KMazing – This one Korean variety show is one of the most famous one right now. They found their fame not only in South Koreans but Knowing Brothers successfully captivate the international fans. The act of the cast members with silly and funny skit each guaranteed to make us laugh on every episode.

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Every episode of Knowing Brother that has been aired had never disappointed their audience. The interaction between the cast and their guest will always successful to make us laugh and be entertained even though it’s just seen chatting casually.

JTBC’s flagship Knowing Brothers program has established itself as one of the most influential programs in Korea. In addition to consistently scoring fantastic ratings for the size of cable tv, its popularity can even beat some programs on the national tv station. And here at KMazing, we are catching up with all the episodes and picked our top 20 best episode of Knowing Brother.

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Episode 87 – Guest: BlackPink

The epic moment of this best knowing brothers episodes started when Jennie says that she has the ability to eat snack chips without making a sound. This is impossible to do because the crushed and crispiness of the chips will always make a sound even in the slightest.

But Jennie believes in her ability and wants to show it to the members. When Jennie tried and everyone was seriously concerned, there was still the sound of cracked chips in her mouth and this, made all the casting Knowing Brother and Blackpink members burst out laughing.

Jennie was trying for the second time but the result remains the same until the studio go chaos-ly loud laughing about her abilities

Episode 24 – Guest: Han Chae Ah

In this episode, actress Han Chae Ah is challenged to fight one of the members of Knowing Brothers, Lee Soo Geun, in a hanging defense game by holding on to bars. The funny thing is, for the sake of winning out, Soo Geun actually bit Han Chae Ah’s leg which was then returned with a right blow on his forehead by Han Chae Ah.

Episode 63 – Guest: Seohyun & Lee Joon

Seohyun who was never rumored to have a relationship dating suddenly confessed that she had been dating before. Cast Knowing Brother was shocked immediately and provoke a variety of questions to Seohyun about her ex.

The cast asks questions like, ‘Have you ever loved a guy?’, ‘You cry broke up?’, ‘Is your ex an actor and has stopped working?’, Then Seohyun replied that her ex is not working in the entertainment world anymore. Seohyun answer is increasingly making the atmosphere getting hot because the cast still curious about the former lover of Seohyun is.

Episode 67 – Guest: Henry & Han Eun Jung

Henry confessed that he had never dated on his 9 years stay in Korea. Hearing that, the cast of Best Knowing Brothers Episodes did not believe it and said that he was lying. But Henry remains convinced by his answer by saying he never dated during his time in Korea.

Then Jang Hoon asked Henry, ‘So you are alone at home for 9 years without any girlfriend?’, Hearing the question Henry looks confused and acting like he does not understand his question. Then Heechul said to Henry, “Hey! Don’t pretend you do not understand the question!”. Henry’s expression turned into a shy smile while still pretending.

Episode 58 – Guest: Rain &Hani EXID

Hani said that her mother once said, ‘Can you be as pretty as Kim Tae Hee with plastic surgery?’ And this surprised Rain who was Tae Hee’s boyfriend. Because Kim Tae Hee is a symbol of Korean beauty, there are many people who associate beauty with Kim Tae Hee. Cast Knowing Brother did not stop talking about the beautiful Kim Tae Hee to seduce Rain. Rain’s embarrassed yet delighted face looks very funny because we seldom see Rain like that other than in his drama.

Episode 66 – Guest: Kim Hee Sun

The cast members of the Knowing Brothers are challenged by Kim Hee Sun to reinvent the gesture of cornering the likes of the Japanese drama-style walls. It is super hilarious to see how the member react to the challenge while also trying their hard to suppress themselves from the mesmerizing charm of the actress.

Best Knowing Brothers Episodes is Episode 74 – Guest: BtoB

Eunkwang was challenged by the Knowing Brothers cast to cover So Chan Wee’s song titled “Tears” which famous for its high notes. Eunkwang also believes he can sing with the original key similar to that one arranged for the original singer.

Everyone was anticipating the appearance of Eunkwang and it turns out he managed to sing the song with the original key and maximum moment high note. One word for Eunkwang, Daebak!

Episode 90 – Guest: Taeyang & Mino

Mino is challenged by the Knowing Brothers cast to speak informally to Taeyang. Mino was shocked to be told to do such a thing to his senior, but in the end, he did it – awkwardly – and felt uncomfortable with Taeyang.

Mino pinched Taeyang’s cheeks and said, ‘Nice to meet you. Take good care of me! ‘. After saying that Mino immediately hugged Taeyang because he felt guilty, and Taeyang was just smiling while looking at his junior’s funny act.

Episode 84 – Guest: Red Velvet

The arrival of Red Velvet is indeed a phenomenon on its own for the Knowing Brothers, arguably the ones who made this program famous until now, the crew even dubbed them legend! Red Velvet was the first idol group to be a guest star in this school format, when their four members, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri (Irene came alone in Ep 29) performed idly with Idol’s image, they were able to entertain the crew and staff and also the audience. Red Velvet finally came again at Ep 84 and once again brings joy to the Brothers School. Make sure you watch their sketches, hilarious !!

Episode 69 – Guest: Lee Kyung Kyu

Lee Kyung Kyu who is touted as the father of South Korean entertainment world is having to stand himself from all-out “attacking” jokes when he came to the guests spot on Knowing Brothers. The concept of Knowing Brothers that makes everyone the same age during the shooting makes it super funny. Kyung Kyu is often annoyed for being treated like a friend when his age is far above the others.

