story and even the cinematography is good. Healer have good plot foundation, the development of story is captivating, character growth proportionally excellent. And of course, the combination of action and romantic story will make you enjoy this drama.

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12The K2 (TvN, 2016)

Far from your typical love story, this very drama provide political twist and the polemic behind every political reason. My salute to Yoona who perfectly captivated me with her acting as she portrayed the panic disorder side perfectly on this series. Ji Chang Wook ? He is as usual stunning. What I love is the story is strangely good *I hate politics* and the cast did their best to fulfilled the task that they need to do to create smooth flow for the story. The complexity is fruitful in the end because the path is clear for every character.

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11The Time We Were Not in Love – (SBS, 2015)

This is one of the more modern years production television series which adopt classic theme in their story plot. The dramatic way of changing between conflict which flow naturally successfully hooked me from the first few episode. Love story in nowadays television series usually happen due to circumstances and environment of work or conflict of the two main character, but this drama perceived the relation between the male and female protagonist from friendship which is nice and warm. The ending is making me swoon and happy *which is rare*. Ha Ji Won portrait the character perfectly in this television series.

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10Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012)

Gentleman’s Dignity is a Korean drama that aired in mid 2012 as well as Jang Dong Gun’s comeback drama after his hiatus for more than 10 years. The main actor is none other than Jang Dong Dun himself, and  the main actress is Kim Ha Neul, who i considered as one of the top 15 most beautiful Korean actresses of all time.

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This drama tells the story of the life of 4 Ahjussi that aged above 40 years (known as F4 ahjussi) and it still can’t be separated from romance and marriage.

This drama is among the best because it is packaged in a funny way but also has thick/strong love story which is about Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul that has a lot of plot twists happened between them.

A Gentleman's Dignity SBS 2012

This romantic comedy drama is perfect for those who want to laugh out loud but also want to experience a strong romance story.

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Here is the teaser :

9Descendants of the Sun (KBS2, 2016)

It’s already too mainstream to discuss this drama because all Korean drama lovers must be knew, might even bored to discuss it.

As I already said above that I really like the romantic Korean drama which is also interspersed with action, and Descendants of the Sun is one of it.

With romance storyline similar to IRIS, where the lead woman (Song Hye Gyo) quickly accept the love confession from the lead man (Song Joong Ki) at the beginning of the story and began dating, but encountered many obstacles in the middle of the story and had to be in LDR (Long Distance Relationship) or even break up for a long time.

There’s also a love story between Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo which is more lovely compared from the main characters. In fact there are many people who said that the love story between these two (Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo) is better and more thrilling than the love story of the main character who is already mainstream.

Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama

Played by top artists and newcomers, this drama is worthed to be the most popular drama this year.

Here is the teaser :

8IRIS (KBS2, 2009)

IRIS is the first action romantic Korean drama that I watched since i entered the Korean world. At that time I was really amazed why there could be a Korean Drama as cool and as good as this.

With the story line of the romance that fast at the beginning, in which the lead woman (Kim Tae Hee) immediately accept the love of the leading man (Lee Byung Hun) then immediately dating, dominated by the outstanding action as well as OST songs that are very nice and fit the atmosphere. There is one song that i’ve memorized it completely, that is Don’t Forget, sang by Baek Ji Young, because this song is all over the drama, and i crowned this song as one of the “top 15 best Korean sad/ballad songs of all time“.

This drama is perfect for you who want to raise your adrenaline.

Here is the teaser :

7Tomorrow with You (TvN, 2017)

Tomorrow with You is a romantic fiction drama that tells about life story of a man who can travels through time (he can travels to the future and back to the present day) with his wife (unfortunately his wife can’t). So after he travels to the future and find something bad will happen, he immidiately back to the present day and try his best to change anything to prevent it happens in the future. Some were success, and some were failed.

At first, i’m not really interested because this drama tells a story about a marriage couple. Usually it would be boring if the couple already married, i’ve seen a lot of romantic Korean Drama and the best moment is when the couple first met until they are dating (or before married).

But i still try to watch it because of the time travel things. I really love this kind of drama because of Nine Time Travel (2013) was really amazing (although it’s not really romantic).

After i watch it, the couple turn to be so cute and romantic. The story also great and will make you curious about what actually happened. Played by one of the most famous Korean actress Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon who played Signal (one of the highest rating drama in TvN) in 2016. Watch this drama and you won’t regret it.

6The Accidental Couple (KBS2, 2009)

The Accidental Couple is a Korean drama that aired prior to IRIS in 2009. I think this drama is very underrated because many people are not aware of the awesomeness of this drama. May be you didn’t know it.

For me as a man, this drama is extraordinary because Kim Ah Joong is very charming. While perhaps for women this drama is less interesting to watch because the male lead actor is Hwang Jung Min which already a bit old and not too handsome.

The Accidental Couple Korean Drama

The drama is so focused on the relationship between the two main actors. At the beginning of the drama is very frustrating but in the middle until the end part of the drama, it turned out to be very pleasant. The drama is worth watching for men who want to see Kim Ah Joong act very lovely.

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Here is the teaser :

Moving on to top 5.. Its getting more and more romantic.

5Can We Get Married? (JTBC, 2012)

When I was hunting a new Korean drama on the internet and found that Jung So Min plays a romantic drama that is still ongoing, called Can We Get Married. After I searched deeper, I figured out that this drama aired in the paid channel JTBC, this drama is the first paid channel drama that I watched.

As I watch, this drama is different from the usual drama in regular channel like KBS, SBS, MBC, etc. This drama is packed with unique and simple way. Without unnecessary cliches and straight to the point.

This drama tells the story of the lead actor (Sung Joon) and lead actress (Jung So Min) who want to get married and trying to overcome the problems/obstacles that facing them before their wedding.

