There are many women who opt to have short hair for the sheer of practicality and ease that comes with it. Short hair does not require as much maintenance if compared to long hair. It is less complicated to style short hair, thus you do not have to spend a long time to get ready in the mornings. People also find that having shorter hair makes them feeling lighter. One thing that becomes an issue is the question: how to layer short hair properly?

Having your hair cut short means that there will be less volume in your hair. Some people who have their hair in short length face issue in the way their hair flops down without so much weight in it. This makes your hair looking disproportionate if compared to your face. It will look worse for people with rounded facial shape or those who have thin hair. Layering your hair becomes a key to prevent that. Adding layer to your hair is going to make your hair more voluminous instead of hanging limply against your face.

The following sections are going to show you how to layer short hair for different styles of hair. Applying techniques that would be discussed in the following sections would deliver you a nice result. You will walk proudly with your short hair. Each style mentioned in this passage is very easy to follow. You might even be able to apply one or two style on your own at home. Aren’t you curious?

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How to Layer Short Hair in Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyle is a classic hairdo that people never leave out. It makes you looking youthful and styling it is not too complicated. This hairstyle will look good for any facial shape since it frames the face really nicely. You just need to know how to layer short hair in this style to create nice volume around your face.

  1. Rinse your hair and add conditioner before the hair cut. Your short bob hair would be much easier to if it is damp.
  2. Comb the damp hair and make sure that there are no knots in your hair that would make cutting difficult later.
  3. Divide the hair into four equal sections to the right side, left side, back, and front. To make sure that the sections stay intact, you can use pins to hold them.
  4. Start with trimming the front section to your desired length. If you do not want the layers to be too short, you should trim it moderately.
  5. Continue trimming the remaining sections. It is important to make sure that each section is cut in similar length if you want a tidy layered bob.
  6. Take off the pins then part hair right in the middle part. You may need to spray your hair with water so it stays damp.
  7. Trims the sides of your hair in varying length while ensuring both sides have equal layers. The number of layers depends on your preference.
  8. Clean up the remnants then blow dry your hair then style it as you wish.

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Make Layer Short Hair with Curls

Another way to add volume to your short hair is adding curls to it. Such style is great for people who have really thin hair and rounded face. The curls would balance out the volume of your hair with your face, so it would look well proportioned. How to layer short hair by adding curls? Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Wash your hair and add conditioner before styling. Make sure that the hair has been thoroughly dried before curling.
  2. Comb the hair and divide it into two different sections: top and bottom. In order to hold the sections securely, you need to pin your hair. If you have bangs, secure the bangs in separate section as well.
  3. Start curling the hair from the front side of the bottom section. It is your choice whether to curl it tightly or loosely. For tight curls, you need to hold each strand of hair for 10 seconds, while loose curls take half the time. You can also opt to curl it to inward or outward direction.
  4. Make sure that you do not curl the hair to the end part. Leaving the end of your hair straight would add nice length to the hair and make it less messy.
  5. Continue to the top section of your hair and repeat the step all over again.
  6. Once every strand has been curled, separate the curls to further create volume in your hair. Spray some hairspray to your hair to make the style stays intact.

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The Layer Short Hair in Pixie Style

Many women out there wish that they can pull off pixie style look confidently. They are not sure if the hairstyle would look good on them. However, if you know how to layer short hair properly, even such tricky hairstyle like this one will look amazing. Let’s see how you can create layers to achieve a great pixie haircut.

  1. Rinse and condition the hair before cutting. The hair needs to remain damp if you want to perform this cut.
  2. Cut the hair above shoulder length in bob style. It does not matter if the length is slightly uneven because you will cut it further later.
  3. Divide the short hair into top and bottom sections; tie the upper sections tightly into a bun. After that, you need to trim the bottom part of the hair along the nape.
  4. Separate the bottom section into front, back, and side parts. Secure the parts with large pins.
  5. Cut the hair in vertical and horizontal manner. The length of pixie style cut is usually no longer than 5 centimeters.
  6. Blend the cut once you have finished with one section in order to create messy look we associate with pixie cut.
  7. Continue the similar ways for all the part before moving up to the top section. Leave a part of the hair for bangs while dividing the rest into side and back parts.
  8. Perform cutting as you do in the bottom section of your hair.
  9. Cut the bangs sideways in short and layered manner.

Clean up and that is how to layer short hair for pixie cut.