KMazing – South Korea has one of the most developed film industries in the world. As a result, there is a wide range of openness to genre adaptation ideas in films. From science fiction to adult, the Korean cinema industry has produced films with incredible themes. Without further ado, here are some Korean adult film titles with intriguing stories.

Love Lesson

“Love Lesson” tells the story of Hee Soo (Kim Sun Young), a popular songwriter with many hits. But behind her success, she is experiencing a slump as she feels deprived of inspiration since she always feels lonely.

Hee Soo then meets a boy (Byun Joon Suk) in an elevator in an apartment building. After that meeting, Hee Soo felt the inspiration is coming fast to her head. Then, under the pretext of wanting to give the boy music lessons, she at the same time teaches him about love.


Over time the boy fell in love with Hee Soo and her songs. And of course, this film features some “special” scenes for those over the age of 18 years.

A Frozen Flower

Before joining Running Man in 2010, Song Ji Hyo’s popularity soared when she starred in the Korean adult film dubbed “A Frozen Flower”. Although the plot is controversial, the film which was released in 2008 is also widely talked about because of its stark naked scenes and beds.

The story revolves around the empress who does not get pregnant because the king is gay. Instead of trying to marry his wife, the king asked his personal bodyguard to sleep with the empress.


Unfortunately, both of them fell in love with each other and intended to run away from the palace leaving the king. Behind the controversy, this Korean adult film managed to become the 6th most-watched film in the year it was released.

Obsessed – Adult KMovies

This particular adult film titled “Obsessed” has a lot of vulgar scenes that can increase the “temperature” quite high. With the theme of adultery, the storyline in this film also tends to drain tears.

This film is set in the Vietnam war, which tells the story of a colonel who has just returned from the battlefield to South Korea. The colonel had an unhappy married life and the trauma of war made his life even messier.


The story took a sharp turn when he met a woman who turned out to be the wife of his subordinate at the military base. Plus, coincidentally, they are neighbors! The two fell in love with each other and there was an affair that often featured steamy bed scenes.