An Actress is usually pictured as elegant and graceful, at least that’s what on movie and drama viewer’s mind. Due to the image build around the actress, we rarely can picture them in their usual outfit, but rather on their glamorous accoutre while attending ceremony and awards. The perception goes beyond countries and our K-Drama or K-Movie stars also engulfed themselves with chic and delicate image.

One of the biggest name in the industry, Song He Kyo is also known for her graceful image and stunning visual. Her beauty goes past through generation since her first rose to stardom on television series Full House and Autumn in My Heart. The star also seized the attention of the asia continent last year where she played as a doctor in ultra-popular television series, Descendants of the Sun.

Song He Kyo Personal Instagram Account

Thanks to the development of technology, now we can see how Song He Kyo dresses in her hotel room. Song He Kyo uploaded her picture on Instagram wearing loose and long sleeved shirt with white colour pants matching the shirt colour, she also didn’t seem to use any makeup on. The star was seen sitting on the sofa by crossing her leg picturing relax atmosphere she is on by including caption on the post “Good night~ HK.”. Song He Kyo is scheduled to attend Esprit’s 2017 Summer Collection Opening Night Party in Hong Kong.

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