KMazing – Netflix has released the first teaser for the latest South Korean romantic comedy film entitled Love and Leashes. Quoted from NME, the 30-second teaser video opens up with Girls Generation’s Seohyun, who is seen sitting on an office desk carrying a purple silk ribbon.

Then, his co-worker, U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young, appeared. A caption appeared on the screen introducing Seohyun as Ji Woo, a rookie domme, and Jun-Young as Ji Hoo, an expert sub. Seohyun also began to tie her co-star using a purple ribbon. Then they looked at each other and smiled.

After the teaser was released, netizens were surprised. Especially when they find out that the romantic comedy movie is labeled with an 18+ rating. Lots of fans are also quite surprised and impressed by the image transformation of Seohyun, who since her debut has been known to have an innocent image.

Synopsis of Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes is a film adapted from a webtoon entitled Moral Sense. It tells the story of Jung Ji Hoo (Lee Jun Young), a perfect guy with unique tastes, and Jung Ji Woo (Seohyun), who is a skilled public relations team employee.

One day, Ji Woo accidentally receives a package for Ji Hoo and finally finds out about his co-worker’s sex preferences. From then on, they started to get involved in a thrilling love affair.

The film is directed and written by Park Hyeon Jin and will be released on February 11, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

Casts of Love and Leashes

Seo Hyun

Seo Ju Hyun is a South Korean singer and actress who goes by the stage name Seohyun. In 2003, she auditioned for and joined SM Entertainment, and in August 2007, she made her debut as a member of the girl group Girls’ Generation. She also debuted as a member of the Girls’ Generation subgroup TTS in 2012 and became the third member of the group to record a solo album in 2017.

Love and Leashes

Seohyun made her stage debut in 2014 as the lead in the musical Moon Embracing the Sun, and she has also appeared in Korean adaptations of Gone with the Wind and Mamma Mia! After leaving SM Entertainment in October 2017, Seohyun joined with Namoo Actors in March 2019.

Lee Jun Young

Lee Jun Young, better known by his stage name Jun, is a member of the K-Pop group U-KISS as well as an actor. He took first place in the Unit’s survival challenge and was promoted with UNB for a year.

Love and Leashes

Kim Bo Ra

Kim Bo Ra is a South Korean actress who was born on September 28, 1995. She is well known for her role as Kim Hye Na in the blockbuster drama Sky Castle. Kim Bo Ra has also taken part in lots of television dramas like Her Private Life, Touch, and 2021 Summer Drama Collage: Monster Mansion. She made her acting debut at the age of eleven in the play Wedding (2005).

Love and Leashes

Lee El

Kim Ji Hyun, famously known by her stage name, Lee El is a South Korean actress who was born in the capital of the country, Seoul. She is most known for playing Lee Byung Hun’s doomed love interest in the film “Inside Men,” as well as minor parts in MBC’s “Monster” and tvN’s “Goblin.”

Love and Leashes