KMazing – Park Cho-rong is actually well known as an idol rather than an actress. This girl born March 3, 1991, is Apink leader who has been the member of this girlband since 2011 as a second member. And like most other pretty young idols, Chorong pitted her luck by appearing in several television dramas. She officially started her acting career in 2010 or about a year before Apink debuted.

1. Plus Nine Boys (2014)

Chorong gets a pretty decent role in this romantic comedy-drama, as Han Soo-ah, a popular but mysterious high school girl. She becomes the opposite act of the other idol from BTOB, Yook Sungjae. For this role, Chorong confessed that she got many acting suggestions from Jung Eun-Ji.

2. Reply 1997 (2012)

This comedy romance television series stars Chorong’s group mate Jung Eun-Ji, along with actor Seo In-guk. Chorong and her other colleague, Yoon Bo-mi, became one of the guest stars among dozens of other artists. She plays the teenager Lee Il-Hwa, the mother of the main character Sung Shi-won (Eun-Ji).

3. All My Love (2010)

All My Love is an MBC sitcom starring senior actor Kim Kap-soo. Chorong enters as a character whose name is the same as him, Chorong, to replace the Gain Brown Eyed Girls who leave the show. She took part from episodes 125 to 210, long enough for the size of the starter-idol actress.