There are quite a lot of people who need to know the tricks on how to trim your own bangs. Cutting your own bangs is certainly full or risk. However, if you know exactly how to do it properly, you do not even have to go to the barber or hair salon to cut your bangs. Certainly, that will save quite a lot of money, especially when your bangs grow quickly.

For those who have never cut their hair before, there are several tips that they need to know. They also need to understand the step-by-step tutorial to easily cut down the bangs at home. If you have the plan of cutting your own bangs, read the information down below first to avoid any disaster that may happen during bangs cutting process.

Read these explanations carefully and prepare all the needed tools. After that, you can start trimming the bangs on your forehead with ease. If you are not too sure, though, always consult with someone who has more experience in DIY bangs cutting. These are the explanations about cutting bangs on your own that you have to read first.


Prepare the Tools First

The first step to do while preparing to cut your own bangs is to provide the proper tools. There are several tools indeed to prepare. They are all quite mandatory and you just can’t simply cut your bangs without them. This is the first step on how to trim your own bangs. Here is the list of the tools.

  1. Stylist Scissors

You cannot just trim your bangs using random scissors. You need to invest by buying the proper pair of scissors, especially when you cut the bangs quite frequently. Stylist scissors should be your choice. It has everything you need to trim bangs, including its size and protected inner blades.

  1. Comb and Hair Clip

You also need to prepare a comb and some hair clips. For the comb, use a barber comb. This is the kind of comb with fine teeth on it. It will make it easier for you to manage and separate the hair. As for the hairclip, use the one with crocodile jaw type.

  1. Blow Dryer

Last but not least, prepare a blow dryer. This tool is quite important to keep the bangs dry before you are cutting it. Remember that you should not cut wet hair as it won’t give you the best result. Use blow dryer for this purpose.


Drying Your Hair

One of the most important tips on how to trim your own bangs is NEVER EVER cut your bangs while it is wet. When the hair is wet and being cut, they will shrink after they dry. Hence, the length of the hair will change, too. You will certainly end up with shorter bangs if you do this. That is why you need to dry your bangs first. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Dry with Towel

If you have just washed your entire hair, including the bangs, dry them with towel. Dry them so that they won’t drip any water. Then, wrap the hair using the towel and leave it to slightly dry a bit and easy to comb.

  1. Comb the Hair and Bangs

While the hair is still damp, comb the hair and the bangs. At this point, you should be able to separate the part of the bangs you need to cut. Comb them all well so they won’t get tangled and hard to manage.

  1. Use Blow Dryer

Now, turn on the blow dryer. Use it to dry the entire hair, including the bangs. Make sure the bangs to cut are really, really dry. You do not want to cut damp bangs, let alone wet ones. Use the blow dryer to dry them well.


The Steps on How to Trim Your Own Bangs

Cutting your own bangs give the risk of cutting other parts of the hair without you knowing. That’s why parting or dividing the hair into sections is extremely important. Here is the next step on how to trim your own bangs. This step is a must and not to skip.

  1. Section off Hair You’re Not Cutting

Avoid disaster of accidently cut the hair that is not supposed to be cut by section them off. Comb the hair to the back and style them into ponytail. It will help you getting rid of the rest of the hair to the back and keep them neat and safe.

  1. Secure with Hair Clip

Secure the rest of the hair with hairclip, especially on the front near the bangs. Hairclip will make the hair neat and tidy on the back of the head. The only strands of hair you can see by now is the bang by the forehead only.

  1. Comb the Bangs

Now prepare the bangs to be cut. Comb them well so that they are straight. Combing the bangs will make sure that there are no lumps or tangled clumps on it, too. By combing them, you can tell the real length of the bangs as well.

Now here comes the most important step of all the steps on how to trim your own bangs. This is where you start cutting the bangs. Make sure you have steady hands at this point because once the scissors are touching the bangs, there is no turning back. Here’s how you do it.


  1. Place the Bangs Between Fingers

Use your pointer finger and your middle finger to grip the bangs. Put the fingers on the forehead in the desired length of the bangs. The part of the bangs to cut should be visible under the fingers.

  1. Cut Straight Below the Fingers

This is the moment to cut the hair hanging down below the fingers. Cut them carefully on straight line. If you have never done this before, take your time. It is all right not to cut them very neatly as you will soften them after that.

  1. Soften the Edge

Now the bangs have been cut to the length that you prefer. Let go of your fingers and start softening the edge of the bangs. Make sure there are no rough ends to the bangs. Keep your eyes on the mirror and trim the edges very carefully. That will be the last step on how to trim your own bangs at home.