The tips on how to break in heels are always needed. Women love wearing heels and they buy them all the time. However, brand new heels are sometimes hard to wear. They can hurt your feet very badly when you wear them for the first time. The feet will be full of blisters and feel very sore.

This is why you need to break in the heels. Breaking the heels means to find a way to make the shoes more pliable and comfortable on your feet. How to do that? Thankfully there are numerous ways to break in heels. They are so easy to do and won’t cost you a lot of money or consume your time.

For those who have just bought a new pair of heels and need to break them in quickly, these are four different methods in breaking brand new heels in. These methods are quite effective. You can choose any of them that you think will fit your liking the most. If one method here does not work for you, try another one as there are four of them. Here they are.


How to Break in Heels Using Socks?

One of the most common methods on how to break in heels is to wear socks. Socks are considered as the easiest way to expand the shoes or the heels. Socks are worn to the feet and the feet are pushed to the heels, forcing the heels to expand. Here is the step-by-step tutorial to follow.

  1. Choose Thick Socks

The socks to be worn here should be the thick ones. Thicker socks are more protective to the feet and force the heels to expand more. Use socks that are made out of wool materials or other thicker materials, such as vinyl or canvas.

  1. Wear the Socks

Now, put on the socks. Make sure that your feet are fit to the sock in the first place. Wear the socks on both feet and secure them to make them as comfortable as possible on the feet. After that, move on to the next step.

  1. Put on the Heels

The next step here is to put on the heels. The socks will expand the shoes and help breaking them in. Wear the heels with your socks on for an hour or two. If the shoes are new and clean, you can even wear them overnight while you are sleeping.


Using Heat as the Alternative

Applying heat to the shoes can certainly help breaking them in. Heat makes the shoes softer and bendable. It will make them expand quite well, too. Heat in this case is the one you get from a blow dryer. Follow these tips on how to break in heels using heat to get the best result.

  1. Protect Feet with Socks or Stockings

You do not blast heels with heat when your feet are unprotected. That is why you need to protect your feet first with socks or stockings. They need to be worn to avoid the risk of getting burned or injured while the heat is applied.

  1. Wear the Shoes

Now, wear the shoes. They need to be properly worn. Force the feet to the heels. It may feel a little bit uncomfortable by now but do not worry about it because the heels will expand as the heat is applied.

  1. Blast with Blow Dryer

Turn on a blow dryer. Wait until the air sprayed from it is really hot. Then apply the heat on the shoes. Circle around the hoes so that the heat is applied evenly. The shoes should get softened and more pliable by now.


Get the Benefits of Water Bag

Stuffing the heels can be the most effective method when it comes to how to break in heels rapidly. What kind of stuff you can use in this case? Well, there are many of them but the easiest one to find is probably water bag. All you need to prepare is just some zip lock bags and water.

  1. Fill the Water Bag

Fill the zip lock bag with water. Do not fill it to the fullest. Fill it with water just like half the part of them. It does not need to be drinking water, though, as the bag will go inside the shoes.

  1. Stuff the Bag Inside the Shoe

Now, stuff the water bag inside the shoes. Put the bag right to the tip of the shoes and it should fill the rest of the shoes, too. If the water is not enough, take the bag out and simply add more water.

  1. Put Them in the Freezer

As the shoes are stuffed right now, put them into the freezer and wait until the water bag completely freezes out. By now, the shoes should expand properly because of the stuffing.


How is about Shoe Horn?

If you buy new heels quite frequently, though, you need to invest on something in order to break the heels in easily. You need to buy a shoe horn. This is a wooden tool with triangle shape to be stuffed inside the shoes, preventing them to shrink. Here is more information about this as shoe horn is considered as one of the best method on how to break in heels.

  1. Select the Right Shoe Horn

There are a lot of types of shoe horn, buy one that will match the size of your shoes and its type, too. You can go to shoe stores or get them online in order to get this shoe horn stuffing.

  1. Place the Shoe Horn Inside

The only thing you need to do is just placing the shoe horn inside the heels. Make sure that they are pushed to the edge to help the shoes expanding properly.

  1. Leave Them Overnight

The last thing you need to do here is just leaving the shoes stuffed by the shoe horn overnight. Do not take off the shoe horn just yet because it will make them not expanding properly. This is the last step on how to break in heels using the shoe horn method.