KMazing – Other than their astonishing drama and movies, South Korean Entertainment industry is also known for its variety shows that have a different concept from one to another. One of the variety shows that Korean people love is Infinite Challenge. Aired since 23 April 2005 made this show a variety show with the longest running time in Korean television history. By 2018, 550 episodes have been aired.

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Infinite Challenge (aka Muhan Dojeon; Hangul: 무한 도전; hanja: 無限 挑戰, abbreviated as Mudo) is a Korean comedy television program, distributed and syndicated by MBC. Until January 2013, this event still has the largest market share for its airtime, between 13.8 percent and 19.7 percent of Korean television viewers watched Muhan Dojeon at 6:30 PM KST every Saturday night.

It also made the show a leading free-to-air (non-cable) program for Saturday night as well as the most-watched non-drama program (excluding special sporting events) in South Korea every week since November 2006. So in order to honor their long life glory, KMazing crafted a list consisted the best episodes of all time.

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I Am Your Biggest Fan Camping Special

Starting off our list, we pick one episode which got will induce you in every reaction and somewhat light. Going along with the idols that we love is in the heart and dream of any fans. Including the fans of Infinite Challenge members. Who would have thought, even Park Myeong Su who likes to “grumble” also has a big fan! Infinite Challenge fans invited their fans to stay one day and two nights together. Apparently, not only members of the Infinite Challenge are hilarious, their fans also have a hilarious action that will hurt our stomach while watching. Especially when the show goes on the segment where they show their talent.

Jamaica Special

Starting from the project to follow the fashion show project in Milan, the members work hard to change their body shape to become a professional model. However, the project was postponed. So HaHa, Hyungdon, and Hong Chul went to Jamaica to do a concert there. They were invited by the tourism minister for the concert. There they also met Usain Bolt.

The Famous 7 Princess

Everytime Infinite Challenge member turns into a woman then it is certain that the episode becomes one of the funniest episodes. One of them when they are challenged to be Disney Princess, like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Snow White, to Swan Princess. The problem is, for a moment Yoo Jae Suk and the gang turned into women, they also act like women ranging from the way to talk to a woman-style quarrel.

Horror Special – Home Alone

Summer is synonymous with horror in South Korea. So no wonder every summer comes, there is an episode of Infinite Challenge associated with horror. Remember the Home Alone movie, where little Kevin left alone at his moe while his family went on holiday and had to face two robbers who were about to rob his house? Yes, in the summer of 2015 members of the Infinite Challenge plays a robber who wants to rob Kevin’s house (the house in question is the MBC building). Apparently, the traps given by “Kevin” is super duper scary and entertaining at the same time! Many ghosts are hiding in the corners of the building ready to frighten the members of Infinite Challenge.

Hanamana Event

Infinite Challenge members form a band called Hanamana where they are willing to come anywhere in any event to entertain the audience. They had a gig in the sauna, Kindergarten, even in the resort. What makes every Hanamana Event funny is because the event that invites members of Infinite Challenge is very diverse and even absurd. So often the members of Infinite Challenge feel strange when having a gig at an unexpected event.

Calendar Model

Started in 2008, Infinite Challenge members were challenged to do a photo shoot for a calendar. Each calendar creation, an Infinite Challenge member proposes a photo shoot. Later shooting results are assessed by photographers, magazine editors, and professional models. The one with the most creative image concept became the winner.

What makes this fun is, Model Calendar challenge episode is where the creativity of the Infinite Challenge members in proposing their photo concept is superbly unique. Even then Jeong Hyung Don proposed a photo shoot that he wanted to be like the wind. The result? Not just hilarious, but also very artistic!

The Great Bob-sleigh Challenge

Bobsleigh or bobsled is one of the winter Olympic sports, where a team consists of two to four athletes, will run and ride a sled on a steep track. They have to go to Japan to practice bob-sleigh. Bobsleigh itself is a fairly extreme sport. If you do not practice in earnest, even a small detail is forgotten, life could be a threat. Infinite Challenge members are training so hard, not to mention they are so anxious for fear of unwanted things to happen. But when the challenge is done, all members of the Infinite Challenge cry their tears out due to the feeling of accomplishment.