Can We Get Married Korean Drama

The drama is very simple and light to watch.

Here is the teaser :

4Marriage Without Dating (TvN, 2014)

Marriage Without Dating played by Han Groo who had previously casted in Can We Get Married as the supporting actress, In this drama she became a lead actress, accompanied by Yeon Woo Jin as the lead actor.

This drama also focuses on the relationship between Joo Jang Mi (Han Groo) with Gong Gi Tae (Yeon Woo Jin) from the start which they hated each other until they fell in love with each other.

Marriage Without Dating Korean Drama

As a man, I’m very fascinated with Han Groo who acted very lovely and I instantly became a huge fan of her. Hence i also crowned Han Groo as one of the “top 15 most beautiful Korean actresses of all time“.

Here is the teaser :

3Boys Over Flowers (KBS2, 2009)

This one is already very mainstream and is indeed a repetition of the drama “Meteor Garden” and “Hana Yori Dango”. But still interesting to watch. One of the biggest hit in Korean drama history.

And this drama has the most OST songs that I like, I almost memorized them all.

For beginners, this romantic comedy drama is perfect to watch.

Here is the teaser :

2Runner Up : Padam Padam (The Sound Of His and Her Heartbeats) (JTBC, 2011)

I watched this drama way after Can We Get Married, which is around 2013, eventhough the drama also aired on JTBC in 2011. Where the hell did I go at that time to miss this great romantic drama? Thank you internet for letting me download this drama.

And it turns out to be a quite extreme drama, because it tells about an ex-con who just about to out from prison and wants to restart his life, fell in love with a woman. This drama also equipped with a fantasy where a friend of the ex-convict admitted himself as a guardian angel.

Padam Padam 2011 JTBC

The drama is very good because it tells about the hard of life, but beside that it also tells a strong romantic story. Played by top actor Jung Woo Sung and top actress Han Ji Min, this drama is really unique, and one of a kind.

Here is the teaser :

1First Place : Another Miss Oh (TvN, 2016)

And the best is Another Miss Oh that just recently aired. Why did I choose this as the best drama? Its because somehow i just really like the relationship between Oh Hae Young and Park Do-kyung.

The drama is really focused on the relationship between Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and Park Do Kyung (Eric), this drama is packed with little fantasy and also has a little extreme storyline, almost like Padam Padam (but not as extreme as Padam Padam).

Somehow after watching this drama my ideal type woman turned into woman like Oh Hae Young. Want to know why? Just watch her acting, I do not want to give you a lot of spoilers here.

Another Miss Oh Korean Drama

In addition, the OST songs is also very suitable with the atmosphere of the drama. I’ve almost memorized all of this drama OST songs because they are good, I also crowned one of this drama OST as one of “Top 30 Best Korean Drama OST Songs of All Time“.

Anyway, this drama is perfect for you who really like a romantic drama.

Here is the teaser :

Yep! That was the top 10 best romantic Korean dramas of all time by Maybe not all the dramas above are suitable or good for you, because everyone must have a different taste. Dramas above only as a suggestions by for beginners who want to find Romantic Korean Dramas.

And as we’ve seen above that top 5 ranking are dominated by paid channel drama, this means that I like paid channel drama more than regular channel drama. Because usually paid channel drama provides more unique and creative story.

If you also know some romantic Korean drama that are amazing but not listed above, just let me know in the comments below. Maybe I also could get some great recommendation dramas from you that I can watch later.

Thank you very much.

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  1. All K-drama beginner should cut they teeth on all round dramas..that’s why Coffee Prince should have included in this list

    • I actually agree with you. My first Kdrama was Descendants of the Sun. And while I totally enjoyed it, it was mostly melancholic and more dramatic than funny. The 2nd Kdrama I stumbled into was Coffee Prince. This changed the way I perceived Kdramas. I like the light, funny, charming, heart wrenching and endearing flow of the story. I think it is very balanced and all the characters were given justice and closure in the series. Because of Coffee Prince, I ended up looking for more kdramas and watched Full House. I liked it but not something I would watch over and over again. Coffee Prince to me is timeless and something I can definitely watch when I want to be inspired and motivated to look at the world in a better perspective. I am quite disappointed it didn’t make the list. My husband(an American) enjoyed it as much as I can and he rarely watched shows like this. So yes, I think Coffee Prince should have made the cut.

      • I 1000% agree with you. Coffee Prince is my favorite asian drama, among korean, japanese, taiwanese and chinese dramas…everything is great about it. I started DOTS, reached up to epi 4 and stopped, it got too predictive. Scarlet Heart is one that just finished that blew me away, and is now on par with CP for me. Lee Joon Ki is a whole other level actor. just simply amazing. I would love to see LJK and Yoon Eun Hye in a movie but preferably a drama together!!!

      • coffee prince no size..ive watched it lyk best and also I’ve watched fall in with me ..superb…I lv Korean series…

        • I totally agree with Coffee Prince, also my first drama. I actually saw Nana (Jdrama) and that was the window to Asian dramas as a whole. Back to the topic, my faves (I watch them over and over):

          Coffee Prince
          Going/Princess Hours
          My Princess
          Playful Kiss
          Secret Garden
          My Name is Kim Sam Soon
          Lie to Me
          You are Beautiful
          Personal Taste
          49 Days
          Sungkyunkwan Scandal
          Arang and the Magistrate
          The World That They Live In
          Dream High
          Me Too, Flower

          I’m sorry my list is pretty long, these are sooo good! I’ve watched so many kdramas, Tdramas, Jdramas, etc.,, I don’t discriminate, as long as it holds my attention. Just my two cents, enjoy!!!

