Sometimes, it is truly necessary to invest in high-quality products for hair because your gorgeous hair deserves nothing less than the best. However, with how many hair styling tools’ types, models, and brand out there, it may be overwhelming. For example, choosing between curling iron vs wand often becomes a dilemma for some people. How does each of them work? Do they really pose any differences? Do you even need to own them both?

Now, if you’re someone who has set on having your hair beautifully curled on daily basis, you may have already familiar with various models of curling wand and curling iron to achieve your desired look. It’s true that both appear to be really similar – and it’s not merely about the appearance. These two tools help you to get stunning hair curls and make them look stunning. Even though there are hardly any differences between both, the distinctions still exist.

In the following passage below, you will read about the characteristics of each tool and what makes curling iron vs wand different. It might help you to make the correct buying decision, in order to search for a hair styling tool that fits with your personal needs.


Curling Iron Brief Review

Curling iron is a hair styling tool that has existed for far longer than curling wand in the market. It tends to create “flattened” look due to its shape. Here are several advantages and disadvantages when you’re using curling iron:


  • It gives detailed results so you can have your hair styled precisely the way you want it. It has ability to generate such a fine curls finish.
  • It allows you to choose a suitable barrel size according to your type of hair and your desirable finishing result. It is possible to create tighter curls by using smaller sized barrel, or big hair waves by using longer barrel.
  • It works well to minimize dry, damaged, and frizzy hair, so you can sport the healthy, soft, and shiny curls.
  • It gives you durable result that lasts for a whole day – and probably even more if you use really high-quality curling iron to achieve the look.


  • It is definitely not the best tool to go if you’re currently in rush, because curling iron requires focus and time to create perfect hairstyle.
  • It tends to give you unnatural result due to very detailed finish, so it’s not the ideal item to create beachy waves.


The Curling Wand Descriptions

Between curling iron vs wand, curling wand is the right tool to go if you prefer natural curls and waves. It helps you to create natural and pull beautiful looks easily. It is a device that has capability to set curls quickly but still appears stunning when you have to look presentable.

Below are the lists of benefits and drawbacks you’ll get when using curling wand:


  • It specifically designed to give curl results you want without taking too much time.
  • It suits best for those of you who desire natural look such as beachy waves, which look stunning but effortless.
  • There is a huge range of sizes and materials that allow you to experiment various types and sizes of curls.


  • It frequently occupies both of your hand due to the absence the clip, which is not really a significant downside due to how easy it is to use curling wands. However, you also need to be careful not to burn skin on your hands when using it.
  • It’s quite tricky to use if you own shorter hand. The design makes it more compatible to use for people with longer hair, because there is no clip to begin with unlike curling iron.


Curling Iron vs Wand

After learning each characteristic of both hair styling tools, it is time to see how curling iron vs wand would compare. Have a look at the comparisons below to know more about it:

  1. Design

Even though both do not appear to be very much different in terms of design, the clip or holding clasp is the most major distinction between two. Holding claps, which exist on curling iron, allows you to style the hair curls in more detailed way.

  1. Maximum temperature

It is quite tough to compare optimum temperature between these two tools, because it merely depends on the models and brands. Both of them are available in maximum 450° F, so it just a matter of your preference.

  1. Heat control

Most modern curling irons and curling wands are equipped with heat settings options, with at least a few temperature adjustments such as high, moderate, and low temperature settings. There are plenty of models too that provide LCD screen display to how the preferable temperature set, even though this is a more common feature that found in curling iron.

  1. Result longevity

Curling iron wins in this department. It creates far more long-lasting result than curling wand. However, it also depends on your applied styling product and how frequently you touch your hair.


The Conclusion

So, that’s how the comparison between curling iron vs wand is wrapped up. In the end, due to how many similarities that held by both tools, it is really tough to pick which is the best one amongst them. The performance of two of these appliances is almost alike, with similar maximum temperature level, heat setting adjustments. Design and longevity results are the only factors that really make difference, as curling wand is generally easier to use and curling iron produces more durable curls.

From price range point of view, there is not much different as well, because it depends on the product’s quality, material, size, and extra features it has. Nowadays, the competition amongst manufacturers is going tight too, thus as a customer, you may choose any item with suitable advanced features for yourself.

If you are someone who chooses practicality and doesn’t mind a lot of where the curls will take you, then it is recommended to choose curling wand. On the opposite site, if you are care about making uniformed curls, you might be more satisfied by using curling iron. In the end, it is all just about your personal preference, so you might want to see first how curling iron vs wand work on your own hair by testing them.