If you’re looking forward for an impactful appearance transformation this fall, then you might want to start by changing your hair color – and honestly what colors suit the season better than dark brownish reddish hair color? Red is known as an impressive, bright, and head turning color while brown shade gives you more natural and grounded vibes. Combining both can be a very fun experience to try. They give you a chance to create a statement and show that you aren’t afraid of looking bold, while still maintaining to look laidback.

The mix of red and brown, which you may call reddish brown or brownish red, is achieved by blending different shades of red and browns. There are a range of results you’d be able to get, such as auburn, mahogany, caramel, or chestnut. The possibilities of these two mixed colors are practically infinite. The multi-tonal shades bring classic yet refreshing feeling by showing rich and striking blends between the two.

Dark brownish reddish carries a wide shades spectrum, makes it a highly versatile choices for all people with different skin complexion types. For those with fairer skin, brown dominating color rather than red will be the best, while some of you with darker or tan skin are going look great by choosing red dominating side.

Brown red is the perfect hair color pick if you search for balance between looking elegantly mature and refreshingly cute. For more natural look, choose base brown with a pinch of red that mimics earth tone. On the other side, for more unique charm, pick base red with brown highlighting to create an entirely new appearance.

See, there are so many ways to spice up the mixture of both of these colors. To find and decide the best shade to go, read the guide below to inspire you on your next salon appointment.


Dark Mahogany Color

Mahogany is definitely an ideal shade to go if you struggle to decide between brown or red hair colors. To speak simply, this color belongs somewhere between the spectrum of both colors, so it’s common for people to refer mahogany as brownish-red or reddish-brown shade. It may also include a subtle tone of violet – just like the rich, deep wood that inspires its name come from. Mahogany is amongst the deepest dark brownish reddish hair color you can ask for, besides burgundy and wine. It’s a perfect color if you’d like dramatic appearance.

This shade is one of the most favorite between a lot of hair stylists. In fact, this reddish-brown color mimics the burgundy shade, but gives more vibrant and richer red while presents brown hue that almost looks like chocolate, bringing a lock of hair that’s filled with stunning dimension.

To create a saturated mahogany hair color, you need to create dark brownish reddish hair color as base then add just a little amount of violet tint to the mix. While this pigment suits with both warm and cool complexions, people with warm skin tone will benefit more by the shade that leans more into burgundy.

Any alteration of hair color requires you to commit to certain degree of maintenance. However, it might surprise you how easy mahogany is to maintain – considering the luxurious impression it gives. It needs almost none of the special color maintenance except the basic. Therefore, it’s the ultimate selection for you who have busy lifestyle.

Here is the maintenance guide to follow:

  • Use color treated shampoo because the red tone in mahogany may wash away quickly.
  • Depending on the hair dying technique and the light level, this hair color tends to be durable and may slowly turn to plum hair color by times.


Rich Auburn Shade

Auburn is a satisfyingly rich color that will bring out your hair to attention this upcoming season. The hue itself has quite a range of shades, starting from the dark and deep brown to the subtle tint of ginger head. It’s an attempting choice for any hair-dye enthusiasts because of its versatility and ability to flatter nearly any skin tone out there.

The color itself is typically described as reddish brown or a very deep red shade. Mind you, the statistic says that people who naturally pose red hair only make one to two percent of the entire population, but the red hair color has been a common experiment for many people across the world.

Together with burgundy and mahogany, auburn is a dark brownish reddish hair color that belongs on the richer and deeper side of the color spectrum. The unique part about this color is that it also falls on the brown cluster of hair color, so it’s a good match for those of you who cannot decide to go with brunette or red hair. It offers a big bonus of flattering almost all skin tones and makes various eye color pop up.

Here are the maintenance advices for auburn hair:

  • Refrain from immediately washing your hair after dying it, and when you finally get the chance, pick color-safe, sulfate-free hair products with cool water rinse.
  • Use heat-protectant hair products when you’re styling your lock because high heat and UV rays are the main culprits of fading red tone.
  • To keep the color vibrant and rich, it might be necessary to regularly use color enhancing products. However, it is possible to just use home care maintenance with products that widely available on market instead of frequently visiting your hair salon.


Chestnut Dark Brownish Reddish Hair Color

Brunette is a gorgeous, natural color on hair – but it does have flaws: most variations of it can go one-dimensional and flat without the help of intensive maintenance and great highlight job. Luckily, it is not the case at all with chestnut hair color! It comes somewhere on the line between chocolate and copper shades, and it adds certain spiciness that you cannot help but love. Chestnut is a failproof way to go if you want to preserve your brown hair by adding dimensions and warmth, but without going overly dramatic.

As one of the options from the spectrum of brown red hair color, chestnut gives benefit of being generally flattering shade for people with lighter or darker skin tone. The deep brown itself brings a lot of warmth that match with those of you who have warm skin tone, but you can always get it customized by discussing with your hairstylist.

Unless your hair is naturally extremely dark, chestnut is a natural brunette hair color that won’t give you headache under certain lightening. Bleach process is not always required even if you start with dark hair color as base, but it will help to bring lighter and warmer base by lifting the hair cuticle. After all, more work is always necessary to achieve lighter hue if you start with darker shade.

Here is the chestnut hair maintenance guidance:

  • There’s a chance that your prior hair care essential won’t fit for colored hair, so try to incorporate products that specifically crafted for color-treating.
  • Wash your hair with cold to lukewarm water, because extremely hot temperature water may strip the essential oil off your strands, resulting in duller and drier hair.
  • Make sure you use the lowest options on the heat hairstyling tools temperature options like iron straightening or blow drier to keep the chestnut color going on for longer.


Caramel Brown with Red Tone Color

Caramel brown is an earthy shade color that falls between blonde and brown. It is currently a favorable color trend that takes Hollywood by storm – judging from how many celebrities are sporting the shade. There is a good reason why caramel brown, whether as all-over, ombre, highlight, or balayage, is dominating the fashion industry.

Opting for caramel tones color provides you an opportunity to add a stroke of sweetness to otherwise bland and flat brown hair. It conveys goldenness and warmth that looks stunning on almost everyone, but especially people with warm skin tones. The shade is known as sun-kissed and golden hue that make your look appears to be brighter. The key to achieve caramel dark brownish reddish color is to add highlights that blend well with the base color.

Now, this warm blend of brown and gold with a tint of red is certainly a stunning shade to go for brunettes. You might choose to go with lighter or deeper color, but nearly all variations are able to offer gorgeous and warm appearance, whether you want to look dark, sweet, or dreamy.

Here are the maintenance advices for caramel hair to follow:

  • Caramel brown may turn too brassy or extremely warm so invest in blue or purple shampoo with color-safe tag
  • After you wash and shampoo, apply conditioner and hair mask. Leave each product for about 3-5 minutes as a part of regular maintenance.

The color spectrum of dark brownish reddish hair color is truly wide and broad. The combination makes a versatile option no matter what your skin tone is as long as you find a suitable shade. Use the shade explanation above as a guide and inspiration to find the ideal mix that will bring out the best out of your’s.