KMazing – If you feel jaded with the rom-com KDrama, then A Superior Day can be the best remedy for you. Here is all the information regarding the drama that has been airing since 13 March 2022!

Synopsis of A Superior Day KDrama

Lee Ho Cheol (Jin Goo) is the main character in the Korean drama A Superior Day. He is both a parent and a fireman. He became inadvertently embroiled in a serial murder case. “I will tell you who the serial killer is,” Ho Cheol receives a message one day.

A photo of a man holding a bloodied knife is also included in the message. Unexpectedly, Lee Ho Cheol discovered that it was Kwon Shi Woo’s (Lee Won Geun) hand that was involved. Shi Woo lives next door to his house and is a neighbor.


One day, Ho Cheol receives a follow-up message telling him to kill Shi Woo within 24 hours. The message also provides a threat. If Ho Cheol didn’t do it, then his daughter’s life would be in danger. Is it true that Kwon Shi Woo is the serial killer?

The Casts and Profile of A Superior Day KDrama

Jin Goo

Jin Goo will be acting as Lee Ho Cheol. Without a doubt, Jin Goo is one of the most well-known actors and is better known as a film actor compared to a drama.

A Superior Day KDrama

A Superior Day is his comeback drama after taking a pivotal part in Legal High in 2019. Jin Goo’s name is increasingly recognized after his acting in the drama Descendants of the Sun with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

Ha Do Kwon

Ha Do Kwon will play Bae Tae Jin. Nowadays, Do Kwon is famous as he has acted in various popular dramas. The dramas he has starred in are Penthouse, Through the Darkness, Work Later Drink Now, Nevertheless, and so on.

Lee Won Geun

Lee Won Geun plays the character Kwon Shi Woo in A Superior Day. Prior to his role in this drama, Won Geun had participated in the drama One the Woman, Queen of Mystery, and so on.


Yang Hyun Min

Yang Hyun Min will play Manager Joo. This actor is already considered a senior actor in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Hyun Min has been in a number of well-known Korean dramas, including Lovers of the Red Sky, The King: Eternal Monarch, Dr. Romantic, The Heirs, and others.