Understanding purple shampoo before and after effect is important for anyone, especially those who have blonde hair. If your hair is naturally blonde, you do not even have to worry about using this kind of shampoo. However, if your hair is actually a different color then you bleach and dye it blonde, you have to use the shampoo to keep the hair look as naturally blonde as possible.

Having blonde hair is indeed fun. It has a lot of vibrant look and it makes you look awesome, too. However, coloring the hair yellow and turn it into blonde takes a lot of further maintenance. You will have to do numerous things to keep the hair looks gorgeous and one of them is to use the purple shampoo.

So, what is this shampoo and how does it work? You will find out everything about it down below, including the purple shampoo before and after effects that you may get. Read the information here before you decide to change your natural hair color into blonde and think that you can just sit back and relax without giving the dyed blonde hair a good maintenance. Here is the information for you to read.


Purple Shampoo and How It Works

Before getting into the section of purple shampoo before and after effect, you need to know exactly about the shampoo. Down below, there is information about the shampoo’s real nature. You can find out what the shampoo is all about. Also, there is information about how the shampoo works to make your blonde hair looks gorgeous all the time. Keep reading if you want your no-so-natural blonde hair to look awesome all the time.

  1. What is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is the kind of shampoo used to neutralize yellow tones from bleaching. When you are not naturally blonde, of course your hair needs to be bleached first before the blonde color can be applied to the hair. The process uses harsh chemical and leave some residue that may damage the color later. The shampoo is taking care of the problem.

  1. How Does It Work?

The shampoo works by releasing purple pigment. The pigment is used to help the yellow undertone low. Without the shampoo, your hair will go yellow and looks like brass. You do not want that to happen and that is why the shampoo is extremely needed. With the help of the shampoo, you will be able to keep the hair blonde for longer time.


Why You Need Purple Shampoo?

When you have understood the purple shampoo before and after effect, you will know exactly that the shampoo is necessary to use. These are the explanations why the shampoo should be used all the time and mandatory for those who have blonde hair on their head. Here is the information for you to read. You will have to understand these aspects so that you won’t take the shampoo for granted anymore.

  1. Removing Yellow Undertone

Again, bleaching is an extremely risky process as it is done with a lot of chemicals and there are a lot of side effects, too, from bleaching hair. The most common side effect from bleaching the hair is this yellow undertone that will appear gradually. To suspend the yellow undertone from appearing and ruining the blonde color, you need the shampoo for sure.

  1. Keeping the Hair Healthy

Bleaching is like covering your entire hair with chemical and removes its natural color. When then hair is bleached, there will be tons of chemicals invading the hair, removing its extra moisture and basically turning the hair dry and fizzy. With the shampoo, you can maintain its moist texture as the shampoo works to keep your mane at its best condition.


Using Purple Shampoo

For those who have never used the shampoo before, of course there are a lot of questions in their head. Those questions are including “How many times a week should I use this shampoo?” or “Why is this shampoo purple? Is it blueberry-scented or something?”. Well, to keep you out of these confusions and to make you understand more about purple shampoo before and after effect, here’s the answer for you:

  1. How Often Should I Use the Shampoo?

It is suggested that you should be using the shampoo once or twice a week. However, if you need to go blonde for a long time and want the dye to stay longer on the head, you may want to use the shampoo every couple a day. All you need to do is selecting the safest, most recommended purple shampoo available on the store.

  1. Why the Shampoo is Purple?

This is a very good question, though, and no, this shampoo is not scented by blueberry and that is not why it is purple. The shampoo is purple because purple is the real color pigment your hair needs to keep the yellow undertone low. Purple is really the color here as it is the only one to overpower yellow tone and keep the blonde looks natural.


Purple Shampoo Before and After Effects

Now, we have come to the read idea. This information down below is going to give you the explanation about purple shampoo before and after effect. There are such differences from the blonde hair that has been touched by purple shampoo and the hair that has not. Read the full information down below and you will understand precisely why you need the shampoo when your hair is not naturally blonde.

  1. Before Using Purple Shampoo

Before using the shampoo, you will notice that the blonde hair is gradually turning into yellow or brass-like color. They will start getting fizzy, too. You do not want this and the situation can be fixed by starting using the shampoo.

  1. After Using Purple Shampoo

After using the purple shampoo, the immediate effect that you will notice is that the hair gets shinier. Why so? It is because the yellow undertone and brass-like color, the shade that may appear when the blond dye is fading, are kept at bay. This is why everyone who tries to claim that they are naturally blonde needs to use the shampoo regularly. They can get away with the claim as the purple shampoo before and after effect is really working.