A heart-shaped face is so common to be found on everyone. There are like so many people who were born with this kind of face shape. It is called heart-shaped because indeed the facial shape has the outline that resembles a heart. It starts from the wider forehead to pointy chin. If you are interested in this kind of face shape or you do have one, keep reading as everything you need to know about it will be written down below.

The explanations are including the characteristics of the facial shape. You should read that to make sure that you can tell the facial shape easier by now. There will be explanation about the perfect hairstyles and makeup tips for those who have this particular shape of face. Plus, there is a list of a couple of famous people who have this facial shape.

By understanding about the perks of this particular facial shape as well as its tips on hairstyles and makeup, you should be able to highlight the strong features on the face and make the best out of the facial shape. Read the information down below to help you understand the tips revolving around the heart-shaped face that you have.


Heart-Shaped Face Characteristics

There must be characteristics of every facial shape. For those who cannot tell whether or not their facial shape is the heart one, use this list down below. It contains several characteristics of the facial shape and you won’t miss now. It will also help you to identify the enhanced features of the face when it is a heart-shaped face. Here they are.

  1. Wide and Round Forehead

When you imagine the shape of a heart, you can tell that it is like a wide part on the top part and then it gets narrower by the bottom end. It is exactly what happens to the face when you have this kind of face shape. The forehead is wide and round. The hairline is often visible as the forehead is quite wide and showing.

  1. Wide Cheekbones

Everything on this particular face shape is like wide, except for the chin for sure. The wide cheekbones are there, too. This is why it is often difficult for those with this kind of face shape to look slim and sleek on the cheek. However, this can be tricked with the proper hairstyles and contouring technique.


Famous People with the Face Shape

When it is hard to imagine the look of heart-shaped face, you can easily do that when imagining these celebrities. These famous people have a facial shape that resembles the outline of heart. It is fully confirmed and they can be a good example or how great a facial shape of a heart can look like, especially when the hairstyles are chosen correctly.

  1. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie definitely has heart shape on the face. You can tell by the large forehead that she has and then a very pointy cheek and strong cheekbones there. Nicole often conceals her wide forehead by using fringe. It is actually very rare to see this socialite goes outside without hairdo that does not have bangs on it.

  1. Naomi Campbell

Super model Naomi Campbell has probably the best heart facial shape. They look so perfect on her as her skin is beautiful and glowing and she is like having no flaw at all on the face. Naomi rarely do anything to conceal her forehead or make her cheekbones narrower. She just goes with it most of the time.

Best Hairstyles for the Face Shape

Naomi Campbell

There are several types of hairstyles that should be really perfect for heart-shaped face. These are a few of them. Use it as tips to choose the right and proper hairstyles for you. It should be to help you choose the best kind of hairstyles that helps concealing the less pleasing features on the face and enhance the others.

  1. Textured Chin-Length Hairstyles

One of the best hairstyles that you can use to make the heart shape on the face looks even better is by using any textured hairstyle. The textured hair should be in chin-length so that the hairstyle will help hiding out the wide forehead and then bring the attention to the edge of the hair which is right by the chin.

  1. Height On Top Hairstyles

Many people with this kind of facial shape figure out that height on top hairstyles, like updo and something else will be perfect for them, especially for those who have longer length on the hair. It keeps the hair neat and tidy. These hairstyles are coming along nicely with the bangs and fringes, too. This is why many people do love them.


Makeup Tips for the Face Shape

When doing makeup and you have this heart-shaped face, there are several things that you can do to distract the attention of everyone. Usually, with this kind of face shape, everyone will just stare at the wide center of the forehead as well as on the wide jawline. Use these tricks to bring the focal point of the face somewhere else.

  1. Highlight under the Center of the Brow

The wide and broad forehead on your face needs to be concealed. Otherwise, people will just stare at them all the time. To do that without having to use fringe or bangs on the hairstyle, you can use highlighting technique. Do the highlight at the center of the brow and then use strong eye makeup, like dark kohl. It will move the attention of the face to the eyes instead of to the forehead.

  1. Use Dark Shade Blusher on the Cheekbones

As you can tell so far, those who have this kind of face shape are practically born with wide and strongly-looking cheekbones. When they are not properly contoured, they will make the cheek look chubby and full. Use dark shade blusher on the cheekbones to make it looks smaller and sleeker hence concealing the wide cheek on your heart-shaped face.