This television series comes with huge burden to cope up with after filling up the slot left by the popular “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” but the pre-production news spread optimism as Man X Man will be the first Korean television series broadcast through Netflix, which is a good sign. JTBC is confident they can still ride the wind left by “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” to create another impact on television series rating on Cable Network.

Meet The Cast

Agent K (Kim Seol Woo), ghost-level agent with super skill. After one of his senior is found dead while doing mission of very sensitive case of bribery by one of the millionaire to politics world. Later on, he is working undercover as Head of the Security *bodyguard* to one of the most famous Korean action star  which invited to Russian Millionaire party who has one of the piece in need to solve the case.

Yeo Woon Kwang is one of the most famous Korean action star, he is portrayed as spoiled human-being. He used to be a stuntman and got famous because of 3D movie.

Woon Kwang‘s manager is Cha Do Ha, she used to be a fanatic, obsessive fan girl who finally got the job to the man he was obsessed with. She controls and take care of the actor even monitor his dating life.


The Plot

It’s hard to determine a plot from only two episodes, but the revelation of the storyline is surfacing in the first two episode, it’s about Agent K is continuing his sunbae mission and tracking down  wood carvings that could implicate corrupt chaebol Mo Seung Jae in a finance scandal; they contain details of a slush fund that his grandfather saved for 40 years. Yeo Woon Kwang is the medium between the Russian Millionaire who has the thing needed for the case.

The Final Verdict

Honestly, at first I catch a glimpse of James Bond style of action, it’s not very Korean style of capturing the moment, due to the cut, the action and the soundtrack, I feel like watching Hollywood movie with Korean protagonist. Park Hae Jin really absorb in his character and the bromance between him and Yeo Woon Kwang is another positive point of this series that you need to take a good look on. Do Ha character played by Kim Min Jung might look like annoying in the first few episode but *maybe* later on she will show us some hidden charm that we didn’t know of.

All in all, I look forward toward the thickening of the plot and the story that grows around the character. Man X Man is a very well-made drama with good balance of writing. A complete pop-corn television drama with perfect dose of action and romantic comedy.