      • your first was descendant? You must bea newbie. I have yet to watch it as I KNOW its gonna be heavy. Coffee prince is a must for K drama romance and you MUST watch the joseon era romance. Thats what actually hooked me into Kdrama.

    • I completely agree my ranking would be :
      1) Coffee Prince _ the first drama I ever watched, I’ve been watching it several times and it’s so hard to find something that good.
      2) Dating Agency : Cyrano _ as light and funny + the different missions give the drama a good rythm, you don’t have the time to get bored
      3) Kill me, Heal me _ Ji Sung is so good at playing the different personalities, from a teenage girl to an old ajusshi, he cracks me up
      4) One More Happy Ending _ I love the random goofy moments, funny from the very beginning to the end

      Honorable mention to Miss Korea, the beginning was toooo long ! but as the competiton goes on I got more into it, and actually it should have had more episodes because I want to know what happens next so bad! haha

  2. Hi Neferua,

    I didn’t watch Coffee Prince because Yoon Eun Hye Was like a man there, so i don’t like it LOL. Anyway thanks for your suggestion.

  3. But I really love coffee prince. Really really really like it. It’s actually my number one kdrama of all time. Anyway thx, i appreciate it

    • coffee prince to me was not the best….there is stairway to heaven, healer, lie to me,share my heart,scarlet heart[soo good], city hunter, my princess, my girl,heartstrings,prosecutor princes, a man called God[tho the ending was nt dat good], endless love,sungkyungkwan scandal,dream high[the ending was bad],the greatest love [bt ddnt like faces of main actors],…..[taiwanese—–just you,love now, love around, love cheque charge, fated to lve you, [um forgeting the names of atha best dramas],…..[philipino——–on the wings of love, destined hearts, infact u can neva go wrong with pinoy dramas…]

  4. It was interesting to see a male perspective on romance. Hwang Jung Min isn’t the most attractive, but he plays characters that are typically charming–and charm goes further with a girl than great looks. The movie, Ode to my Father, displays his great talent as an actor. As far as Coffee Prince goes, most girls like the idea that love transcends looks, time, everything. K-Dramas do an excellent job of delving into the emotional dynamics of the human condition.

    • Hi Shay,

      yes I think Hwang Jung Min is like Seo Hyun Jin in “Another Miss Oh”, basically Seo Hyun Jin isn’t really beautiful but in the drama she become the most attractive female character I’ve ever seen (in my opinion). Even actresses that have good looks are no match to her. I’m so in love with Oh Hae Young. Thats why I put “Another Miss Oh” as the best drama because Seo Hyun Jin was really fascinating and make the romantic relationship the best.

      Btw thanks for visiting.

  5. The korean drama which made me addicted was MY GiRL & Full House. With an awesome OST. But still I think there isn’t a better drama than Descendants of the Sun. Weirdly I watched it 3 times already (Although I can’t watch a drama twiche), but i didn’t get tired of it. Wanna watch it for the 4th time again.

    • Hi Liza,

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I’ve watched Swallow The Sun and My Love Eun Dong, but didn’t watch All In yet because it’s an old drama. Will try to watch it later.

      • ‘All In’ …do it sooner than later. Also an oldie but goodie for me: “Lovers”—controversial back then, but great.

        • Hi Charlotte….
          I also love the ” All In” because it was my first time I watched a kdrama and fell in love with it. it was 10 years ago but it is still like a first kiss to me. The actors are the best actors at the moment . The lead female actress is the one that acts in the ” Descendents of the Sun” and the male actor is the most successful korean actor known in american movies like Red 2,Anyway I am proud of them… The OST is amazing,RECOMMEND.

  6. No offence but you’re writing is honestly bad, it is distracting BUT you have great taste in Korean Dramas! Another Oh Hae Young is seriously one of the best dramas I’ve watched so far!

    • Why don’t you check your own grammar before you criticize others? You’re again just one of those people who can’t differentiate between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’. You’re: you are. ‘Your’ is used for possession.

    • Hi Oh Hae Young,

      yeah sorry for my bad english, I’m still learning. Writing in this blog is one of many ways for me to learn more English.

      Thanks for visiting by the way.


  8. I love It’s okay, that’s love, and Love me if you dare (this is actually Chinese drama). I agreed with you about paid channel having more interesting dramas. I watched Vampire Prosecutor which led me to my loved for OCN dramas. My taste in K-drama tend to be quirky.

  9. Would seriously doubt a list excluding “coffee prince” in this genre.If youve not seen it,you are missing one if the best TV Shows ever-Korean or otherwise.Other exclusion of “I hear your voice” is also surprising-Another gr8 show.

  10. My love from the star is a great start plus,secret garden,and then for historical or joseon era,moon embraces the sun,empress ki.

  11. Secret garden, My love from another star, moon embraces the sun, coffee prince, masters sun(though ending is little boring for 2 episodes) are the best.
    Heirs is the first korean drama i have watched and love it.
    Playfull kiss, rooftop prince, personal taste, shopping king louie, full house, kill me or heal me are also the second best korean dramas among the dramas which i watched.

    • Your list is just about the same as mine!

      I would include Queen InHyun’s Man, Love at the Moonlight, Sungkyunkwon Scandal and Arang and the Magistrate in best sageuk drama as well!

