Hair dryer is one of the most important hair care tools for women. It helps to make the process of styling your hair easier and allows you to style the way you wanted it to be. Therefore, sometimes it is good to spend more on essential things that you use regularly. However, it is not rare to find yourself questioning whether it is worth to spend hundreds of dollars only on one tool. Luckily, now you can be convinced that it is totally worth it to spend it on Harry Josh hair dryer.

Harry Josh is a celebrity hairstylist that recently just launches his lines of hairstyling tools in the name of Pro Tools line, with signature mint-green color. As he has quite a big cult following, the tools have been anticipated even by big names such as Karlie Kloss and Gisele Bündchen. Pro tools Pro Dryer is the upgraded hair dryer tool that has been upgraded to work faster with lighter body and quitter sound. It comes with 12 levels of heat and speeds settings to choose from. Read below to find out more about the hair dryer details and why it is recommended by a lot of hair professionals.


Harry Josh Hair Dryer Features

When it comes to high-end and premium hair dryers, Harry Josh is always mentioned. It is a symbol of luxury and one of the most expensive dryers in today’s market. However, does Harry Josh hair dryer actually work that well according to its performance? Here are the break downs of its features:

  • Physical

Taking a look at the newest Pro Dryer 2000, it is quite a lightweight and a compact tool on its own. It has 9.6 inches lengths and weighs on approximately 1.8 lbs. Although the design is not exactly the most modern one out there, it still sports the fresh looks.

  • Power

Pro Dryer 2000 requires 1600 Watt of power to operate. For home use, the motor is powerful enough, but probably not so much for profession salons uses. It comes with ion-technology that is able to make hair looks shinier by releasing negative ions.

  • Settings

The chubby mint-green Harry Josh hair dryer has the energetic feeling to it. To control the airflow and temperature, you can use the speed and heat setting buttons on the back of its body. These settings allow you to control how fast you want to dry your hair.


Pros and Cons of Pro Dryer 2000

Knowing the upsides and downsides of a particular product is always essential prior to making a buying decision. Read some of the pros and cons of Harry Josh hair dryer below to judge the product value by yourself.

  1. Pros including:
  • High product quality

When you are investing a good amount of money into a considerably high-end hair dryer tool, you definitely want it to be last long enough for a considerable time. Harry Josh went into the direction where he built his hair dryers to be durable and strong enough. He made the parts, both inner and outer parts of it from high quality material to guarantee long periods of uses.

  • Easy to handle

Finding something easy to use is important for items that you use on daily basis. Not all good hair dryers are user-friendly enough for everyone. The Pro Dryer 2000 allows you to style your hair with the right amount of settings.

  1. Cons including:

The only probable reason that makes Harry Josh hair dryer far from being a favorite among home users is the price. It costs at $300 which is relatively expensive compared to other hair dryer tools available that sold on market.


How to Use the Hair Dryer Optimally

Sure, having a good product such as Harry Josh hair dryer will help to reach a good result. However, the technique you use is equally important. Below are several tips to help you achieve a perfect hair.

  • Make sure you wash your hair properly

Making sure that your hair is clean is essential before applying any heat styling tool. You don’t want the heat from the dryer fry and burn the buildup and accumulated dirt on hair. Use suitable shampoo product for your type of hair then proceed by using to deep conditioning to maintain the health of your hair.

  • Use hair protectant before blow drying

This step is especially important if your hair is damaged. There are many heat-protectant types available to choose. Once you find the suitable product, do not be hesitant to apply it generously and evenly through your hair strands.

  • Part your hair in sections

Reduce the size of hair if you feel like it is too thick to dry properly by parting it. Then, start with low heat to blow your hair to higher heat to help your hair not to be too dry.


Why the Pro Dryer 2000 is recommended by Professionals?

Most people don’t realize the difference that can be made by using a good hairdryer. Drying your hair properly after washing it may make your hair even healthier. The process of drying hair is also sped up by using hair dryer instead of spending hours waiting for it to dry.

The Pro Dryer 2000 is no doubt deserves to be called as one of the best hair styling tools now. The high-quality components and materials make it very durable and worth the money value. You’d be able to get something that last long even though it might be a bit expensive.

If you are willing to spend more money on premium home hair dryer, then Harry Josh hair dryer is often recommended by pro hair stylist. It works decently with its different great-quality features. It also lets you get a brand-new experience on hair drying with its latest technology. The ionic generator and powerful motor that comes in compact and conveniently chubby package is just perfect to save on your bathroom. Drying and blowing your hair will no longer feel like a chore.