Welcoming Ceremony

Welcoming newly selected members through the Sixth Man project, namely Hwang Kwang Hee, production team and original member of Infinite Challenge preparing the welcome event for their youngest member. They do not even hesitate to wear silly uniforms and run a very funny challenge of eating noodles or wear makeup on a rollercoaster!

Horror Special – The Wailing

For the summer of 2016, Infinite Challenge members are challenged to create their own setting for special horror. They set up a haunted house with their own traps. This special horror challenge is inspired by the horror movie that is booming in Korea which is The Wailing. What creates a special horror challenge is the reaction of the frightened members of the Infinite Challenge. The problem is that nobody has a brave nature. Especially in the episode where the member of the Infinite Challenge is forbidden to shout and if they do shout, they have to start all over again.

LA Special

Members of Infinite Challenge went to LA to impose Jeong Jun Ha’s penalty who was failed to pass the Show Me The Money audition. The challenge is they have to get on the world’s thrashing rollercoaster. The penalty begins by attempting a slide in a skyscraper, precisely above a 70-story building. The first roller coaster to be rearranged is Goliath who perceives the hypercoaster located in Magic Mountain. Goliath height reached 72 meters with a speed of 137 km per hour. Accompanied by members of girl group Gfriend, the member bite their tongue and did their best.

But the highlight of this special LA episode is when members of the Infinite Challenge have to climb the rollercoaster X2 which is the first 4D rollercoaster in the world where the bench can rotate 360 degrees following the track. X2 itself is made by NASA physicists who opened the first time in 2002. Jeong Jun Ha climbed X2 while eating yogurt. What makes this episode funny is the reaction of Infinite Challenge members who are scared half-dead on the rollercoaster.

Speed Rowing Special

Infinite Challenge members are challenged to join the 2000 meter rowing race at the STX Korea Open Regatta Event. Kim Ji Ho, who once became a rowing athlete, also helps the Infinite Challenge members in practicing as rowing athletes. The preparation is done five months before the race is held. Infinite Challenge members also invited rapper Defconn, another member of the Lessang hip-hop duo Gary and also a member of the 2am Jinwoon. The exercise is done in earnest as if the members of the Infinite Challenge are national rowing athletes. So no wonder after completing the race, all members of the Infinite Challenge and special guests immediately wept in tears.

Desert Island II

MuDo fans voted 5 best episodes of MuDo at MuDo’s 10th anniversary. The first successful episode will be created such a special episode as the original episode (rework). Unfortunately, the best episode falls on the episode when the members go to uninhabited islands in the Philippines. Although the location of the uninhabited islands is still in Korea, this episode is quite entertaining like the Desert Island episode I.

Extreme Part-Time Job

In Korea, getting a permanent job is very difficult with so many people to choose to become part-time workers who are paid on time. However, not a few part-time jobs that exert a lot of energy at a disproportionate price. So members of the Infinite Challenge are challenged to feel what it’s like to be a part-time worker. Comes with name, Infinite Challenge, part-time job that is given not a half-hearted job and goes to the limit such as cleaning glass in building 63 floor, become a miner, becoming customer service.

Seeing a lot of spectators interested in seeing how the members of the Infinite Challenge become part-time workers, it was re-presented Extreme Part Time Job but this time, International version. The selected jobs included working in the largest laundry launderer in India, becoming a stretcher in the Lu mountains in China and caring baby elephant in an animal conservatory place in Africa.

Wedding Singer

One of the best episodes that make the audience feel entertained and also touched, where Infinity challenge member is assigned to choose the song and sing for the loyal audience’s wedding day. In this episode, the member prepares the choreography of the song and also its own arrangement and make it as attractive as possible. Participants who wish to apply are carefully selected by Infinite challenge members and most interesting and fitting to the theme is getting the surprise at the wedding. Everyone who watched this episode will be touched to see the couples who try their hardest to get married to their loved one and in love with the surprise from the Infinite challenge members.

