Park Bo Gum joined Infinity Challenge cast in Special episode about Pyeongchang Olympics. The member and Park Bo Gum take on a various mission related to Winter Olympic sports around the Pyeongchang Olympics Stadium, which is the site for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Before starting the mission, they held an initiation ceremony where the member ask Park Bo Gum to dance and to the surprise of viewer, the actor executed several dances from hit songs such as Twice’s Knock Knock then finish the action with BTS’s Fire in which spark the member of Infinity Challenge to enjoy the beat further.

Park Bo Gum expressed his admiration to the show stated that “It is an honor. This is my first time being on MBC and I’m so glad it is with ‘Infinite Challenge.’ I am a big fan of the show, so this feels like a dream to me.”

Before they get to the missions prepared by the production team, the member chit-chat with Park Bo Gum and even told him how to survive on a variety show. One time, Haha even wanted to trap Park Bo Gum to reveal his girlfriend, but the actor react quickly with witty respond “I’d like to have a girlfriend.”

The special episode featured Park Bo Gum and the cast  will be attempting their skill at bobsledding, curling and ice hockey. Park Bo Gum is one of the spokespeople for Coca-Cola’s 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics campaign that make him the main guest of this Special Winter Olympic Episode. Kim Yuna will also be joining in and make a surprise appearance on this special episode due to her status as fellow spokespeople for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic.




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