KMazing – Running Man almost always manages to entertain the audience with a series of unique and humorous missions. But from each of the weeks they broadcasted the TV program, here are four of the funniest episodes lately.

4 Funniest New Running Man

Episode 406

The funniest Running Man episode was attended by guest stars Lee Da Hee, Lee Sang Yeob, Kang Ha Na, and Hong Jin Young. The Running Man members went on a luxurious and scary vacation package.

Those who get a luxury holiday package will have a great time enjoying their vacation in Switzerland. Meanwhile, those who get a bizarre vacation package must carry out various challenging missions in England.


One of the weirdest missions is to hold back laughter, not make a sound, and compete to make other members laugh at each other so that they get punishment. With the unique and ridiculous appearance, the members certainly couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Episode 473

Another most comical Running Man episode also includes the hold-your-laugh mission. At first, the cast thought that the mission was easy, but it turned out that the obstacles that they faced were quite tricky.


Jong-kook and Kwang-soo who had to go together couldn’t help but laugh while tackling each stage of the mission. Jong-kook cries to hold back his laughter while Kwang-soo’s comments and expressions are just right for the moment.

Episode 520

In this funniest episode of Running Man, the members go on a final mission, to determine the winner of the challenge. For the whole day, the cast have done yodeling, samba, hula dance, and finally sang in a cappella.


While doing the final mission, the members split into two teams and perform different a cappella songs. Kwang Soo became the laughing stock of the performance since the way he sang was funny and out of tune.

Even though there are many misses and discordant notes, he still performs them with confidence. This scene successfully brought laughter to everyone in the room.

Episode 535 

The cast of the film “New Year Blues” guest stars on the funniest new Running Man episode this time, Yoo Tae-o, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Lee Yeon-hee, and Choi Soo-young. The last challenge of the episode becomes the most comical segment.

While trying to stop at the selected stop points, the members’ sled cannot be stopped properly. Thus, it ended up making them fall into a pile of flour. The members then protested it to the staff because it was impossible to stop the sled.


The production team then changed the rules of the game, and remove the blindfold. But still, their antics while falling into a pile of flour and attempts to stop the sled managed to create amusing scenes.