All people agree that eyes become important organs. In addition to its function to see many things, eyes and the area around them are important aspect of beauty. This actually works for both men and women. However, women will pay more attention to the eyes compared to men. That’s why there are many kinds of cosmetics and makeups for the area of eyes and one of them is eyeliner. As its name, it is to strengthen the lining around the eyes to create nice emphasis. However, sometimes it can smudge and it is annoying. That is why it is important to know how to keep eye liner from smudging. This can be very essential insights to upgrade your makeup skills.

It is true that the smudging becomes common problems in using the eyeliners. Most women often face these problems. However, this cannot be taken lightly. It is because the smudging eyeliner can be so annoying. Even, it can ruin your perfect appearance. You have spent your time to apply the eyeliner perfectly. When these are smudging, of course, this is like finding a serious disaster and it will be annoying when you have to make the lining. That is why the information below can become useful insights for your everyday life hacks.


Some Mistakes You May Do

Before talking further regarding the steps of how to keep eyeliner from smudging, it is important to know some common reasons why the eyeliners smear. These are some of the reasons and these should be kept in your mind.

  1. Skipping the makeup primer

Makeup primer is important as foundation. However, sometimes women are lack of time and they skip this element. They think that things are fine without concealer and other primary makeups.

  1. No waterproof formula

Smudging and smearing can occur for some reasons. One of them is about water. Human’s body releases water drops and these are released from the pores of skins. Moreover, there may also be external waters. When the eyeliner has no waterproof formula, it cannot last long.

  1. Curling the lashes after applying the liner

Then, the next mistake related to how to keep eye liner from smudging is the wrong step in applying the liner. The common mistakes are that women often apply the liner first, and then they curl the lashes.

  1. Applying the liner on the eye cream

Women often apply the eye cream. This cream is very important since this has anti-aging agent. This will give great benefits for women since it will reduce the wrinkles and prevent them. However, it will be mistakes when you apply your eyeliner on the cream. It will not make good foundation for your eyeliner, so it cannot stick well and the liner will be easily smudged.

These are some mistakes and these should get your attention. At least, by avoiding the mistakes, you can reduce the possibilities and problems of smudging eyeliners. Then, when you have done with these, you can see the next information regarding how to keep eye liner from smudging.


Tips and Tricks Related to Keep Eye Liner from Smudging

After you have known some problems related to the how to keep eye liner from smudging, now it is time to check some tips and tricks to prevent the problem. These can give you some useful information, so you can get some solutions to prevent your eyeliner from smudging.

  1. Use good eyeliner formula

First thing first, it depends on your eyeliner formula. At least, it should be the product with great quality. It is better to invest your money on the good product, so you will get the best results. Moreover, it is recommended to get the eyeliner with waterproof formula. This is important since some of the problems and mistakes are related to the water problems.

  1. Apply the concealer before the eyeliner

Even if you often skip the makeup primer, you still need to pay attention to some small details. It is related to the concealer. This is common makeup to use. In fact, it can effectively solve the problem of smudging eyeliner. When you want to know the solution of how to keep eye liner from smudging, you can apply the concealer under the eye area. It will keep the eyeliner better.

  1. Use layering technique

This may not be a trick or tips, but it is more about technique or skill. Layering is commonly applied in using lipstick. In fact, the similar method is possible to use for eyeliner. You may also use the cotton swab and repeat applying the eyeliner.


Complete Steps of How to Keep Eye Liner from Smudging

After you know the reasons of smudging eyeliner and some possible tips to solve it, now it is time to deal with the steps of how to keep eye liner from smudging. These will show you the complete steps, so you may try to follow the details.

  1. Pat the eye cream

Adding eye cream is important and it is to use under the eye area. This is to hydrate the area. However, it is important to let it absorbed for some moments before continuing the next step. In addition, the concealer can also be applied after the eye cream.

  1. Get the compact powder

As what is stated above, concealer is applied after the eye cream. Then, the compact powder is also able to pick. In this case, applying or patting the powder under the eye area can become useful trick to hold the eyeliner. Of course, it is important to prevent the powder to access the eye lining.

  1. Apply your eyeliner

The next part is to apply the eyeliner. As what is stated above, it is better to have good eyeliner formula. It is not always expensive, since you can make some comparisons to get the best one. You can also line the waterline to strengthen the eye lines.

  1. Powder the lower area under the eyes

This is the last step to lock the eyeliner. You can apply powder once again. It will effectively seal the eyeliner and remove the fallouts coming from the eye shadow, so the eyes can look cleaner.

These are the steps to follow. These are actually basic steps and you may still have additional steps. For example, you may add Kajal before the final step. In this case, it is not only about the how to keep eye liner from smudging, but choosing the good product is also important.