  12. 1. You who came from the stars.
    2.moon embraces the sun prince
    4.descendants of the sun.
    5.boys over flowers.
    6playful kiss.
    Playful kiss was the first korean drama i watched. Lee min ho, kim soo hyun and coffee prince lead are my fav actors

  13. For me the best korean dramas must be:
    1. Coffee Prince
    2. Princess Hours
    3. It’s Okay That’s Love
    4. Full House
    5. Jewel In The Palace
    6. The Great Queen Seondeok
    7. Boys Before Flower
    8. I miss You
    9. Autumn In My Heart
    10. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    That’s the list of best dramas i ever watched since 2000 until 2016. All of those dramas are well qualified because the stories are great and naturally presented, and they’re also well acted. For the beginners who are looking for korean best dramas, i really really recommended those drama above. You won’t get bored and i bet you’ll love them, trust me. And for the admin, please go check for those dramas i mentioned above and consider them to be added into your list. Thank you

  14. My favorite korean dramas are
    1. to the beautiful you
    2. Boys over flower (lee min ho rocks! and the music is my favorite )
    3.personal taste (love lee min ho’s hair style and dressing in this serial) gf is a gumiho has a different concept.
    i have not seen coffee prince but all my friends said it is very nice! 🙂

  15. 1. Descendants of the Sun
    2. Oh My Venus
    3. A Gentleman’s Dignity
    4. My Love Eun Dong
    5. Winter Sonata
    6. Autumn In My Heart
    7. Cinderella and the Four Knights
    8. The Heirs
    9. Scent of a Woman

    While i watched other K dramas.. i am not filling in the last slot cause i am waiting for another good one.

  16. Is anyone going to mention MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR?! It was my very first drama and it’s so amazing! Besides being a romance, it has comedy, which made me laugh, and I hadn’t giggled or laughed from a show in a long time. Can’t wait to watch a drama that’ll match up to this one.

  17. The best korean dramas i’ve ever seen are:
    Rooftop prince
    Uncontrollably fond
    Cinderella and four knights
    Princess hours
    Prime minister and i
    Boys over flowers
    Cheese in the trap
    City hunter
    I suggest seeing these korean dramas.

  18. Here’s my list of all the kdramas ive watched!

    Full house
    The heirs
    Boys over flowers
    Autumn in my heart
    Winter sonata
    Stairway to heaven
    Jewel in the palace
    The descendants of the sun
    Weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo
    Moon Lovers: Scarlet heart ryeo
    Uncontrollably fond

    My favorite would be jewel in the palace and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo!!! Seeing your comments though i want to watch coffee prince right now!!!

    Here’s a list of kmovies to watch too!
    Man from nowhere
    Il mare
    A moment to remember
    Maundy thursday
    The classic
    The prophet

  19. I would definately rate The Descendants of The Sun the top one. It had all things in proportion. There were times when cried and laughed simultaneously. Well it is an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!!!!!!!

  20. the rank make it unexpected list 😮
    you writing make me wanna watch all the drama especially oh hae young and gentleman dignity. i am not interested with them before but now i do. thanks for sharing :>

  21. 1. Remember: War of the Son – is my fave drama of all time, so far.
    2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
    3. Shopping King Louis
    4. Cheese in the Trap
    5. She Was Pretty
    6. Cunning Single Lady
    7. Doctors
    8. I Hear Your Voice
    9. A Man Living In Our House
    10. Let’s Fight Ghost
    11. Surplus Princess
    12. Angry Mom
    13. Cheer Up
    14. Love In The Moonlight
    15. Ho Goo’s Love
    16. Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    17. My Unfortunate Boyfriend
    18. W
    19. High School Love On
    20. D-Day
    21. Falling For Innocence

  22. Hmmmm… These are my faves
    Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    Full House
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    Foxy Lady
    Rooftop Prince
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    Arang and the Magistrate
    East of Eden
    Autumn in my heart
    Which Star are you from
    Jang Geum

  23. I just tried watching Another Oh Hae Young from this list and I must agree, it’s one of the best kdrama. When a drama made you laugh and cry at the same time, you know it’s a gem. While Decendents of the Sun was beautifully filmed and has a few comical relief, it is less ‘soul touching’ compared to Another Oh Hae Young, imo. Both are great dramas for sure. Some other dramas I enjoyed, in no particular order;

    Shopping King Louie
    A thousand kisses
    Queen InHyun’s man
    I Hear Your Voice
    Baby faced beauty
    I do, I do
    Delightful girl, Chun Hyang
    Prosecutor Princess
    Spring Waltz
    You’re Beautiful
    Secret Garden
    We’re Dating Now
    Princess Hours / Goong
    Bride of the Century
    Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy
    Dae Jang Geum
    Dong Yi

  24. Considering that your list was updated as of 2016-17, I’m surprised you didn’t include Goblin in the list. It is one of the best Kdramas made yet. I think it deserves the #1 spot. The acting was really superb, the story line was engaging and touching, and the most important thing IMO is that there were gold comedic moments. I’ve seen tons of Kdramas and I get very irritated with Kdramas that drag with choppy story lines, have very weak female lead characters, and have too many typical cliche’d moments.

    The only ones that I would watch again and again are:
    My Love From Another Star
    Descendants of the Sun
    Rooftop Prince
    Boys over Flowers
    Coffee Prince

    I’ve yet to watch W but I’ve heard good things.

    • Hi KDBug,

      Yeah right i didn’t include Goblin in the list. People know Goblin was one of the best Korean drama ever, but when i watch it i had different perspective.

      Maybe girls would say Goblin is a very romantic and facsinating drama because they see Gong Yoo and as you know his acting is really can make any girls fall in love immediately. But me, as a guy, i’m not watching Gong Yoo, i’m watching Kim Go Eun and somehow i didn’t feel really attracted with her, eventhough she acted great in Cheese in The Trap. But that’s just my opinion i don’t know maybe i’m the weird one here.

      Anyway thanks for visiting.

    • Whaty is the tile of the korean movie with characters like Thea who owns a company called oz, Cedrik with two characters, and Roxanne. i missed the ending of the movie aired at Channel Eleven at 11pM, please, I would appreciate your kind response. Thank you.

