It’s hard to top “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” impact on the viewer, but JTBC is preparing their best to outdone themselves. The slot left by Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will be filled by “Man to Man” which stars actors Park Hae jin, Park Sung Woong  and Kim Min Jung, is television series revolving around the story about bodyguard of famous celebrities and the mystery people around them. The popularity of Man to Man before even its broadcast is very interesting because Netflix (yes, that Netflix) officially obtain the exclusive international televising rights for the drama. This is the first time ever in Korean drama history to be ever broadcast through Netflix. You should check the trailer below.


From the trailer you might have seen that this series have a very funny and dynamic plot embedded inside. The cast bromance and interaction that is very bright and bubbly will be another charm point of this Man x Man series. The mix between comedy, action, and romance will be all over the drama. The trailer left us dozen of questions as it’s still unclear about motivation of character played by Park Hae Jin. Viewers can anticipate that the drama will definitely have its charm of unexpectedly silly and quirky moments.

Man to Man first episode already aired last night (21/04) and the general reception was good with rating at 4,05% as it surpassed the rating received by Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s first episode which lies on 3,8%. This rating number is the best ever for first episode in JTBC’s long list of successful television series.




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