Inverted triangle face shape is one of the most common face shapes in the world. It allows people who have it to look extremely stunning with their strong jawline and pointy cheek. Just like the name, the face shape does look like an inverted triangle shape or like a triangle flipped upside down. They look unique and surely stunning.

There are plus sides and downsides of having this kind of face shape, though. If you are born with this face shape, you will find out a lot of great tips here, starting from the right types of hairstyles for your inverted triangular face shape to the much-needed tips of how to enhance the look of the face by using makeup technique.

There will be the information about the example of famous people with this kind of face shape. You will recognize them easily and tell the face shape right away after reading the information below. Without further ado, here are the most important explanations you need to know about inverted triangle face shape.


Inverted Triangle Face Shape Characteristics

As we know, every face shape has characteristics for sure. A lot of people notice that for inverted triangle face shape, the strongest characteristic should be on the forehead as it is the most noticeable feature in the entire face. It is true and there are some more characteristics to notice about this kind of face shape. Read them down below.

  1. Wide, Angular Forehead

One of the most noticeable characteristics on the face shape is, without a doubt, the forehead. As the face shape means that it looks like a triangle being turned upside down, the forehead on the face is indeed the largest part of it. They look wide and angular and the size of them is even bigger than the jawline and the chin for sure.

  1. Sharp, Pointy Chin

Just like the lower point of a triangle, the chin is sharp and pointy. They look smaller when being compared to the forehead. The jawline leading from the lower forehead down to the chin is also very sharp and compliment the small chin. The cheek is usually cheek and slim as well when you have this kind of face shape.


The Examples of Celebrities with the Face Shape

If you are not a pro of telling face shape, you will probably find it easier to do that when you do know the famous faces that have this kind of face shape. There are many of them out there and some of them are really prominent. Some of the most famous people who were born with inverted triangle face shape are including:

  • Scarlett Johansson

When you talk about famous Hollywood celebrity with this kind of face shape, Scarlett Johansson must come to mind. She does have this kind of face shape and you can tell by her visibly strong jawline and the chin as well. Scarlett often uses short and textured bangs to cover most of the forehead and hairline and keep the eyebrows exposed. This hairstyle enhances other features of her face, such as her nose and beautiful eyes.

  • Reese Witherspoon

The Legally Blonde star is indeed one of the biggest examples of celebrities with this kind of face shape. She usually uses long, chopped bangs to conceal the forehead and keep the attention away from her sharp, pointy chin. The bangs work all the time as well to make her face looks more on the oval side. This is why a lot of people hardly notice that she does have this kind of face shape


The Best Haircut for the Face Shape

Choosing the right haircut will do a lot of improvement to the face. When you do have inverted triangle face shape, you want everyone to notice less of your forehead. To do that, there are several types of haircut that you should try. They do have the function of relatively conceal the forehead and bring the focus of the eyes somewhere else. Here they are.

  1. Bangs

Bangs are just the go-to hairstyles when you have this face shape. Bangs are just needed to cover up some parts of the forehead to give the impression of it being smaller. However, not all types of bangs work for the face shape. The best types of bangs to cover the forehead are including long, side-swept bangs, choppy, side-swept bangs, and short, textured bangs.

  1. Half Ups

Half ups hairdos are just perfect for those who have this kind of face shape. It is a kind of diversion for the case. It makes people look at the pointy hairdo rather than focusing on the wide forehead and shape chin. This kind of hairstyle is also perfect for weddings and formal occasions. They do look stunning and pretty on the eyes.


Makeup Tips for the Face Shape

Last but not least, you need to understand the makeup tips for this type of face shape. Having inverted triangle face shape means that you have several strong features on the face. This could be used as the focal point of the face when you know how to do it correctly. Use some tips down below as your guide when doing makeup.

  1. Contour the Center of Forehead

There is no doubt that you have to do something with the forehead. Bear it in mind that people with this type of face shape do have a considerably large forehead. To make the forehead seems smaller, contouring is definitely needed. The center of the forehead needs to be contoured with darker shade to make it appears smaller.

  1. Highlight and Jawline

Well, one of the best features of this face shape is the jawline indeed. The jawline is sometimes so sharp and noticeable. It all leads to the pointy cheek down by the face. To enhance the look of the jawline, you need to highlight them. Use the slightly dark-colored highlighter to make the jawline even more stunning on your inverted triangle face shape.