KMazing – One of the reasons Korean dramas became immense popular worldwide and extremely famous in Asia is besides having handsome actors and pretty actress, the ability of the story plot to play with our emotions as spectators is also amazing. Not a few drama successfully made us crying sobbing while watching it Korean drama, and not infrequently also get us tense due to the tense situation in the drama.

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Korean drama has always been the best friend of repellent boredom. Its popularity should not be asked. The drama that carries the story of everyday life and packed the insufficient number of episodes for you who are willing to stay up for the sake of watching it. Not infrequently because you live up to it, it became difficult to get move on from the story, and that’s just show the impact of the good stories, great acting, and cinematography. Here are our top choice of popular Korean dramas in the year 2017 -2018 that will probably make you hard to move on to another title. Enjoy! Ciao

Prison Playbook

Also known as Wise Prison Life, the tvN produced series treat is a nuanced black comedy. This is the story of prisoners and guards in a prison. The main character is Kim Je-hyuk, the baseball star who became a prisoner overnight, as well as Lee Joon-ho, an elite warden. The drama also stars a number of famous supporters, ranging from Sung Dong-il, Krystal Jung, Seungyoon, to Jung Woong-in.

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In this drama, Baek Jin-hee plays a woman named Jwa Yoon-yi who has a passive nature, but she has a soul of loyalty and obedience. She works for a man named Nam Chi-won, director of HB Company, who refuses to have love affairs with others. Will the relationship of these two people eventually develop into the closer one or will it goes down fast ?


The medical drama starring Go Kyung Pyo is a doctor who holds a grudge against his father’s killer. Go Kyung Pyo, who plays Doctor Kang In Kyu, volunteered to become a doctor in the prison where his father’s murderer was languishing. In this drama, Go Kyung Pyo acting with Jeon So Min and Cho Jae Hyun.

That Man Oh Soo

Oh Soo (Lee Jong-Hyun) is a man in his 20’s and fills in as a promising designer in the IT field, a bistro proprietor and a barista. He is shrewd and great looking. He plays cupid for young men and ladies by utilizing a puzzling dust. Because of the dust, he goes gaga for Seo Yoo-Ri (Kim So-Eun). She is additionally in her 20’s and working as a cop. She has a brilliant character and backings her family without anyone else helping.

Radio Romance

This series is about radio writers who try to survive in her working world and then assisted by the actor who makes them often interact and involved in a conflict of interest called it their personal life or a working one.  In addition to Yoon Doo Joon, the drama will also be Kim So Hyun’s first drama after being an adult.

Unni Is Alive

Kang Ha-Ri (Kim Joo-Hyun), with her brilliant identity, works low maintenance at a stationery store and a nail shop. Min Deul-Re (Jang Seo-Hee) was a well known on-screen character, however, she isn’t so famous nowadays. Kim Eun-Hyang (Oh Yoon-Ah) filled in as a secretary preceding the introduction of her girl, but she now centers around bringing up her little girl. These three ladies lose their most friends and family around a similar time. Despite the fact that they are not related, they depend on each other to get past the intense circumstances.

The Package

Tells about Yoon So-So (played by Lee Yeon He) who works as a tour guide in France. One day, Yoon So-So gets the job of leading a group of tourists who have their own character or personality. Starting from San Ma-Roo who has just left his girlfriend, Kim Gyung-Jae who has been dating for ten years and a mysterious man who follows Yoon So-so. In the tour guided by Yoon So-So, a lot of drama and events keep on happening, making each tour participant become close toward each other.

Introverted Boss

Eun Hwan Ki is the leader of a PR organization. He is extremely modest. So shy that even his workers don’t have any acquaintance with him that well. He likes to cover up in his office. Everybody supposes he is a chilly, thorny, pompous grouch.They call him the “Silent Monster”. Chae Ro Woon is a current contract with a similar organization. She is lively, bubbly, loves to be the focal point of consideration and dependably has a remark. The correct inverse of her supervisor, who she appears to have a repressed hostility against. Her objective in life is: to uncover the huge big cheese for who he truly is and render her retribution.

I’m Not a Robot

Kim Min Kyu played by Yoo Seung Ho is both a virtuoso and the essential investor of KM Financial, the nation’s biggest monetary company. He’s likewise never had a sweetheart and cases to be “unfavorably susceptible” to people. Come Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin), an aspiring business person and a mechanical building whiz. Her ex, Hong Baek Kyung (Uhm Ki Joon) is a widely acclaimed shrewd designing educator who makes a female android named Aji-3 that looks precisely like her. Through an odd arrangement of conditions, Ji Ah Jo winds up professing to be her own particular resemblance, Aji-3. Presently she’s got in a bizarre love triangle with two virtuosos, and the strain to keep up the trick can influence anybody to feel somewhat robotic.


