KMazing – Ruler: Master of the Mask is a South Korean television series of 2017 that opted the genre of Historical, Political, Romance. Directed by No Do-Cheol and the storyline od the series was written by Park Hye-Jin. This drama featured several big name K-Drama such as Yoo Seung Ho who plays as Crown Prince Sado Lee Sun, Kim So Hyun take the role of Han Ga Eun and L (Infinite) acting as commoner Lee Sun. Ruler: Master of the Mask is scheduled to air every Wednesday and Thursday every 22:00 (KST) every week on the MBC channel.


Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) became the Crown Prince who was since his birth, the identity is covered by the King. The king hopes that with the birth of the Crown Prince, he will be a leader who can protect his people fairly and wisely, unlike him. Crown Prince given a special room, because the identity of his face is hidden he must wear a mask since his childhood. The king has made orders, anyone who dares to see Lee Sun’s face will be killed except King, General Lee and Lee Sun’s mother.

Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) as the daughter of a local government official, grew up to be a beautiful girl, open minded, and interested in health sciences. She became one of Woo Bo’s disciples, a health master who had once been a teacher at Sungkyungwan. Ga Eun characters are very loving and helpful, her ethics is very visible as she is raised from an educated family

Lee Sun (L Infinite) acts as the son of the Pyunsoo water grouper. His poor life made his character grow up to be arrogant because of the many who underestimated him. Fortunately, he is very close to Han Ga Eun because both of them are the students of master Woo Bo. Even though he learns with the facility as it is, Lee Sun is very fond of learning.

Our Temp Opinion

Kim So Hyun became the sole reason I try to watch this drama, she has became hot topic in Korea after several successful role in television series. I enter with cautions since the whole idea is not something new for K-Drama plot, but later on I find myself enjoying the whole episode and moving on to the second episode. The drama is fresh and not monotonous in changing the scene and create smooth transition between conflict. The cinematography during the first episode might be a little bit raw but on the second episode I didn’t realize it anymore.