Choosing the right 2 inch curling wand for your hair is something necessary if you want to have a beautiful curly hair. In contemporary world of fashion, styling the hair in various ways becomes the most essential thing to achieve the crowning glory. There is a wide variety of hairstyles, such as waves, extensions, curling, and many more. However, creating curls is now becoming the ultimate option of hairstyle which will totally transform the look of every woman.

The cosmetic market is now flooded with a range of curling wands, which promise to create shining, bouncy, and copious curly hairs with an appealing style. One thing you have to note is not every curling wand has the same shape and size. If you know what kinds of curly styles you want, it’s important to also learn how these curling wands vary to get the best results. You have to choose the correct size of curling wand bar to get the best look for your hair. For example, the curling wand in 2 inch is specifically used to make fat curling.

By investing your time and effort, you will be able to get loose curly locks with this curling wand. The result will be much better if you have medium or long hair. This curling tool will help to create waves or just round the ends of your lock inward. It also allows you to attain steady curling waves with no frizzy tangles. However, not every 2 inch beauty wand will give the best result. Therefore, it’s essential to know important features for when buying 2 inch barreled curling wand.


How to Choose the Right-Size Curling Wand

You can’t just go to the cosmetic store and pick up any curling wand that caught your eye the moment you walk into the store. A curling wand is a custom tool closely related to the hair texture. Many people often make a mistake when buying a wrong curling wand. To avoid such issue, here are the things you need to consider when purchasing a curling wand.

  1. Thin and Flat Hair

Curling wands have several different barrel sizes. The most common sizes are ranging at 3/8 inch to 2 inch width. If you have flat and thin hair, go for a small size curling wand. If you opt for the large one, the tool will instead fry up your hair. You will get a long-lasting effect with a smaller barreled curling wand.

  1. Long Hair

Many hairstylists often face difficulty when they have to curl long hair. Opt for 1 inch to 2 inch curling wand to get a curly style for medium to long hair. With these sizes, anyone can have natural, loose wavy hairstyles. You can also use this curling wand on short hair to make it more voluminous.

  1. Short Hair

If you have short hair and want to have tight curls, consider buying a curling wand with ½ inch, 5/8 inch, or 3/8 inch barrel size. If you have natural curly hair, then small and tight curls will last longer than those of straight hair. These curling wands are perfect for getting the last touch up. Small barrels are ideal for thin and straight hair. While it takes time to make tight curls, the result will be fantastic. These barrel sizes will also help you to make a spiral and coiled locks. If it’s the first time for you to purchase a curling wand, consider purchasing a 1 inch curling wand. It will make a good start because this size is great for any types of curls and hair length.


The Best Materials for Curling Wand

You may already decide that a 2 inch curling wand is the curling wand you are looking for. But you should know that each curling wand is made of different material. Therefore, here is an elaboration of the best curling wand barrel materials:

  1. Titanium Barrel

It’s the barrel material with the most full-force that can only be used for coarse or thick hair. Titanium is a very long-lasting material. It distributes negative ions that keep the moisture and natural hair oils in the cuticles. That is why the hair always looks hydrated, silky, and shiny. However, you should be cautious whenever you use a curling wand with titanium barrel. The material may get very hot that can lead to unwanted hair damage.

  1. Ceramic Barrel

While it’s a classic material for curling barrel wand, it’s actually the best material in all barrel materials. It also offers plenty of benefits, making it one of the most affordable options for aluminum. The ceramic barrel will release negative ions to combat the positive ions in dull and dry hair. The negative ions meet the cuticles, smoothing the hair and prevent damage. However, ceramic barrels can’t be used in high heat settings.

  1. Chromium Barrel

Curling wands with chromium barrel often come at the affordable price rate. However, you saved budget will instead spend in later hair treatment that you may need because this material will damage your hair. The positive ions discharged by the chromium barrel will clog the cuticle and incapable of keeping the moisture of the hair. As a result, your hair will feel frizzy and dry. The positive ions remove your hair’s natural smoothness. This material is also incapable of heating up evenly. Therefore, it will split the ends of your hair and cause acute damage. But if you are willing to invest in a hairspray, you may consider this chrome barrel.


The Best Shapes of 2 Inch Curling Wand

Before knowing the best shapes of curling wand you want to buy, let’s get one thing straight first. A curling wand is not the same as curling iron. Curling wands are way easier to use. It doesn’t have clips that will leave crease marks on your hair. Slowly but surely, it will replace the traditional curling irons. Just like curling irons, curling wands are also available in many different shapes.

  1. Cone Shape Curling Wand

The upper ends of cone shape curling wands are usually narrowed, and the lower ends are thicker. The smaller end of the rod will give you accurate curls that you want. You can also use this wand to create curls in many different sizes. If you want to have larger and fuller curly locks, you can use the larger end of the rod. Thanks to the versatility of this shape, you don’t need to purchase other hairstyling tools.

  1. Interchangeable Curling Barrel Wand

This curling tool can be pricey, but worth every cent due to the versatility they provide. With this type of curling wand, you can create unlimited types of curls. While it’s considered to be expensive for some, it will make a significant lifetime investment since you don’t need to purchase other curling tools. You will also get the final results that look like the ones you get from professional hairstylists.

  1. Straight Curling Barrel Wand

If it’s the first time you buy a 2 inch curling wand, it would be best to pick the one with the straight barrel. With this curling tool, you will be able to create curls in similar shape and size. The overall final results are also well-groomed and elegant. It’s great for those who have straight hair as it can curl the lower part of the hair inwards and outwards.


How to Use Curling Wands for Beginner

  1. Select Your Heat

You have bought yourself a curling wand. Now it’s time for you to use it. Once the tool is plugged in, choose the lowest heat first and see how it works on your hair. You always have to start with as low heat as possible. If the heat isn’t enough, it’s time to increase the heat. Remember that the thinner your hair is, the lower the heat you need, and vice versa.

  1. Get the Hair Ready

While the curling wand is heating up, the rest of your hair needs to get ready for the curling process. For some women, it means that they have to start with a flat wand because each woman generally has different types of hair and different treatment. For those who have natural waves or curls, they can just directly use the curling wand. In this situation, you only need to make sure that you have no major tangles, and you are ready to use the curling wand. At some point, some women are using heat resistant spray. While it can be an excellent idea, it would be better to test it first if you never use it before.

  1. Curl Your Hair

If your curling wand comes with a glove, make sure to put it on before you start curling your hair. Now, choose a section of your hair and separate it from the rest of your hair. Flip the curling wand to your shoulder, and make sure to not accidentally touch your body parts. Start to wrap your mane at the wand base, and you should hold it up higher than the tip that’s closest to the shoulder. Then, wrap the hair to the wand tip. Hold your 2 inch curling wand in that position for about 5 seconds and let it go. Once you successfully make the first curls, you only need to continue with the rest of your hair.