Telling the story about the most popular Korean anchorwoman (Kim Nam Joo) became a suspect in the murder case, and her husband (Ji Jin Hee) became his lawyer. The drama stars Kim Nam Joo, Ji Jin Hee, Jun Hye Jin, Jin Ki Joo, Go Joon, and more.


The drama that just aired on November 6, 2017, then this increasingly snatch the attention of the Korean drama lovers. Tells of Yoo Eun-Ho who has a special ability to read other people’s thoughts while putting his hands in the hands of others. Because of his special ability, he can not open his mind to anyone. One day, she meets Choo Ji-Eun who has two different personalities. How do the two fit in? Keep up with the story!

My Sassy Girl

Feel familiar with the title? Yes, My Sassy Girl has previously known as a Korean movie titled the same starring Jun Ji Hyun. Because of the success of the film, it made it’s remade in a very popular series a few years ago. Not only Korean dramas, My Sassy Girl was even re-created by Hollywood in 2008. In 2017, My Sassy Girl is back in remake with new stories and cast, namely Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo as the two main actors. In addition to Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo, My Sassy Girl also has a row of other famous stars, such as Jung Shin of CN Blue and Jung Da Bin.

20th Century Boy and Girl

This drama tells about four friends who have met since high school. Gong Ji-Won, Sa Jin-Jin, Han A-Reum, and Jang Young-Sim. Sa Jin Jin is a top Korean artist with a beautiful face and a sexy body. Gong Ji Won is a successful businessman but is having trouble in keeping his life intact. Both had time to undergo sweet love in adolescence and broke up because Gong Ji Won moved abroad. As time goes on, Gong Ji Won and Sa Jin Jin meet again, their love story begins again. However, Anthony who is the older brother of Gong Ji Won has a feeling towards Sa Jin Jin. How is the story gonna get resolved?

Mystery Queen 2

Audience favorite detective duo Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee) and Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) return for the second season of this crime-fighting drama. Telling the story of Yoo Seol-Ok (Choi Gang-Hee) has discarded her life as a housewife. She collaborates with Detective Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang-Woo) to settle puzzling yet mysterious cases.

My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance tells of a rich man and an innocent woman who has never been dating before. The drama, played by Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun, tells of a handsome CEO with a nutritionist who accidentally met at a resort. Starting from the meeting the fate of bringing them back in the future. This romantic comedy starring Sung Hoon, Kim Jae Young, Song Ji Eun and Nam Ki Ae. With a number of Korean top stars, it is no exaggeration if My Secret Romance is regarded as the best Korean drama of 2017 that you should not miss.


Jin Goo finally marking his comeback to the small screen by making his appearance in a serious-theme drama, Untouchable, a drama about power struggles and stories about Jang family secrets that have occupied the city of Bukcheon for three generations ever. The central character of this drama is Jang Joon-seo, a detective who also comes from Jang’s family, who is inflamed by the death of his wife. He also wanted to reveal the truth behind the events that heartbreaking.


The drama stars Lee Kwang Soo, Jung Yoo Mi, Bae Sung Woo and many more. A drama about the joys, sorrows, and pain of the police officers as they try to preserve justice, and protect the important parts of everyday life. Instead of focusing on the crime they face, the drama will tell the story of the police officers themselves.

Missing Nine

Missing Nine tells of a group of boy bands, entertainment reporters, assistants and others who were stranded on an uninhabited island. They were stranded on the island because the plane they take was crashed. Some important figures in Missing Nine is Seo Joon Ho (played by Jung Kyung Ho) who was once a top star but now his image has been destroyed. Then there is Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee), the new stylish Seo Joon Ho who leaves his home to pursue a dream in Seoul.

The story of Missing Nine is very exciting and interesting to follow, from the beginning of the first episode, it successfully presents the tension, romance, and comedy that will make you become addicted to watch the next episodes.

Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You, played by Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah. The drama that picked up the story of a time traveler is very booming in early 2017 and received a high rating in its viewing period. Tomorrow With You tells about Yoo So Joon (played by Lee Je Hon), a company CEO who has the ability to time travel and Song Ma Rin (played by Shin Min Ah), his wife who works as a professional photographer.

While exploring the future, Yoo So Joon gets to know the fact that he’s going to be in trouble and not happy at all. He went back to the present and tried to change his bleak future. Finally, So Joon marries Song Ma Rin in the hope that one day he can change his future. Although initially only to avoid bad luck, but over time So Joon began to love Song Ma Rin sincerely.