  25. hello, can u suggest me kdrama that u want to watch again and again heheheeh im so bored right now because i am unemployed hehehehehe

    • Hi Min,

      Have you watched all of the dramas above? I recommend you to watch them.

      Kdrama that i want to watch again and again is Another Miss Oh. It’s the best.

      Anyway thanks for visiting, hope you won’t get bored anymore.

      • and also strong woman do bong soon..and also hwarang and scarlet heart…because it has the kpop idols i love very much

  26. Hi here’s my list though

    Descendants of the sun
    Weightlifting kim book joo
    W two worlds
    Oh my ghost
    Secret romance
    Strong woman do bong soon
    Full house
    Winter sonata
    She was pretty

    Im still searching for more. Hope you could suggest more. From 2015 to present

  27. Hello friends…
    I started watching kdrama from last month… But in the last few weeks i have completed many korean romantic dramas. Now, I feel like i got addicted towards kdrama.
    My Kdrama romantic list is as follows:
    3. OH MY VENUS
    10. HWRANG
    11. MY SECRET ROMANCE (ongoing)
    My favorite actors are Sung Hoon (Secret romance actor), Park seo hoon (She was pretty’s actor), Ji sung (Kill me heal me’s actor) and playful kiss actor
    Please give reply if anyone else also liked these dramas and help me to add some more in my list 🙂

  28. Ur list is very interesting… Eventhough I only watched few in the list and going to try the rest very soon..
    I think secret garden, my love from another star , coffee prince , Pinocchio …could have been included in the list.. Master sun alsoo. If u haven’t give it a try , they r really amazing in story and holds a strong romantic plot .

  29. stairway to heaven[have watched more than 300 asian dramas,almost all of them from you tube,dramafever, Wiki etc and this is still my BEST asian drama of all times], scarlet heart[soo good], lie to me, healer, sungkyunkwn scandal, heartstrings, city hunter, a man called God[ending nt so good], prosecutor princess, my girl, my princess, dream high[ending nt so good], the greatest heart[tho they were not good looking], share my heart, doctors[uhmm yeah], endless love, and many others……[taiwanes——just you, love now, love around[soo good], love cheque charge, fated to love you……some forgeting the names]……..[pinoy——-destined hearts, on the wings of love, prince who turns into a frog, love is timeless, uhmm they a lot…u can neva go wrong with a pinoy drama except that some are too painfull except ‘on the wings of love-thumps up ‘] ……….

  30. * Goblin
    * Coffee Prince
    * Love in the moonlight
    * Weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo
    * The Moon embracing the sun
    * Descendants of the sun
    * Emergency Couple
    * My Love from the star
    * Full House
    * Boys over flowers
    * Faith
    * City Hunter
    * The Heirs
    * Personal Taste
    * Strong Woman do bong soon
    * Moon Lovers: Scarlet heart ryeo
    * My Gilfriend is Gumiho
    * My Secret Romance
    * Secret Garden

  31. my fav kdrama
    -scarlet heart
    -moon lovers
    -cinderella and 4 knight
    -strong women da bong soon
    -flower boy next door
    -the heirs
    -school 2015
    -the best hit

  32. Dramas I have watched in order of recommendation :
    You who came from the stars (Must Watch : Funny and so much emotions)
    Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Will leave you wanting more)
    Reply 1988 (Raw emotions set in time when no mobiles were there. Family , friends ,Love so much is there)
    Jealousy Incarnate (Too much oomph, equally amazing guys, you just cant choose)
    Rooftop Prince
    Oh my ghostess (introvert to extrovert, the change gets the guy and funny for us. There is steamy chemistry too)
    The heirs
    Lie To me (Cute chemistry)
    Cheese In a Trap (You love him , you hate him…the guy confuses you. Interesting though)
    Playful kiss
    Personal taste
    The secret Garden
    Boys over flowers
    Suspicious Partner
    You are beautiful
    Kill me , heal me
    Cinderella and the four Knights

    Some that i started but cud not finish:
    Oh my venus

  33. best ever k drama i love PRINCESS HOURS
    legend of the blue sea
    -the heirs
    -moon lovers
    Boys over flowers
    * Descendants of the sun
    * My Love from the star
    * Full House
    My Secret Romance
    stairway to heaven
    endless love all season
    W two worlds

    marami pa limot q nalang hehehheeheh

  34. Literally NO NIGHTS for those who love KDRAMA. Here’s my list.
    1. Oh My Venus
    2. Goblin
    3. Weightlifting Fairy
    4. Something about 1% (2016)
    5. Suspicious Partner
    6. Marriage not Dating
    7. It’s Ok, It’s Love
    8. Legend of The Blue Sea
    9. COFFEE PRINCE, Lie to Me (All time Favorite)

  35. My personal fav kdramas
    Action dramas
    -descendants of the sun
    -the k2
    -I remember you
    – signal
    -love me if you dare
    Rom-com dramas
    -kill me,heal me (loveddd it)
    -cheese in the trap
    -oh my Venus
    -strong women do bong soon
    -reply 1988(even though ending is little disappointed enjoyed the drama)
    -full house (recommend Thai)
    -to the beautiful you
    -coffee prince
    -doctor crush
    -Cinderella and four knights
    -secret garden
    -personal taste
    -the best hit
    Fantasy dramas
    -Legend of the blue sea
    -bride of the water god(still running )
    -bride of the century
    -blood(vampire drama)
    -master’s sun
    -bring it on ghost/let’s fight ghost
    -my girlfriend is a gumiho
    -mister please come back
    Historical dramas u must surely watch
    -scarlet ryeo:moon lovers(even though last episodes were heart breaking I enjoyed this drama)
    -love in moon light
    -queen Inhyun’s man
    – splash splash love
    -moon embracing sun
    -empress ki (but drama is too long having 51 episodes)
    Emotinal dramas
    -49 days
    -uncontrollably fond(sad ending)

  36. my love for kdrama gat me wishing to visit South Korea.. I’ve watched over 30….. bbf, cp, another miss oh, two worlds, the K2, healer, hotel King, it’s okay that’s love, I need romance, moorim sch, pinnochio, Dr stranger,I hear ur voice, legend of the blue sea,1% of something, lie to me,city hall, me from the stars,moon embracing the sun,dating agency,my girl,my princess,Yong pal,I miss u, master’s sun,brillant legacy, king’s heart,secret garden,,city Hunter n so much more…..

