Top 20 Best Infinity Challenge Episodes of All Time (up to 2018)

Best Infinity Challenge Episodes of All Time

20Best / Funniest Infinity Challenge Episodes of All Time (up to 2018)

KMazing – Other than their astonishing drama and movies, South Korean Entertainment industry is also known for its variety shows that have a different concept from one to another. One of the variety shows that Korean people love is Infinite Challenge. Aired since 23 April 2005 made this show a variety show with the longest running time in Korean television history. By 2018, 550 episodes have been aired.

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Infinite Challenge (aka Muhan Dojeon; Hangul: 무한 도전; hanja: 無限 挑戰, abbreviated as Mudo) is a Korean comedy television program, distributed and syndicated by MBC. Until January 2013, this event still has the largest market share for its airtime, between 13.8 percent and 19.7 percent of Korean television viewers watched Muhan Dojeon at 6:30 PM KST every Saturday night.

It also made the show a leading free-to-air (non-cable) program for Saturday night as well as the most-watched non-drama program (excluding special sporting events) in South Korea every week since November 2006. So in order to honor their long life glory, KMazing crafted a list consisted the best episodes of all time.

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20. I Am Your Biggest Fan Camping Special

Starting off our list, we pick one episode which got will induce you in every reaction and somewhat light. Going along with the idols that we love is in the heart and dream of any fans. Including the fans of Infinite Challenge members. Who would have thought, even Park Myeong Su who likes to “grumble” also has a big fan! Infinite Challenge fans invited their fans to stay one day and two nights together. Apparently, not only members of the Infinite Challenge are hilarious, their fans also have a hilarious action that will hurt our stomach while watching. Especially when the show goes on the segment where they show their talent.



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