KMazing – Among the many beautiful Korean actress, Shin Min Ah often goes into the mix when talking about how pretty an actress are. Not only known as having a pretty face, Shin Min Ah is also considered to have a nice body and always look cheerful and happy, especially with a dimples in her cheeks.

Certainly there are many who admire Kim Woo Bin’s lover, both men and women. for woman out there, they are maybe one or two who wonder how Shin Min Ah keep her beauty intact. Especially when her age is not that young anymore but she still looks youthful.


Recently Shin Min Ah graced the cover of Cosmopolitan and in the interview she revealed her secret beauty tips for her youthful look. She said that she never goes out of the way just to protect her beauty, she just did what everybody did but her real secret goes inside the mind and mental state told the actress who famously playing Gumiho in My Girlfriend is Gumiho.

“Of course, you have to exercise and take care of yourself. But the most important thing is how you feel. If you don’t feel peaceful, it shows on your face. I take care not to become too stressed, or beat myself up too much or fall under pressure. To me, hearing someone tell me ‘You look bright today?’ is like hearing ‘You look pretty’.” 

Well, you heard it. Inner peace is also important for the longevity of the visual beauty. Who agree with Shin Min Ah here ??

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