  37. Shopping King Louie
    Oh my Venus
    My name is Kim Sam soon
    My love from another star
    Reply 1988
    Fight my way
    Something about 1%
    City hunter
    Couple or trouble
    Go bong soon

  38. Hi, your list is quite interesting. I agreed with some of them but not all. But I saw the difference between men and women’s taste of romantic dramas.
    I agree with you and Another miss Oh is one of the best romantic comedy series I’ve ever watched! I laughed in each episode and felt the love between the main characters more than ever. The lead actress played her role so good.
    I was also quite amazed that your choices vary from a teen drama, boys over flowers, to very romantic ones.
    The heirs was a better choice than boys over flowers; the concept of both was the same: rich boy falling in love with a poor girl. But the actings and screenwriting in The Heirs was better.
    Also, although DOTS was worth watching, I wouldn’t put it in the top 10.
    There are some dramas that definitely deserve to be in this list, but surprisingly aren’t. Maybe you still haven’t watched them.
    Lastly, your list helped me in choosing some new dramas to watch this summer. Thanks

  39. First time visiting here. Went on a crazy binge on k drama with my very first drama DOTS. Watched over 50 dramas since. What l think that have fantastic plots and superb acting:
    1. Goblin (watched 6 times, best ost)
    2. Master of the sun
    3. Legend of the blue sea(best best background music)
    5. Coffee prince
    6. Healer
    7. Personal taste
    8. City Hunter
    9. Doctor stranger
    10. Kill me heal me
    11. Tunnel (though it was a clear copy of American show “frequency’s)
    12. Reply 1988
    13. Rebel thief who stole the people

    What l think are cute shows for light hearted moods:
    1. Strong woman do boon song
    2. Love in the moon light
    3. King shopping Louie
    4. Jealousy incarnate

  40. Ummm,I can’t find the exactly website for the kdrama which is in engsub…..plzzz tell me the site I am so glad that you let me know…..

  41. Awww how could you not include “it’s okay, that’s love” on this list? It was my first kdrama and still remains a favorite.
    I actually just finished Goblin (& the two special behind the scenes special episodes), I really enjoyed it, despite its lackluster ending. I liked Goblin & Grim Reaper’s bromance more than the main romance lol

  42. Enjoyed watching the following: 🙂

    Legend of the Blue Sea *****
    Healer *****
    Personal Taste
    Moonlight Drawn by Clouds *****
    Another Ohae Young
    Descendants of the Sun *****
    On the way to the airport
    Oh My Venus
    birth of a beauty
    Coffee Prince
    Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
    Full House
    Sweet Stranger and Me
    The Time I’ve Loved You *****
    My Love from the Star
    MY Little Bride
    Marriage Not Dating *****
    Fated to Love You
    Tomorrow with You
    My Princess
    It’s okay its love
    Shopping King Louie
    Cunning Single Lady*****
    Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
    High End Crush
    Watcha Wearin? movie
    W Two World
    Noble, My Love
    Queen of the Ring
    Secret Garden
    Splash Splash Love
    My Secret Romance
    Ruler Master of the Mask
    Suspicious Partner
    Madame Antoine
    My Sassy Girl
    Fight for my Way
    Queen for 7 days
    I Need Romance 2
    Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Moon lovers
    Bride of Habaek – on going
    The King Loves – on going

  43. Healer 10/10
    Desscendants of the sun 9.5/10
    Pinocchio 9/10
    The best i have even seen
    And kill me heal me i see it in the future also may be see love me if you dare

  44. Yes… i agree with your list.. marriage without dating n another miss oh are the best k drama i have ever seen.. funny n really touching.. i try to watch coffe prince, w 2 worlds n i think the act of actress n actor pretty good but the plot n the story logic i dont get it.. so i confuse why many people like that drama…

  45. I’m a man.. my personal fav kdrama are :
    1. Another miss oh
    2. Marriage without dating
    3. Innocent man
    4. Reply 1988
    5. Kill me heal me
    6. Dots
    7. Goblin
    8. Scarlet heart
    9. Lie to me
    10. Yong pal
    11. Pinnochio

  46. My top 10 personal fav kdrama are:
    1. Goblin; actually im really surprised because goblin is not included in your list, but everyone have different taste, eh? hehe. Im a girl and tbh Im watching this for gong yoo and yes! he never dissapoint me, but kim go eun is really charming! even tho the drama is already end I still fall for her charm, and just like that she becomes my top 5 girl bias! shes like gong hyo jin but in her own way! anyway, I love all the casts this drama is just beautiful, I already rewatch this like 5 times and I still cry and laugh like crazy.
    2. Its okay thats love
    3. Boys before flowers
    4. Oh my ghost
    5. Kill me heal me
    6. Healer
    7. My love from the star
    8. Fight for my way
    9. DOTS
    10. Reply 1997


  47. I love your lists, somehow I ended up screenshot all of them and will decide it to watch the one that I havent seen.

    Maybe we have a similar taste, try to watch this :
    1. Twinkle twinkle- dont get turn off by the number of the episodes, the storyline is so brilliant. The girl is charming, brilliant and blunt . This is underrated drama. A hidden gem

