KMazing – Since releasing an official statement about the condition of  Kim Woo Bin who suffered from nasopharyngeal cancer, the agency did not provide any information on the latest updated condition of the star . Surely many fans are quite worried as to the development of condition of the 27-year-old actor.

Jung Yoo Seok from the National Cancer Center gave en-calming answers to fans’ questions. The doctor appeared in Entertainment Weekly and discuss about nasopharyngeal cancer suffered by the star Uncontrollably Fond.

This doctor reveals to the kind of treatment procedure for patients with nasorafing cancer. He also explains the possibility of curing this cancer depending on the stage of the cancer development.

“Due to the uncommon location of the cancer, the standard procedure is to treat him with a mix of radiation treatment and medication without surgery. When caught in the primary or secondary stage you can expect 70% chance of full recovery and in the 3rd or 4th stage the chance of recovery increases depending on how healthy the patient is.” — Dr. Jung Yoo Seok

On the other hand, nasopharyngeal cancer suffered by Kim Woo Bin is very rare. The reason is because this cancer only attacks 1 in 100,000 people. Dr. Jung Yoo Seok who gave his perspective on Kim Woo Bin condition is one of the most respected specialist in cancer treatment. He is also recognized with an award  “Novastice Merit Award” at the 41st Korean Cancer Scholars Association.

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