KMazing – The thriller genre provokes a special tension for the audience. Whether it’s from the storyline, cinematography, to the action presented. In Korean dramas, the thriller genre is often juxtaposed with other genres that are equally interesting. Like for example with supernatural or even action. Thus, we feel the need to expose more and more about the K-Drama that follows this direction. Here are our top choices of thriller K-Drama that will snap you out of reality.


Signal is one drama that is guaranteed to make the audience curious throughout the episode. The drama that aired in 2016 on the TVN is indeed not just relying on presenting action with a touch of thriller and suspense. One of the biggest attractions of Signal is the appointment of several criminals who really happened in the real world. One of them, the Hwaseong serial murders, became the most famous serial killer in modern times in South Korea.

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The story in this drama tells of a young detective, Park Hae-young (played by Lee Je-Hoon) who discovered a mysterious walkie-talkie. This walkie-talkie made him able to communicate with a detective from decades ago, Lee Jae-Han (played by Cho Jin-Woong). With the help of ambitious female detective Cha Soo-Hyun (played by Kim Hye-soo), the two combine their force to dismantle a criminal case that has not been solved yet. On the other hand, Park Hae-young and Cha Soo-Hyun are trying to save Lee Jae-Han.


Inevitably, serial drama or thriller genre film often takes on the stories based on real events. Gap-Dong is not much different. The drama that first appeared in 2014 on TVN has a storyline inspired by the Hwaseong serial killings. Over 20 episodes, Gap-Dong’s drama starred in a series of famous South Korean actors and actresses. There are Yoon Sang-Hyun, Sung Dong-il, Kim Min-jung, Kim Ji-won, and Lee Joon.

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Gap-dong tells of a serial murder case that took place in the fictional city of Gyeonggi. Since 1993, throughout this city, there have been at least 9 homicides with each of them happened about 12 kilometers away. The police, led by detective Yang Cheol-gon, then suspected Ha Il-sik as the villain behind the homicides case. Ha Il-sik, a man with a disturbed mental state then killed himself to prove his innocence. The only child from Ha Il-sik, Moo-yeom, later became a police officer to try to solve the case while at the same time proving that his father is not guilty.


The rise of drama series with action and thriller genre lately has indeed inspired many other new dramas to follow the same footstep. Last year we have drama titled Defendant which literally shock the viewer with its plot. The defendant is a drama series that focuses on criminal and thriller genres. First released in 2017 on SBS. This series tells the story of a prosecutor Park Jung-Woo from Seoul Central District.

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One day, Park Jung-Woo wakes up from sleep and found himself locked in a cell. He experienced amnesia which made him lose the memory of what happened for some period of time. What then create the real trouble for him is that he was accused of a crime and sentenced to death. The struggle of Park Jung-Woo to prove that he is completely innocent is sparkling the storylines of this remarkable drama.