Owning Harry Josh blow dryer is such a great thing for everyone, especially for you who love DIY hairstyling at home. This blow dryer product has tons of features to help you the best-looking hair. Your hair will look like it has been professionally done. This product is completed by lots and lots of setting to match with all types of hair. This is why when you do looking for a new blow dryer, this product should be considered.

The blow dryer comes with plenty of benefits as well. Most people find the best benefit of using this product is that they do not have to pay loads of money to get it. Yes, the blow dryer is quite affordable and at that range of price, you can already bring home a really nice, stunning blow dryer that comes with 2 years warranty.

Now without further ado, here are some of the best explanations that you need to know about the Harry Josh blow dryer Pro Tools 2000. It will give you the information about the function of the blow dryer, the features it has, the things you will find inside the package box and of course there will be some tips to use this particular product as well.

Harry Josh Blow Dryer Pro Tools 2000 Function

Let’s start with the function. Obviously enough, the main function of the Harry Josh blow dryer is to keep the hair dry and voluminous, just like any other blow dryer can do. However, surely there are something more about this Harry Josh product. Learn more about the function of this blow dryer on the information down below.

  1. Give Hair Voluminous Shine

The blow dryer has the ability to blow hot air up to 80mph. It allows the hair to dry even quicker and produce voluminous shine. So, when using this product, you do not need to worry about the hair sticking together for a long time. All you need to do is using a comb and the blow dryer at the same time to achieve the voluminous, shining hair.

  1. Minimize Frizz

This product is completed by several types of nozzles as well as a wide range of speed to dry out the hair. It minimizes the frizz or tangled situation on the hair. This is why the product is just perfect for any types of hair, including curly and wavy one. It will help manage and straighten the hair a little bit easier.


The Complete Features

When choosing a product, surely you will always consider its features. The features are determining whether or not the product is worth the money. For Harry Josh blow dryer, particularly this Pro Tools 2000 series, you can find loads of useful features. A couple of them will be written down below to make sure that everyone will know about the goodness of this product,

  1. Multiple Heat and Speed Settings

Many people believe that some of the best things about the product are its design and ergonomic handle. They are true but of course there are more features to look at here and it is including the multiple heat and speed settings. Basically, the blow dryer can be set into the level of heat that you expect and you can adjust the speed as well.

  1. Dual Filtration System

With dual filtration system inside the machine, the product can be used to produce hot air without drain the energy inside the house. This system allows the blow dryer to use 70% less electricity compared to other product. As the result, your hair will be done nicely and your electricity bill won’t shock you every now and then.


What’s in the Box?

After purchasing the product, of course the brand new blow dryer will come to you in a box. What’s in the box anyway? Surely there will be the main tool of blow dryer in there. However, what else? You can figure out the things that you can find inside a new Harry Josh blow dryer box on the information down below so you’d know what to expect.

  1. Pro Dryer 2000

Of course the main thing that you will inside the box is the Pro Dryer 2000 itself. The blow dryer has come in one piece and no assembling needed. It is like plug and play. It is ready to use and all you need to do is attaching the nozzle and then plugging its cord to the electricity outlet to start the machine.

  1. Narrow and Wide Nozzle

There are two types of nozzles you will find inside the box. The first one is the narrow nozzle and the second one is wide nozzle. These nozzles are there to help the hot hair to blow on the aimed area more easily. You always have the option of not using any of the nozzles but for better result, try attaching the nozzles.


The Tips to Use

There are several tips indeed to use Harry Josh blow dryer and get the best result. For those who love doing their hair on their own but still hoping on achieving professional look, follow these tips and surely you will pull out magnificent result. Before attempting anything using this blow dryer from Harry Josh, read these tips first.

  1. Pull Hairs into Section

Drying out the entire hair at the same time will not work effectively, even with the help of stunning product like this Harry Josh one. You will have to pull the hairs into sections and then dry them out section by section. It helps the hair dries faster for sure.

  1. Utilize the Nozzle

The product comes with a couple types of nozzle. This nozzle is meant to be used. You have to use them to achieve the best look on the hair. Attach the wide nozzle and turn the blow dryer on when you try to blow the middle part of the hair and the edge of the hair as well. The narrow nozzle of the Harry Josh blow dryer can be used to dry out particularly small parts of the hair, including the ringlets and some curls.