    2. My girl- another old episode but its just so funny. The ending is the typical old ending, 3 yrs later. But it still good

    3. Pasta- just try to watch it

  48. For me…
    1. Healer
    2. Healer
    3. Healer
    before i watch healer i watched tons of Korean drama, now its only Healer that stays in my heart ❤️
    *ji chang wook my favourite actor
    charming, good looking, good singer, and nice body and the list goes on…
    Whoever didnt watch yet, please watch it…here i am still trying to get over it…

  49. #im #1 KIM TAE HEE fan so i would recommend
    IRIS (action melodrama romance)
    YONGPAL (watched it a couple of times everytime i missed my tae hee)
    MY PRINCESS(song song heun is soo handsome)(super cute chemistry)
    Descendants of the sun (of course!)
    The world that they live in
    Endless love ,full house (oldie but goodie)
    That winter the wind blows
    LIe to me (laughtrip)
    My fair lady
    Man in the vineyard

    Doctor crush
    My love eun dong
    Etc etc

  50. I totally agree with your number 1: Another Oh Hae Young is a must watch! Highly recommended!

    These are some of the best kdramas i’ve seen and they are worth watching too:

    He’s Beautiful – Jang Guen Suk and Park Shin Hye
    Love Rain – Jang Guen Suk and Yoona
    Secret Garden
    Boys Over Flower – Lee Min Ho
    Faith – LMH
    The Heirs – LMH and Park Shin Hye
    City Hunter – LMH and Park Min Young
    Suspicious Partner – Ji Chang Wook
    Healer – JCW
    The K2 – JCW
    Descendants of the Sun – SongSong Couple
    My Love from the Star
    Doctor’s Crush
    It’s Okay That’ Love – Jo In Sung
    That Winter the Wind Blows – Jo In Sung

  51. Hello all. I’m late to this party as I just found this website. I loved reading everyone’s favorites and made my myself a watchlist. I have seen many of your favorites already and feel a sense of validation as many are also my favorites. I am an old lady in my 60’s, certainly not a fangirl but happily married, enjoy romantic comedies and mysteries, and appreciate skilled acting. Thanks for the guy perspective! Hadn’t given much thought to the differences in male/female perspectives. My favorite actors are Gong Yoo and Ji Sung so I have seen most of their films/series. Coffee Shop is still my favorite drama of all times however it wasn’t my first. I did not feel the chemistry between the two leads in Goblin but enjoyed it anyway and especially the bromance. I just finished watching dramas with So Ji Sub and Jo In Sing so now I am watching all of theirs. I also like Eric Mun/Moon after watching Another Oh Hae Young. Favorite actresses are Gong Hyo Jin, Jeon Ji Hyun, Seo Hyun Jin, and some of the older ones. Here is my List so far:
    1. Coffee Prince, 2. It’s Ok, That’s Love, 3. Kill Me, Heal Me, 4. Defendant, 5. My Love from Another Star, 6. The Master’s Sun, 7. Personal Taste.
    I also enjoyed Goblin, Big (lousy ending but terrific acting), Love in Trouble, Legend of the Blue Sea (so funny), Romantic Dr. Kim, Heirs, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Healer, etc. I started Descendants but quit watching, maybe I will try it again sometime. Watched Secret Garden but it didn’t stay with me; perhaps I should rewatch. Watchlist includes: Oh My Venus, Lie to Me, Oh My Ghostess,and many more. So many dramas, so little time!!!

    • Hi mam, I feel so relieved to see your comment.

      And I think we have pretty similar taste of Korean romantic drama as you also love Another Oh Hae Young, cuz that’s my all time favorite.

      Currently I’m watching Temperature of Love which Seo Hyun Jin is the female lead as well. She looks more beautiful, and her acting is pretty similar with Oh Hae Young (just a bit different), and I still love her.

      Thanks for visiting my site.

  52. My list :

    My love from another star – amazing acting and funny

    Reply 1988 – romance, family love, funny

    Age of youth 1&2 – all girls, everything pretty, romance here and there but basically amazing friendship goals.

    Scarlett heart rhyeo – great acting by lee joon gi and so many feels

    Oh my ghostess – fun , spice , it had a different cute sweet charm

    Cheese in the trap – park hae jin oppa!! Mysterious lonely guys and cherish and beggining of an awkward love. This drama is love.

    Though I have watched many many dramas, the above ones are the one I really admire. Some actors/actresses are really good in acting.
    Kdramas really show all the things with great precision to emotions and every day behavior.

  53. Hello, there.

    I am a big fan of k-drama. Actually, i started my addiction in 2011, when i watched my first drama, Dream High, and couldn’t help but fell in love with it. I wasn’t able to show my love to korean dramas at that time (actually nowadays also), ’cause korean world is just too alien for my friends and family—actually a few of my friends and my sister love them too, but their love is not as big as mine….. And so on, i kept trying to find another great kdramas and watched lots of them, but had to stop because of the school final exam. It was 2013-2014, the periode of time when i completely forgot about kdramas, and finally one year ago, i was able to come back in this kdrama world because of Descendants of The Sun. It brought me back, omg, and yeah i think i will be forever stuck in this world. I won’t be able to get out of this world lol~~~ since another great dramas will show up every MONTH. Great. So yeah, since i have watched soooo many dramas, in various genres, i agree that romantic comedy is my favorite. I can’t write the list of them in here, but i’m just gonna say, I AGREE THAT THE BEST ROMANTIC DRAMA IS, indeed, ANOTHER OH HAE YOUNG.

