There are so much wonders about getting gel nail polish. It stays shiny for longer time than other nail polish types and it dries so fast so you don’t have to waste half an hour just to get manicure. However, removing the gel can be a bit of tricky task. Sometimes you would even need help from professional in order to not lift off your cuticle and ruin the health of the skin around your fingernails. That’s why several DIY methods on how to get gel nail polish off may be a big help for you.

However, before getting into tutorial, it is important to know what gel nail polish is and why it is so hard to get them off unlike the regular basic polish, acrylic, or dip powder. Gel nails, or sometimes referred as hard gel, is a type of polish made from heavy duty chemical-engineering, the bonding of acrylic monomers and oligomers. It is similar chemical bonding that found in dental work. The compounds are bonding under UV light.

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The reason why gel nail polish is hard to take off is because it contains the removal agent itself, which is the acetone. Wrong method to remove them could lead into major damage that affects your nail bed. Below are three tutorials on how to get gel nail polish off that can be applied safely. Whichever method that you’d prefer to do, covers your cuticles with a layer of Vaseline or other occlusive ingredient to shield the skin.


How to Get Gel Nail Polish off Using Removal Kits

The first method on how to get gel nail polish off is by using professional removing kits. There are a lot of brands offering this type of product so you’ll see wide range of price. It is probably the safest and better options than the other. Most of the kits would include remover liquid; foil wraps cleanser, buffer block, and cuticle serum or oil. Follow this step by step process to use the kits.

  • Remove the top layer of the nail polish, which is the shiny coat using the buffer block. Swipe the side part of your nails to break the polish seal.
  • Dip cotton pad into the remover liquid.
  • Place the cotton pad against your nail. Then wrap your fingers with the foil sheet to lock in the heat for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use warm towel, oven mitts, or gloves.
  • After the certain time, pull the wraps off of your nails. Check for the gel polish that lifted inside the wraps.
  • Clean the rest of remaining polish using the liquid remover. To remove the stuck residual on the cuticle, use specific polish removal tool or cuticle stick. Then wrap your fingers in foil sheet for 5 minutes again.
  • Remove the foil wraps and wash your hand with soap.
  • Smooth the nail out with the buffer block. Apply the cuticle serum or oil on your fingernails to nourish them.

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Removing the Nail Polish Using DIY Foil Wraps

If you want to save some budget and looking for more adorable ways to lift the gel without having to buy professional kits, then this method is suitable for you. The step by step tutorial on how to get gel nail polish off using foil sheet by yourself is convenient and easy to do, even when on traveling.

  • Prepare a bottle of 100% acetone or strong alcohol-based nail polish remover, cotton balls, and aluminum or tin foil that you have on your kitchen. Having all the needed materials and tools on prior will eliminate the potential mess and hassles during the process.
  • As you’d do with removal kits, first you need to buff and lift the shiny surface using nail buffer. Do this step gently in order to not scratch or damage the layer of nail underneath the hardened polish.
  • Soak the cotton on the nail polish remover that you use then place it on your gel polish covered fingernails or toenails.
  • Wrap each of your nail with small cut sheet of tin foil from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Remove the tin foil wraps and see if the gel is lifted on the cotton ball. The gel must be softened already so it is easy to swipe it off from your nails.
  • Use wood nail stick to remove the residue on your nails or repeat the whole process from the first step if the remaining gel is still quite a lot.

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Using the Soaking Method

The strong resistant nature of gel manicure makes it not the easiest polish type to be wiped off. The steps on how to get gel nail polish off by soaking your nails below is one of the most recommended methods. You have to soak your fingers on acetone in order to loosen up and breaking off the chemical bonding that the ingredient has. Although it take a little bit longer time than the other solutions, but it is worth to try as this is the gentlest way to lift the gel and protect the health of your nails. It is also a preferable method if you do not have foil wraps or cottons pad at the moment.

  • Prepare two bowls in large and medium size.
  • Put warm water inside the large bowl, and put acetone inside the small bowl to make it warm. Do not warm acetone or alcohol liquid on stove or microwave because they contain highly-flammable chemicals.
  • Buff down the top part or the surface of gel manicure, because there are at least four layers of manicure on top of your nail bed.
  • Soak your hand or feet inside the warmed acetone bowl.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes as the gel would be soaked up and becoming loose. Remove the gel very gently using wooden stick.
  • Rinse your nails and put cuticle serum or oil on them.

The hard removal is the downside of using the gel manicures. However, the three tutorials on how to get gel nail polish off above might make it easier for you without having to go to the salon just to take the manicures of your nails, which can be money and time consuming.