KMazing – As is known, Lee Seung Gi is currently still undergoing his compulsory military service. But there are new funny fact about the multi-talent actor during his time in the military, did you know that apparently Lee Seung Gi store a photo of woman idol in his locker ? No, not the photo of his ex girlfriend Yoona of Girls’ Generation, not also the photo of the new sexy queen, Hyuna but rather the new sexy idol on the block, AOA’s Seolhyun.

Comedian Lee Soo Geun who is one of the best friend of the actor revealed that Lee Seung Gi currently has a more athletic body and darker skin. On the other hand, he also leaked that Yoona Girls Generation’s former lover kept a photograph of a k-pop idol to motivate  himself during his mandatory duty.

The sexy photo he kept in the locker was revealed to be Seolhyun of AOA. In Korea alone, it is not surprising that the conscripted soldiers become fans of a girl-band for their encouragement.

Lee Seung Gi himself worked on conscription as an active soldier. The singer who is also an actor will complete his military service in the following October 2017.

As one of Korea’s favorite stars, Lee Seung Gi’s comeback has been highly anticipated. Not even a few who feel if that the actor has been taking too long undergoing his military service.

Public still looking forward to what Lee Seung Gi’s comeback will be like. Fans also certainly do not know whether the 30-year star will immediately choose back to show his acting skill on the screen or rather will be releasing a new song.