KMazing – The closeness between Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum is not surprising fact fans supporting both of the actor. Coming from the same agency, they have that click senior junior relationship and each other supporters. One time Cha Tae Hyun did say that the two usually discuss their project and give each other suggestion. The close relationship between the two stars even created rumor that Park Bo Gum will be playing alongside Song Joong Ki in Descendants of The Sun Season 2 which later rejected by their agency.

There is a funny story  experienced by these two handsome Korean actors. Unintentionally, they wear the exact same shirt in an event even though they made no agreement before.In a photo, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum is wearing a white shirt with black sleeves. Both were smiling while looking into the camera.


“In this photo, we were filming for Dominos Pizza CF commercial. We didn’t plan to wear couple t-shirts.” – Park Bo Gum

The two stars also reveal what kind of relationship they have. Song Joong Ki himself admitted that this junior [Park Bo Guym] always offer him help when he was in distress.

“Bo Gum is a really nice brother. Whenever there is something I have to do, but can’t do it, Bo Gum will always offer to help me out.”– Song Joong Ki



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