Netflix is well-known for the best TV entertainment platform in all around the world. Netflix is consisted of numerous TV series and movies for us wasting our spare time. You can relax your mind from stressful work all day with watching entertaining and juicy TV shows. It is common to watch some Western TV dramas or movies but how about Korean? Well, it is no longer a strange thing to enjoy some South Korean entertainments. South Korea has been joined the world entertainment trendsetter. Luckily, people all over the world now can watch best K dramas on Netflix without any problem.

Tearing up with K dramas

It might never cross our mind that Korean dramas can be so much enjoyable. Korean dramas or K dramas are identical to something that has deep meaning and tense emotion. Back in 2015, there was released this touchy and very close to real life drama called “Last”. “Last” tells us that our life in this world can go upside down only in a snap. We can fall from the highest skyscraper to the deepest ocean on earth. This story is about a fund manager who lost all his wealth due to unpredictable wrong decision in making top-notch financial deal. He is then surviving the harsh life in Seoul’s dark underground streets. He goes from a manager to the lowest hierarchy stage in social life. He is battling the world for his own life and his significant others. One of other best K dramas on Netflix must be “Descendants of the Sun”. This popular drama which based on military setting tells about a young captain who has complex love story with an army doctor. This is a must-watched K drama since it also won multiple awards. You should prepare yourself from tearing up apart because of the intense emotions while you watch these two best K dramas.

Enjoying criminal investigation through K dramas

Most of K dramas are romantic drama but it does not mean that they could not serve you with great action, thriller, and crime TV dramas. With that being said, when you subscribe on Netflix K dramas, you can still watch Korean James-Bond-like TV dramas or follow mysterious detective story. A TV drama called “Stranger” is a K drama that will spoil your thirsty of criminal investigation feelings. This crime K drama is also recognized as “Forest of Secrets”. A stiff prosecutor and a tender-hearted yet powerful detective from this one of best K dramas on Netflix will take you to their adventures solving murder cases along the way. This drama is just a well-planned crime drama and lifts our curiosity up. Still talking about crime TV drama genre, “Black” is a crime K drama with a little touch of supernatural and fantasy. If you are bored with ordinary police murder cases, you are absolutely the perfect candidate to watch this interesting K drama. You can enjoy supernatural story like possessed investigators or death visions that owned by the crucial character. Serial murders and grim reaper cases also will accompany you killing your spare time. This thriller K drama will certainly make you thrilled.