The series is a remake of the Japanese drama which is also titled Mother (2010). The latest adaptation version starring the famous actress, Lee Bo Young, Ko Sung-Hee and Heo Yool. Mother revolves around a teacher who decides to be a mother to her student who is molested by her biological mother. It’s developed into a huge problematic drama which closer to our daily life.

Man X Man

This time the action thriller genre, starring a number of famous Korean actors and actresses such as Park Hae Jin, Kim Jung Jung, Yun Jung Hoon, Chae Jung, Park Sung Woong, and Soong Jong Ki even as a cameo.

The Man to Man tells the story of actor Kim Seol Woo (played by Park Hae Jin), a state intelligence agent who has never failed in carrying out his mission. He is also able to control himself so that he can think with a cold head in all situations. One day, he gets a secret mission to protect Yeo Woon Kwang (played by Park Sung Woong) where the story begins and the conflict arises.

Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey

This drama starring the top star artists ranging from Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo to Lee Hong Ki. From the fantasy genre, a drama that revolves around the stealth adventure of stale apes can be the choice of spectacle at the beginning of the year. Hwayugi is a star-studded drama adapted from Chinese classic novel Journey To The West. This drama is similar to the Sun Go Kong story, which is a familiar story in the mainland.

Fight For My Way

The drama played by Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won tells the story of a friendship relationship that ended in romance. There are important things we can learn from this drama behind the love story, that everyone has the right to have a dream and fight for it.

Chief Kim

Kim Sung Ryong is a talented bookkeeper who works for criminals. He advances into an organization called TQ Group as a center chief in the bookkeeping division with the goal of stealing cash from the organization. As he battles with Yoon Ha, monetary wonder Seo Yool and enthusiastic assistant Hong Ga Eun, Sung Ryong gets himself embroiled in office issues and different shenanigans by people with significant influence that undermine to cut down the organization. Sung Ryong gradually comes to understand that he’d rather battle against corporate debasement and battle for representatives’ rights than finish the mission he initially came to do.

Something in The Rain

Yoon Jin-A (Son Ye-Jin) is a solitary lady in her 30’s. She acts as a supervisor at a coffee company. Yoon Jin-An is an accommodating individual, yet she feels exhausted inside. Seo Joon-Hee (Jung Hae-In) is the more youthful sibling of her closest companion Seo Kyung-Sun. He returns to South Korea subsequent to completing work abroad. Yoon Jin-A was only a puerile person, yet he seems distinctive to her now.

Eulachacha Waikiki

The television series is about 3 men with different backgrounds and different goals in life. Kang Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun) aspires to become a film director. While Cheon Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung) wants to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a famous actor, but now he’s just an ordinary actor. Meanwhile, Bong Doo Sik (Son Seung Won) came to Seoul to become a screenwriter, but it was not an easy road for anybody. The three men then run Waikiki guest house in Itaewon, South Korea. Their Guest House faced bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and a single parent woman appeared!

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Strong woman do bong soon played by Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. Telling about a petite woman who has superpowers and a handsome young CEO of a game company owner. The drama is crafted very nicely and there is a bit of comedy in it. This drama achieved a record as one of the highest rated dramas.  Actually, this romantic Comedy drama has been receiving appreciation for a long time and until now there are still people that talk about the drama.

My Mister

A man (Lee Sun-Kyun) in his 40’s withstands the heaviness of life. A lady (IU) in her 20’s experiences troublesome encounters, yet additionally withstand the heaviness of her life. The man and lady get together to help each other, pretty straightforward right? Nope. Although initially there are a lot of protests because of the age difference between the cast, the Korean drama starring idol-actress IU and actor Lee Sun Gyun is staying on course and keep on suprising.


Voice tells about Jin-Hyuk (played by JangHyuk), someone who was once a famous detective but turned into a vengeful after his wife was killed by criminals. Ever since his wife died, Jin-hyuk’s life has been in ruined and he continues to feel guilty for not being able to protect his own wife. He also has a determination to take revenge to the perpetrators of his wife’s murder.

Jin Hyuk eventually joins Kang Kwo-Joo (played by Lee-Ha-Na), the best graduate of the USA police academy who lost his father for being murdered by criminals a few years ago. Detectives Jin-Hyuk and Kang Kwon-Joo also work together in an emergency call team while looking for a serial killer who kills their families.


Tells about Park Jung Woo (played by Ji Sung), a prosecutor who woke up one day in a cell and could not remember what he was doing because he experiencing temporary amnesia. Apparently, he was accused of a crime he did not commit. Worse, Park Jung Woo has been found guilty and immediately sentenced to death. He also had to fight very hard to prove himself innocent. Can he prove himself innocent and escape the death sentence?