Women can have several hairstyles to improve their appearance and personality. If you like something with out of the box vibe, the pixie cut round face seems to be good choice. This style has been the favorite choice for some women because they do not want complicated hair maintenance. On the other hand, you must know how to do it properly. The main problem of this cut is whether your face will look good or not. The short hair like pixie requires delicate touch, especially for smooth and thin hair. You do not want the result will ruin you appearance, right? Instead of boosting the confidence, you will end up in the first stage of depression.

Well, the pixie style should be the solution when you have hair issue. However, you should know this style is mostly for casual purpose, but formal look is good enough as long as you dress with the proper attire. The style will be the starting point for experimenting new colors. You can avoid too much attention when your pixie cut has unconventional hair color. People see this one is subtle and quite normal. On contrary, having long hair with unusual color definitely becomes the center of attention. Check the following section to know more about pixie cut round face.


The Aesthetic Aspects about Pixie Cut

Having pixie cut is challenging as because is not conventional hairstyle. It looks good on women, but it started as the style for men. However, only few men can make a pixie to be what it supposed to be. On contrary, women do better when the pixie cut is made in the proper way.

  1. Short hair

The style belongs to the short haircut. In fact, the real short hair should be this one. Some people think cutting their hair above shoulder is enough to consider short. However, you should check the right and left sides whether both sides are thinner or not.

  1. Chic and fresh

Pixie cut is useful when you want to look fresh. It represents your character to be easy going and sporty. One reason why you choose this one is easy maintenance. You do not need extra hair treatment for pixie cut.

  1. Hair as crown

You can tell the hair is the crown when having pixie cut. This style makes the head look like having something directly attached. The cut itself has some variations from simple pixie to the style you must have the real deal when applying it.


Creating the Pixie Cut Round Face

The cut will have two main points you must follow. The length is above shoulder, but not too short. As long as the hair can cover the ears, the style will be suitable for round face. After that, the hair composition is divided into two sections with one side bang. The one with more hair will be the center of pixie cut round face. Follow the below steps for making a proper pixie cut.

  1. Cutting hair short

You can start with cutting the hair with medium short cut, and keep the rest over the shoulder or neck. Avoid cutting too short at the beginning. You do not want to end up losing too much hair without the way for fixing it. Cut the left and right sides, including the back of head slowly and equally.

  1. Round shape and asymmetrical bobs

You can make the round shape that keeps the hair at top with thicker composition. From this point, put a bang on one side then try thinning the opposite side. You will create asymmetrical bobs.

  1. Cover the ears

The last part you should know is the style of pixie cut round face should be capable to cover the ears. It does not have to complete cover the ears. As long as the hair can touch and cover the half, your style is ready to go.


More Benefits of Having Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is created due to some reasons. Moreover, women have it because they can get some benefits. You do not need much treatment for long period. You just work in place where hairstyle has to be simple with less maintenance. This is when you consider having pixie cut. This style will keep the hair short and sporty. You can move around easily and the hair keeps in shape.

Another reason is you have round face. Some hairstyles look good for certain type of face counter. You cannot imitate what other have just because their style looks good on them. On contrary, the style might turn into disaster because you have round face. This is the good reason why pixie cut will be the best choice as long as you have the face to support it.

Some women do not have time for keeping the medium and long hair. They might in the situation where long hair is nuisance. On the other side, too long hair can be an issue when you do something. Of course, it is just temporary, and pixie can last longer. You don’t need other style for the next up to three or four months if the style is too short. That’s what you should know about pixie cut round face.


Choose the Best Pixie Cut For Round Face

Several styles are available when you want to apply pixie cut. The simple pixie cut is good choice if you do not like complicated thing. This kind of style is compatible for any round face. More importantly, this is the beginner option before going further. The next one is heavy one-side bank. This is the most recognizable pixie cut ever. The hair is separated in two sections, and one side is longer with bang to your forehead.

If you like complete short version, crop cut is the best option at all. This style will cut your entire hair as short as possible. You can see the balance in each side from the front to the back and left, until the right side. You may consider making medium wave pixie with side bang. The hair expands on one side, but the length is still too short to consider as full medium. Pixie cut round face can be combined with bob and straight bang mode. At the first glance, it looks like not pixie at all, but the entire shape is arranged with pixie cut style.