Top 30 Best Korean Drama OST Songs of All Time – Part 2 (Rank 15-1) (Ballad)

Best Korean Drama OST Songs of All Time Part 2

15Top 30 Best Korean Drama OST Songs of All Time Part 2 (Rank 15-1)

See the part 1 here :

Move on to the next rank, this article will continue the best Korean drama OST songs of all time ranging from rank 15 to 1.

Let’s go!

15. T-Max – Fight The Bad Feeling (Boys Over Flowers OST)

At number 15 is filled again by the song of the drama OST Boys Before Flowers, this time the singer is T-Max group with the title “Fight The Bad Feeling”. Check this out, the song is very nice to hear.



  1. Where is NOEL….”Once Again” in Come Back Mister….In my opinon this is the best OST I’ve heard in a long time..I guess you didn’t watch that drama..well have a listen and read the the drama

    • Hi Neferua.

      Actually i watched “Please Come Back Mister”, and its one of the funniest Korean dramas i’ve ever seen (Rain was freaking hilarious there), but i stopped in the middle after i know Lee Min Jung actually didn’t purely love her husband (if i’m not mistaken), and i hate it.

      So i don’t really remember about the OSTs. But thank you very much for your suggestion. I’ll listen to it.

      • LMJ was unknown about her love for her husband but she finally realises that she has been in love through all the years and she’s attracted to Rain only because she’s finding too many similarities of her dead husband with the new person who’s handsome. Its indeed a really good drama.

  2. I agree with the best korean drama and like a dream as the top 1. The drama was just so great as well as the song. Ben is a really good singer especially when she sings korean drama ost. Full of emotions all throughout the entire song. It will make your heart break when you watch the drama while listening to it. The drama was perfect with a unique storyline plus amazing ost’s

    • Hi Joyieeee

      Exactly!! The drama is one of a kind and i don’t know when i can enjoy a drama like Another Miss Oh again in the future. Cuz i try watch many other dramas right now but no one can make me enjoy as much as Another Miss Oh, but i’m watching Entourage right now because its funny.

      Another Miss Oh was nearly perfect, the romance will make your heart beat faster, plus the OSTs that will make you more heart broken.

      For me, this drama is the best ever until now (hoping TvN will make another drama like this again, or maybe Another Miss Oh season 2?) WOW that would be great!

  3. Reply 1988’s soundtrack screams perfection.
    Dont Worry, Dear by Lee Juck won MAMA 2016 for best OST.
    As Time Goes By by Kihyun IS REALY BEAUTIFUL.
    And the drama itself is also perfect. If you like Reply 1994, I guess you’ll love 1988 more. It doesn’t only serve romcom (the romance storyline is pretty good). It also serves other aspects such as family, neighbourhood, and friendship. I cried and laughed a lot watching the drama, it left me with a lot of feelings.
    And so does the soundtrack. The whole album is purrrfect but As Time Goes By and Don’t Worry Dear is my favorite:)

  4. I do agree with lots of songs in this list, but I would really like to add Auditory Hallucinations (Kill Me Heal Me OST) into the list! Those who watched the drama would understand, because the song was so fitting and heartwrenching in many moments.


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