KMazing -Lookout is a South korean drama of the year 2017 that adopt the genre of  Action, Crime. Directed by Son Hyeong-Seok and the storyline is written by Kim Soo-Eun. This drama is starring Kim Young Kwang acts as Jang Do Han, Lee Si Young acts as Jo Soo Ji, Key SHINee plays Gong Kyung Soo and Kim Seul Gi plays the role of Seo Bo Mi. Lookout is scheduled to air every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) every week on the MBC channel.


“Lookout” itself tells the story of people whose lives were destroyed after the loss of a loved one for the crime of the few people that “immune” from the law. This drama will show how the efforts of these people to make the criminals arrested and prosecuted.

Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) is an ambitious prosecutor who comes from a modest family. Meanwhile, Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) is a former homicide detective who lost her daughter for crimes of “immune” from law people and decides to hunt down the killer.

Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) is a woman who transforms from a cheerful schoolgirl into a loner after trauma from a crime. She is always hiding in her lavatory and avoid social interaction. While Gong Kyung Soo (Key SHINee) is a unique genius hacker.

Our Temp Opinion

If you are an avid reader of this website especially my review, you can see that I am super duper skeptic every time I start to watch new drama, it’s not because am negative minded but I try to be as neutral as possible. This drama blow me away, the story which very relatable if you follow politic closely. Me myself is politic-aware person so this kind of genre and storyline really intrigue me. I do know the cast but not follow them closely, so I don’t have that big expectation from their acting. The performance of the cast is close to being good rather to be called decent. One thing to note here is the hacker character which is a bit superficial and not even close to reality.