Episode 27 & 76 – Guest: TWICE

It can not be denied that the popularity of Twice in Korea is incredible. This is what makes them finally get invited twice to this program. The 9 members are able to bring smiles and laughter because of their behavior, reportedly pieces of their clips are the most sought after they are being posted on the Internet. Oh yes, Momo is specifically asked to be the model for the video clip of the single “Sweet Dream” sung and starring the members of the Knowing Brothers.

Episode 20 – Guest: Shin So Yul

The funniest segment in this episode is when the members and Shin So Yul got to play in a skit (funny short drama) with the theme of marriage preparation between lovers. Shin So Yul acts as a bride-to-be, while the members of Knowing Brothers take turns acting as her bride-to-be. Soo Geun’s behavior here which suddenly appeared wearing a wedding dress guaranteed to make you laugh.

Episode 46 – Guest: Infinite

There is a segment where Soogeun throws a ball to Infinite members to know their ability to play soccer. When the ball is thrown into Hoya, like an Ace, Hoya easily controls the ball thrown at him.

The next person is Sung Yeol, it turns out Sung Yeol cannot control the ball well even the ball is on his chin.

Sung Yeol dodged with his reasoning on balls being thrown too high then he asked for a second try. After the second ball is thrown, turn out the ball hits him around his Adam’s apple and make everyone think that Sung Yeol is not good at playing soccer.

Episode 34 – Guest: Lovelyz

Woolim Entertainment’s idol group gets a special episode when they become guest stars in this episode. “Brothers Club vs. Sisters Club”, this episode takes on the theme of a school picnic which is usually a regular thing to be done during School time in Korea. In the last segment where they read letters to their respective parents, there are many moments that are hilarious which is why this episode is so dear to miss.

Episode 47 – Guest: Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun said that Super Junior’s there was a time when he had not yet debuted, when all the members were in the practice room there was one member giving a command to immediately turn on the music.

Because Kyuhyun is maknae, then he immediately turned on the mp3 music player in the room. When he turned it on, Heechul was already behind him while looking at the mp3 player and saying, ‘It’s mine’ with the words and facial expressions are very cold. Hearing Kyuhyun’s confession, Heechul just smiled while feeling bad for Kyuhyun.

Episode 83 – Guest: Yonghwa & Zico

This funny segment was when Yonghwa, Zico, and the cast Knowing Brother have to fight on who has the best agility in giving a question to their opponent in each round. The person given the question may be in doubt and shock with the question given to him in order to win.

Zico and Yonghwa’s turn of the duel, initially they are very confident with the questions given to each opponent, Yonghwa starts by asking questions to Zico, ‘You know your nose is big right?’, Zico replied ‘You know you’re handsome?’, Then Yonghwa says ‘Do you ever have a girlfriend?’.

Afterwards, Zico gives a question that makes Yonghwa in shock, ie ‘Now do you have a girlfriend right?’. Hearing the question Yonghwa spontaneously silence and then say ‘I don’t have ..’. That way Yonghwa lost to Zico and cast Knowing Brother assuming Yonghwa at that time have a special someone.

Episode 62 – Guest: Leeteuk & Shindong

Heechul said that he never liked any of the former girlfriends of Leeteuk. Heechul says one of the former girlfriend of Leeteuk who is ‘noona’ or who is older than Leeteuk made Leeteuk get away and grow distance with his friends.

Heechul shyly said that he never made ‘noona’ is upset because he did not accept her to pay his food. Shindong was shocked by Heechul’s insistence as he said, ‘Really?’. Then Leeteuk finally said that the incident was true, even he himself was the one who picked up the money Heechul thrown into his ex.

Episode 88 – Guest: Girls’ Generation

The moment in which SNSD members attack Heechul by saying that he already has many girlfriends and often meet with girls. Heechul then denied by saying many people thought he was gay, then Yoona attacked again by saying that Heechul himself was the one who made the rumors so he could easily meet with many girls at one time. In the end, Heechul attacks her again by leveraging Lee Sung Gi who is Yoona’s former boyfriend. The episode was super funny, SNSD got to fill two episodes.

Episode 23 & 53 – Guest: IOI

In 2016, all South Koreans have a fever of Pick Me by Produce 101, not to mention the Knowing Brothers. Episode 23 specifically invites IOI and holds a special format “Never Ending Audition”. After one year, IOI came back, they made this program as the last program before they officially disbanded due to a one-year group contract. This episode is really an episode that can invite laughter and tears.

Episode 85 – Guest: EXO

This one of Best Knowing Brothers Episodes specifically presents guests from outer space, precisely from EXO Planet. Yes, who else if not EXO. This episode is able to present a 6% rating that is usually hard to achieve by the Idol episode, especially on a non-terrestrial television station. Here you will see how EXO members expose their personal lives, just open up a lot!

While guesting at Knowing Brother, Baekhyun ‘EXO’ is often mentioned about his gf. Baekhyun repeatedly says that he is sensitive to questions like this, as it is known Baekhyun has broken up with Taeyeon ‘SNSD’. The cast Knowing Brothers and EXO successful members are laughing with Baekhyun’s expression of panic if there is a question about a girlfriend or anything about girl given to him.