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Move on to the next rank, this article will continue the best Korean drama OST songs of all time ranging from rank 15 to 1.

Let’s go!

T-Max – Fight The Bad Feeling (Boys Over Flowers OST)

At number 15 is filled again by the song of the drama OST Boys Before Flowers, this time the singer is T-Max group with the title “Fight The Bad Feeling”. Check this out, the song is very nice to hear.

Noel – In Order To Live (Padam Padam OST)

This Padam Padam OST song is very often heard in every final part of episodes. Honestly I think this song is very powerful and fits the atmosphere and ambience of drama Padam Padam. Check it out below.

Ashily – Lucky MV (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Back again to the song of Boys Over Flowers. This time is very ballad and I think very suitable for you who are in Heartbroken or troubled. Sang by Ashily, check this one out.


Vanilla Acoustic – My Time With You (Cheese In The Trap OST)

Actually before the drama aired, I already read the webtoon and the story is great. When I heard about the drama will be air, I got excited and can’t wait to watch it. The drama is also good and has some good OST songs. But the best is this song.


Only if I Have You – loveholic (Plus Nine Boys OST)

Plus Nine Boys is one of the best romantic Korean dramas I’ve ever seen. Moreover, Park Chorong was freakingly gorgeous and beautiful here. Makes me put her in one of the most beautiful kpop girls of all time.

By the way, here is the OST of Plus Nine Boys Drama by loveholic.

Moving on to top 10!! Get ready for more goosebumps..

Ami – Everyday I Let You Go MV (IRIS 2 OST)

Like I told you before there’ll be another song from IRIS 2, and that’s Ami with “Everyday”. Strangely this song were seldom heard in the drama. I just heard it in the last episode of this drama, but just heard it once makes me goosebumps really strong. This song is wonderful. Check it out.

Baek Ji Young – that woman (Secret Garden OST)

You know what? This song is my national anthem at noraebang/karaoke. Why? Because once we enter into the room, this song is the first song which me and my friends would sing (LOL). And no need to discuss more, Baek Ji Young is just purely amazing.

Baek Ji Young – dont forget (IRIS OST)

I crown this song as one of the best Korean sad/ballad songs that ever existed. Mostly can be heard if you watch the first IRIS (2009). A masterpiece. Check it out below.

Gavy NJ – Rewind (My Lovely Girl OST)

Another song that i include in one of the best Korean ballad songs I’ve ever seen. Sang by Gavy NJ, the atmosphere and the song is perfectly suitable with the drama. Check out below.

Howl & J – Perhaps Love (Princess Hours OST)

Next is from legendary Korean Drama “Princess Hours” or “Goong” which aired in 2006, ten years ago. But I can’t forget the OST of this drama, especially this song because it’s a masterpiece. Check it out below.

Now we are in the top 5! Road to the best of the best..

OKDAL – My Love Song MV (The Time We Were Not In Love OST)

This drama played by Ha Ji Won and and Lee Jin Wook. One of the OST singers Okdal has a nice and relaxing voice. This song turned out to be the fifth best in my list. Check this out.

Kim Bo Kyung – With You (Let’s Eat Season 2 OST)

I like Let’s Eat Season 2 more than the first season because Seo Hyun Jin’s acting is great and I really like it. Seo Hyun Jin became more popular after this drama. She appeared as a guest in Running Man after this drama. And you must be know what’s happening with Seo Hyun Jin now right? She’s all over in the internet because of “that” drama.

Anyway, about the OST, its really great. Check it out below.

Top 3.. Best of the best..!!

Lim Kim – Happy Me (Reply 1994 OST)

I can’t forget how hype it was when I watch this drama. Most of people support Chil Bong rather than Sseureki (trash), but Na Jung ended up with Sseureki. That’s why most of people were in tense and disappointed. One of the best Korean Drama of all time in overall, not just in romance, but in comedy, plot, setting, characters, etc. is the best.

Bonus..!! Here is Lim Kim With “Happy Me” in live version. This is so wonderful.

Runner Up : Yoon Mirae – Always (Descendant of The Sun OST)

Okay, no need too long explaination for this one. Probably almost all Korean drama lovers know this song and love this song, because the drama is such a huge hit around the world this year.

And the winner is..

First Place : BEN – Like A Dream (Another Miss Oh OST)

The winner is BEN with “Like A Dream” from Drama “Another Miss Oh”. Why? Wow just watch the drama and you’ll know it. This song will quickly be memorized when you watch it, because its all over the drama. And the great thing is this song is very suitable with the drama atmosphere, making me goosebumps really strong when the first time I heard it. That’s why i also crowned this drama as the best romantic Korean drama of all time. Here it is the best Korean drama OST by, congrats BEN!

That’s it. Those were the best Korean drama OST songs of all time until June 2016 by Anyway songs above were just picked based on my opinion. Maybe you don’t feel the same way as me. Are your favorite OST songs listed above? If not, maybe you can let me know your favorite OST songs and tell me why in comments below. So maybe I can discover more great Korean drama OST songs.

Thanks for reading!

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