Understanding type of hair cutting is very important for everyone, especially by those who want to look stylish and trendy all the time. Haircut is different from hairstyle. Some people are getting confused with these terms, and just thinking both are exactly the same. Well, they are not the same at all, and there is a huge difference between them. Hairstyles are applied to all types and lengths of hair. Whether you have short hair, medium-length hair or long hair, the style applied to the hair is called hairstyles.

Haircut is the one you should use to call the shorter hair. There is “cut” in the name, meaning this is the type of hairstyle which makes the hair getting cut shorter than before. For you who love to appear simply on day-to-day activity and do not want to spend too much time styling the hair, haircut is the one you need. You can cut your hair short and save some time in the morning. Whether it is for men or women, there are tons of haircuts that can be chosen. Some of them will be shown below to help you choosing which one is the best.

There will be popular haircuts for men and women, even several of them are for children as well. Therefore, you will be able to style yourself or your kids with popular hairstyles all the time. Without further ado, here are some of the most popular types of haircuts for men, women, little boys and little girls. By choosing the right type of hair cutting, you will be able to look so trendy, stylish and everyone will just admire your appearance. Here is the list of haircut types. Let’s check them one by one.


The Popular Type of Hair Cutting for Men

The style of hair cutting is quite a lot. Yes, men are often taken for granted when it comes to haircuts. It is because they regularly appear with short and cropped hair, making everyone believes they do not need certain type of hair cutting to look nice. However, there are a lot of hair cutting types that a man can adopt and making him look even better. Some of them are written below.

  1. The Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is a popular hair cutting for men. It looks very short, neat and stylish indeed. To make this cut, usually a clipper is required. The hair is clipped right from the back of the head up to the top of the heat. The look is a kind of military, but still trendy. This is why this haircut is very popular among men who want to appear simpler but gorgeous still.

  1. The Faux Hawk

Faux hawk is a quite contemporary hair cutting for men. It allows the hair to look cropped on the sides of the head but with a little bit styles on the edges of the head. The hair is kept slightly longer above the forehead and then they are styled and pointed, resembling the wings of a hawk, hence the name “faux hawk”. Hair styling products, like gels and cream, will be required in making this hairstyle.

  1. The Flat-Topped

For those who want to keep the hair nice and fluffy, but need to cut the short anyway, flat-topped is probably the best option for them. The haircut is going to level the top of the hair, making the hair looks neat and even on the top. This haircut is very popular back in the 60s and it is still coming back in styles for decades to come. It makes men appear very trendy indeed.


The Hair Cutting for Women

For women, hair cutting is also quite important. It determines whether or not they can look stunning and physically attractive. Even though choosing the type of hair cutting for women implies that they have shorter hair, it does not mean the ladies look less attractive. By donning these haircuts, any women can definitely look amazing even when their hair is quite short and simple.

  1. The Bob Cut

Bob cut is one of the most popular types of short haircut for women. Bob is like cutting the hair short with both sides of the head having the same length of hair, framing the face perfectly. There are many types of bob haircut anyway but the regular bob is probably the one you will see the most in many women. It does frame the hair and give the fresh, nice-looking appearance.

  1. The Pixie Cut

Many women love having a very, very short hair. They assume that by having an extremely short hair, they will spend less time in maintaining them, especially every morning. Well this is quite right, though. Pixie is like a cropped hairstyle with all types’ short edge on the back of the head. It is almost like the cropped hairstyle but more trendy and with a little bit of styles.

  1. The Shaggy Haircut

Shaggy haircut is the best one if you want to have layers on the hair. The hair is cut layer by layer and every layer is not on the same length. This is why the eventual look of the shaggy haircut is this thick-looking, healthy hair. This can be used to make the hair appears more appealing and thicker for sure. Everyone should be able to use this hair, even when their hair is quite short.


The Trendy Hair Cutting for Boys

Well, little boys should be given nice-looking hair cut right from the start. It is believed that boys with stunning haircut will most definitely look even better than their peers. If you have small boys and you do not know what to do with their hair, here are several examples of the perfect type of hair cutting for them. Just give them these haircuts, and your boys will look adorable and stunning at the same time.

  1. The Bowl Cut

Bowl cut is where the hair is cut evenly around the head, including the fringes on the top of the eyes. This haircut is very prominent in boys. They do look cute in bowl cuts. Parents are naming this type of cut “bowl cut” because it is rumored that back then, people do use bowl placed on the top of the head to guide the scissors, hence the name “bowl” cut.

  1. The Caesar Cut

If you have seen the picture or Roman general Julius Caesar, you must be realizing that he has a unique cut on his hair. The cut is very short on the back of the head but he has fringes covering the forehead. This is exactly what Caesar cut is like. The back of the head is covered in cut, clean short, but the forehead is having some fringes to add textures and more layers to the forehead.

  1. The Fringe

A lot of boys do love fringe, especially when they love styling their hair in certain ways. There are numerous parents who love to give fringes in many types of haircut. The most common way in making the fringe fits to the head is by cutting the hair in the considerably short length and then adding the fringe to add more textures and layers to the hair.


The Top Choices of Hair Cutting for Girls

Last but not least, you also have to know about the type of hair cutting for little girls. They are adorable for sure with longer hair. However, maintaining the long hair is sometimes very difficult. There are a lot of things to do by the parents, especially mom to make the long hair always look healthy and nice. This is why sometimes the shorter hairstyle is better. Take a look at the examples below.

  1. The Forehead Bangs

For girls, choosing the right hairstyle is important. They make the girls look stunning all the time. If your girl demand short hairstyle but with bangs on the head, they can choose the forehead bang haircut. The hairstyle is a kind of modern because it makes the hair getting cut right under the ear but with the bangs, mostly curly bangs, covering most parts of the forehead.

  1. The Cropped Haircut

There is no time to style the hair all the time every morning. This is why parents often chosen the cropped haircut for girls. This particular haircut cuts the hair short from below the ears to the top of the forehead, allowing the hair to get styled very easily and they look textured and thick still.

  1. The Boy-cut Haircut

Boy-cut haircut is the hair cut that allows the hair to be cut short in the same length right from the back of the hair to the front. It looks neat, cute and definitely adorable for little girl. The haircut does make your little girl looks a little bit tomboy, but very stylish indeed. It makes the hairstyling moment every morning easy and quick. You won’t spend hours in tending the hair with this particular type of hair cutting.