KMazing – 2019 is here, now is the time for us to enjoy the latest South Korean drama that premier in the first month of 2019. A variety of interesting dramas are ready to be presented before us. A number of well-known famous actors like Lee Jong-suk and Lee Dong-Wook is making their comeback. Here are 8 dramas that will be making their premiere in January 2019.

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The Best Chicken – MBN

The Best Chicken is a romantic comedy. Park Choi-go (Park Sun-ho) opens a chicken restaurant in a place where was once a bathhouse. Meanwhile, Seo Bo-ah (Kim So-Hye) is a webtoon writer who feels an objection when she knows that her grandfather’s heritage building was changed to a chicken restaurant. To take the inheritance back, Bo-ah disguised herself as a Choi-go employee.

The Crowned Clown – tvN

The Crowned Clown is TVN’s latest colossal drama starring Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young. This drama takes place in the Joseon period where the struggle for power took place at a very extreme stage. To avoid murder, the king sent an entertainer clown who resembled himself to occupy the palace.

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Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho: Crime and Punishment – KBS2

The success of the Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho’s first season inspired the director to film the second season. Park Shin-who continues to appear as Jo Deul-ho, while the female lead is given to Go Hyun-Jung. Based on the webtoon, the drama continues the work of Jo Deul-ho who was once a prosecutor and turned into a lawyer but now is unemployed after his license was revoked.

Liver or Die (What’s Wrong, Poong Sang) – KBS2

The drama of this family comedy revolves around Poong Sang (Yoo Joon-sang), a lonely and sad middle-aged man. He could never live his life as himself. Until now, Poong Sang had to support his four siblings alone. Can Poong Sang find happiness someday? Or does he have to continue to live the miserable way?

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Spring Must Be Coming – MBC

This comedy-fantasy drama raises the story of body exchanges which lately are increasingly prevalent. Starring Lee Yoo-ri, Uhm Ji-won, Lee Jong-hyuk, and Choi Byung-mo, this series revolves around two women whose bodies are swapped. They also get the opportunity to live their dreams and seek new experiences.

Kingdom – Netflix

Kingdom is the second drama produced by Netflix. The series was adapted from a webcomic series entitled Kim Eun-hee’s Land of the Gods. Set in the medieval Joseon era, this drama tells of a crown prince who was ordered to investigate a mysterious plague that spread throughout the country. Some of the top actors cast were the main actors, including Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona, and Ryu Seung-ryong.

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Romance Is a Bonus Book – tvN

This is likely to be Lee Jong-suk’s last work before registering for military service. Romance Is a Bonus Book is also his first romantic comedy-drama and he is paired with Lee Na-young. Broadly speaking, this drama tells the story of the lives of workers in a publishing company. Lee Jong-suk plays Cha Eun-ho, a brilliant writer who is the youngest main editor in his company.

Touch Your Heart – tvN

Tvn reunited the couple from the drama Goblin, Lee Dong-Wook and Yoo In-na. This time they will compete acting in an interesting romance drama. Kwon Jung-rok is a high reputation workaholic lawyer, while Oh Yoon-Seo is a top actress involved in a scandal with a chaebol. To prepare for his latest comeback on a project by a famous writer, Yoon-Seo was willing to disguise himself as Jung-rok’s secretary.

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