WM Wrestling Special

This challenge is indeed a legendary challenge Infinite Challenge who spent 10 episodes just for one challenge. They are challenged to become professional wrestlers to fight each other in the ring. Unmitigated, members of the Infinite Challenge trained directly by professional wrestlers, Son Star. After the episode airs, the special episode covering the behind the scene also airs showing the hard work of members of Infinite Challenge to become a real wrestler. In fact, their coach, Son Star, suffered an injury in the ribs. To the extreme, the loyal audience of the Infinite Challenge pleaded not to do such a challenge again.

History X hip-hop

One of the latest episodes Infinite challenge is about the history and hip-hop musicians collaborating in making a song about history in the hip-hop genre. Infinite challenge members and the cast who works in the field of music especially hip hop gotta find the way to attract the public and create more attraction in giving information about history. And in order to do that they need to take lessons.

Infinite challenge members and guests are learning about the royal period as well as other history in south korea. and they recorded everything that could be made into a history-themed hip-hop song that is not usually made by the hip-hop artist.

World Cup Special

At least three times the Infinite Challenge celebrates the hype of World Cup. Various celebrations run by watching the game together until the World Cup 2014 ago, another celebration is getting it shape in another format. Initially, members of the Infinite Challenge held a show together with Korean celebrity friends ranging from comedians, artists to singers. But the next step, they become cheerleaders to support their National Team in Brazil!

Not only members of Infinite Challenge, but some other celebrities also came to Brazil. After giving encouragement to the national team member Infinite Challenge also traveled around Brazil to visit other touristic places.

Infinite Challenge Summer Music Special

Every two years, Infinite Challenge members invite singers, idols, and bands to collaborate in the summer music festivals. Beginning in 2009, Infinite Challenge members have to find singers and composers who want to be their partner for the festival. A row of names of musicians coupled then ranging from G-Dragon of Big Bang to senior musician such as Yoon Sang.

Initially, this summer music festival is only small-scale festival until it becomes bigger in every year to become an annual music festival visited by thousands of people. The success of Infinite Challenge Summer Music Special is also seen from the song that won the Korean real-time chart for weeks. The accompanying music is also getting famous due to the fact that Infinite Challenge is the number one variety show in Korea.

Saturday-Saturday’s: I am a Singer

Who does not like nostalgia? Given the past incident in the heart. One of the best moment is to build nostalgia with the favorite singers who enliven the music scene from the 80s to 90s. To cure their missing filling, Infinite Challenge is challenged to invite 80s-80s singers to come and perform songs that take them to the top of their glory. There are 10 singers present to treat their fans’ longing feeling. Not only the audience was touched to see the appearance of their favorite singers, the singers admitted themselves really missed entertaining the audience. Some singers and spectators were even caught crying because they were touched.

Seeing the public reception, Infinite Challenge again held Saturday Saturday’s I Am A Singer. But this time with the diffrent format. Infinite Challenge invites members of boy group Sechs Kies to the reunion after nearly 14 years of disbandment. In the early 2000s, there was a stormy guerrilla concert where the singers held an impromptu concert. Because Sech Kies is breaking up, the event finally held a guerilla concert for Sech Kies without anyone knowing except their fans.

Infinite Challenge Express Delivery

There are a lot of South Korean citizen that are scattered in other parts of the world. Some because of the demands of work, there are also several others that have been adopted by foreign families due to being the victims of Korean War and was evacuated to other countries. Surely they miss their homeland. In addition to longing for the place where they were born, they also miss the taste of their typical home food.

Infinite Challenge then served as a food delivery entrusted by families whose members live far away in other countries. Even Haha and Yoo Jae Suk came to Japan where the Koreans lived while being evacuated during the war. Seeing people who have not felt the taste of their hometown food for a long time is making the hearts of the audience touched.