KMazing – OCN presents a new drama starting June 3, 2017 titled Duel (듀얼). “DUEL” is a drama directed by Lee Jong-Jae, while the story was written by Kim Yoon-Joo. The series took the genre of action and sci-fi clone drama. The cast Jung Jae-Young, Kim Jung-Eun, Yang Se-Jong, and Seo Eun-Su. Duel is scheduled to air for 16 episodes. Duel is present at OCN every Saturday and Sunday at 23:00 Korean time.


The story begins with a kidnapping case, and the perpetrator asks for a ransom of money. But after the money is given, the perpetrators do not return the kidnapped child, this is of course angen the police, also the parents of kidnapped children. Whether a coincidence or not, the kidnap victim is the son of a senior police detective, Jang Duk-Cheon (Jung Jae-Young).

Jang detective girl named Soo-Yeon (Lee Na-Yeon), she is a leukemia patient and successfully selected to be a patient for treatment with stem cell therapy. Seo-Yeon was kidnapped while in an ambulance that will take her to the clinic. This of course made Detective Jang in very shaken conditin. Every effort he put into finding his daughter and winning the abductor.

Keeping track of the kidnapper, Detective Jang finally finds a young man who kidnaps his child. But the young man said that he was not the culprit and confessed that he could not remember anything. At that moment, Detective Jang saw a young man with the same face as the man he had caught. There are two people with the same face! Are they twins? Are they both abductors? What exactly is the motive behind the abduction?

Our Temp Opinion

I like the way the story unfold in the first two episode. It’s deep and taunting, the story line is clever and unique in a very fresh level of K-Drama. The cast is not well known for some people but they performed well and did their job flawlessly. Criminal and police story with the side of sci-fi really create magnanimous impact on the story.