The idea of bob hairstyle being boring is definitely a thing of a past. Nowadays, there are plenty of types of the bob cut itself, from the layered, short blunt, asymmetrical or long bob. Cutting you hair in such short length may be a good idea to refresh things up and to follow the latest trend. One can easily search for inspirations of bob hair from the celebrities, models, street style stars, or Instagram influencers. There are hundreds of thousand ideas on how to style a bob to take, copy, or recreate from.

There is no limit when it comes to styling options. Having the right cut and length, including the short hairstyle might just give more opportunities for you to try new things and be creative. Whether the length ends at your nape of neck or a bit longer than your jaw, there are different ways to play with the textures or hair accessories. With the right styling tools, it is possible to give new life to your hair or even your whole appearance. It is also possible to transform and change from one look to another, from chic, modern, cool, and elegant, to edgy.

If you haven’t jump to this raging trend already, then maybe it’s the right time to adopt the look. The benefits of having lighter hair which easier to style in versatile ways may make your day going on a bit brighter. Here are three ways worth to try for the chopped hair complete with the steps on how to achieve them.


How to Style a Bob in Wavy Style

The charm of wavy bob style is not only on the stunning looks but also on the effortless process to achieve it. Follow the steps on how to style a bob below to get the relaxed and laid-back vibes the whole day.

  1. Put heat protectant product on your hair

If you are one of the people who cut their lock because of damaged reason, avoid further damage caused by heat styling tools by applying protectant product.Use clip to divide the strands to make the styling process easier and achieve better result. You can also use hair tie instead of clip.

  1. Start to curl your hair using curling wand

Curl the hair to the outer direction from your face to create effortless and natural waves. Take about an inch of hair section and keep the wand for 5 to 10 seconds on each curling attempt. Hold the section in your hand few seconds before the release. Do not just let the hair fall free after the curling action to set the waves firmer and last longer. Do not comb the curls either while they’re still hot, or wait until they’re cooling down.

  1. Repeat for the rest of the sections

After the bottom part is done, it is time to undone the clip or tie and work on the upper part. Use the same steps above for the rest of your strands. When the whole hair is completed, spray some dry shampoo or texturing products to hold the texture and enhance the style.


Simple Bob in the Bun Style

The luxury of getting bun hairstyle on bad hair day is not always exclusive for the people with longer hair. By using the steps on how to style a bob, you can always sport the looks for lazy or hot days outside stylishly.

  1. Embrace the messiness of your hair

The thing about creating this hairstyle is, it gets better the messier your hair is. On your second or third hair day, opt for using dry shampoo instead of washing it. It will create more voluminous hair without having to tease it.

  1. Tie up your whole hair

Do it by gathering all of it on up-front part or the lower part if your short hair cannot reach all the way up. You may skip this part if you have long hair, but it is almost impossible for bob styled one. Make sure you don’t leave any strands behind. It is easier to be done if you flipped your head over and tie it on the ponytail in that way.

  1. Hold the ponytail

To achieve neat and small bun, hold the ponytail around your fingers and twirl the whole part on one big and long twist. Create the bun base by taking the twist in spiral motion and secure it with elastic. To test the secureness, shake your head to see if the bun would move around. If the elastic is not enough, add some bobby pins or hair spray.

  1. Pull fly away strands

The last step on how to style a bob in bun is to pull some fly away strands to create more natural and imperfect look.


Applying the Braided Style Bob

To upgrade your short hair styling game, try these steps on how to style a bob in sided braids. It helps to get the hair away from your face while still looking adorable and put together.

  • Start with textured hair. The braids will look better with loose waves instead off fine textured hair that looks too soft or sleek.
  • Create deep side parting if you have slight side or middle parted hair. The parting can be made zigzag or in curves instead of in straight line.
  • Just like creating typical braids, take a section of your hair from the side and divide it into three parts. Start braiding it in loose manner while looking at the mirror so you can get the braiding style that you want. You can either try normal braids, French braids, fishtail braids, or others.
  • Pin the braids to the underneath your free hair using bobby pins. Mist some hairspray products to keep the style in place.

The three tutorials on how to style a bob above is just a small part of many ways to style short hair. Various stylistic options even on the shorter strand length prove that there are always room to give individuality and creativity to your looks despite all the circumstances.