KMazing – Running Man offer various concept during their 7 long year their run. The concept couple is the one that draws so much attention because the focus will be shifting through couple which is simple and direct. Here are the three episode of Running Man that took the path of Couple Race concept that swoon, cringe and make us laugh.

  1. Episode 55

The first episode is sweet, and our choice goes to episode 55 where the guest are cute and sweet young idol such as Jiyeon (T-Ara), Suzy (Miss A), Luna and Sully F(x). The cast went back instyle to adopt 80’s style with roller blade and coupling meetup. The member and the guest coupled up to finish the mission to get the title of the best couple. The young and fresh idol help shape the episode and create several sweet moment throughout the episode.

2. Episode 63

Girls’ Generation Special. No question asked. No excessive comment needed. The member start their introduction with dancing show off which is super funny. The cast coupled up with every member of SNSD and went to finish signature mission on Running Man. It’s super lovely episode.

3. Episode 90

The funniest ever couple race until now, you guys should pay attention on how the cast member expression every time the guest appear. The members was expecting another K-Pop idol special but my oh my, only the ahjussi that appear every time they introduce the guest using K-Pop hit song.