    I just love the balance of simplicity and complex of the story. Love story that everyone can relate. All the romantic and cute scenes, god it’s sooo sweet~~! The acting, omg! Seo Hyun Jin amazed me there. Comedy? I remember my stomach was hurt because i laughed too much in just one episode. And the osts. Oh My God. THE OSTS IS THE BEST EVER. My favorite is Maybe I – Roy Kim. Lots of people love Like a Dream – Ben (i love it, too~~!) but still, i prefer the slow-refreshing accoustic song.

    Nevertheless, there are lots of dramas out there that still haven’t been discovered by me. I even watched the old dramas, like in the year 2000 now, omg i know it’s just too late but what ever…
    So far, Rooftop Prince is one of the best old dramas that i’ve been watching now. The osts are great too~~! You know, the fact that i am still able to fall in love with them makes me want to find more. Now i am in the waiting of the new episode of While You Were Sleeping and Go Back Couple. I really love both of them~~~!

    I really like to try finding them more.

    kdrama addict.

  54. i Would like to recommend you guys these old Dramas, since all have recommended latest dramas with romcom themed.

    1.sorry, I love you
    2. Stair way to heaven
    3. Tree of heaven
    4. Green Rose (not sad ending)

    They are the blocker buster kdrama. All four of them were sad ending except 4th one, but the story is seriously mind blowing, heart touching n will make you cry as like you were dying. If anyone likes or could cope up with sad romance and it’s old print (since it’s little old drama), I guarantee you won’t regrets.

  55. Can’t agree more with your number 1 best drama : another oh hae young. Ah….. that’s just too good to forget… thank you btw for making this list, I try to find underrated dramas since I personally find most of the mainstream disappointment me. After reading your list, I feel like trying to watch accidental couple, marriage not dating, and i need romance 3.

    Btw, here’s dramas that makes me want to watch it over and over : another oh hae young, it’s okay it’s love (2014), bad couple (2007), witch’s romance (2014), cheese in the trap (although I hate how the story ended). I also find these interesting : romantic doctor teacher kim (2016), queen of the office (2013), protect the boss (2011). Thank you again

  56. My first Korean drama was scarlet heart rhyeo. I just can’t get over it. It was the best ofc with a heartbreaking ending… But it’s worth it completely.

  57. 1. Doctor Stranger
    3. Descendants of the Sun
    4. The heirs
    5. Doctors
    6. Healer
    7. K2
    8. City Hunter
    9. Kill me, Heal Me
    10. 49 days
    11. Heart String
    12. I hear your voice

    These are all my favorite kdramas and all Kdramas and movies with oppa lee jong suk

  58. My first Kdrama was descendants of the sun it was beautiful n romantic….2nd was scarlet, very sentimental….3rd was LO2O very cute….4th is the whirlwind girl still few episodes is left…. thinking about another one ….seeing u guys appreciate coffee Prince so much…I also want to watch it….hope I soon have a trip to Korea….as I’m loving this country…..

  59. All of these I have watched more than once. Each got some or all of the ff in them: love-hate, tall-handsome leads, rich jerks, best kisses, information, funny and some heartbreaking scenes. I love romantic dramas and I guarantee that these will make u fall in love; u wont even mind giving up your sleeping hours 🙂

    Descendants of the Sun
    It’s Okay that’s Love
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    Coffee Prince
    Emergency Couple
    Cheese in the Trap
    Secret Garden
    Full House
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    Boys over Flowers
    Princess Hours
    I’m Sorry I Love You

    My Father is Strange
    Fight My Way
    Something about 1%
    My Girl
    My Love from a Star
    All REPLY Series
    Playful Kiss
    Jealousy Incarnate
    Doctor Stranger

    All right guys, im off to watch scarlet and another ms oh.. 🙂

  60. 1.) Stairway to Heaven
    2.) Winter Sonata
    3.) The Heirs
    4.) Healer
    5.) Who Are You: School 2015 (OST Reset very good)
    6.) Doctor Stranger
    7.) Remember
    8.) Weightlifting
    9.) Descendants of the Sun
    10.) Strong Woman
    11.) Pinocchio
    12.) Uncontrollably Fond (Best OST A Little Braver)
    13.) Doctors
    14.) Tomorrow With You
    15.) Goblin (many nice soundtrack)
    16.) Legend of the Blue Sea
    17.) Good Doctor
    18.) Black
    19.) Love in the Moonlight
    20.) Hello Monster

  61. Love rain-
    My secret romance
    Revolutionary love
    Scarlet heart ryeo
    Full house
    Boys over flowers
    Secret garden
    You’re beautiful –
    Uncontrollably fond
    I hear your voice
    Dream high
    Heart strings
    Coffee Prince
    Mary stayed out all night
    My pet
    She was pretty
    City hunter
    Fated to love you
    Emergency couple
    Pretty man
    Playful kiss
    A gentleman’s dignity

  62. my top 5
    1. W two world
    2. Scarlet Heart
    3. Strong Woman DBS
    4. While you Were Sleeping
    5. Introverted Boss

    W is pretty unique for me, make me goosebumps every time

  63. 1. the heirs
    2. while you were sleeping
    3. my love from the star
    4. healer
    5. doctor stranger
    6. city hunter
    7. descendants of the sun
    8. dream high
    9. boys over flowers
    10. k2
    11. pinnochio
    12. secret garden
    13. cinderella and 4 knights
    14. love rain
    15. kill me, heal me
    16. baker king
    17. queen seung dook
    18. coffee prince
    19. w
    20. playfull kiss

  64. 1.Abyss 9.a millionaires first love and i
    2.The heirs bong soon strong woman 18.vampire flower
    3.Cinderella and the 4 knights 11.werewolf boy bok joo weightlifting
    4.blood 12. accidently in love fairy
    5.healer 13.abolute boyfriend 20.boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru
    6.meteor garden ore? love me
    7.a love so beautiful brother loves me to much are beautiful haru ride


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