As the globalization occur and the hype of Hallyu wave getting stronger through K-Pop, another entertainment medium is also getting lifted as long as it comes from South Korea. One of them is K-Drama. Before the Hallyu era, Korean Drama already famous with titles such as Boys before Flower or Winter Sonata that pick up the attention of the viewer on each side of the globe.

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Now the era of Netflix is here, Netflix as one the biggest company in providing entertainment didn’t overlook K-Drama and periodically renew their library with the greatest and the most interesting series. The range of genre adopted into the platform is getting bigger and bigger, from the classic Playful Kiss into the unique Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Netflix has it all for you. So KMazing will help you guys to choose and select the one you might need to watch first. This is list of Best Korean Dramas on Netflix of All Time.

So, enjoy and let’s go!

White Nights

As the characters in White Nights know everything, it’s a merciless street to the best. The three fundamental characters of White Nights — a beneficiary, her previous darling, and her new hire — might have distinctive foundations, yet they share similar goals toward progress.

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Hello, My Twenties

What happens when five young ladies with five profoundly extraordinary identities move into a house together? A silly, endearing, and relatable show. Hi, My Twenties blends enthusiastic plot lines and exceptional character battles with humor straight out of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s unthinkable not to like.

Reply 1994

It is 1994, and six students have quite recently moved into a boarding house running by a couple and their little girl, Sung Na-jung (Go Ara). The show flips forward and backward in the vicinity of 1994 and 2013, so watchers can figure which of the flatmates Sung Na-jung winds up with.

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Bad Guys

In a move straight out of Catch Me If You Can, an analyst employed to kill wrongdoing enrolls assistance from three of the most famous hoodlums in the jail framework. In return for working for the police, three convicts are liberated from imprisoning: A psychopathic serial executioner with two PhDs, a man who turned into a mob boss in 25 days, and a contract killer who bafflingly turned himself.

Tomorrow’s Cantabile

In the focused condition of South Korea’s most esteemed music institute, two youthful wonders utilize music as the establishment of a sentimental relationship.

My Only Love Song

This K-drama manages to pull off the same feat as Outlander, and make time travel sexy. When My Only Love Song begins, Soo-jung (Gong Seung-yeon) is a famous and conceited pop star. Then, she falls into a gap between space and time, and ends up in 6th-century Goguryeo, a kingdom of Korea. Traveling back in time is a humbling experience. Penniless and in over her head, Soo-jung now must rely on the help of others.

Secret Healer

The story starts with a down and out queen who frantically needed a tyke. She facilitates an arrangement with a mystical and evil shaman, who consents to cure her desolateness by deceiving another shaman. The hated shaman reviles the ruler’s little girl, compelling the princess to live in disengagement. What’s more, the same number of more children’s stories go, two tying young fellows go out in look for the princess when she grows up.

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix One More Time

or as long as ten years, Yoo Tan (L) has been carrying on with a hero existence with his independent band. At that point, the band is drawn closer by a name, which brings issues of its own. As of now in his life, Yoo Tan achieves a period circle that enables him to get another shot at winning his ex back. He’ll continue rehashing this day to the point that he can get the young lady.

Lucid Dream

Time travel. Computer games. Genuine darlings from centuries back being brought together in a Matrix-like interchange realty. This is the sentimental science fiction story you never knew you required.


Next best Korean dramas on Netflix is Black. Envision if you could see death, precisely before it happened. Envision the weight that would be put on you. In Black, a young lady with the energy of hunch builds up an association with a soul harvester, in the body of a mortal man.

Reply 1997

A 2012 South Korean TV series that focuses on the lives of six companions in Busan, as the course of events moves forward and backward between their past as 18-year-old high schoolers in 1997 and their present as 33-year-olds at their secondary school get-together supper in 2012, where one couple will declare that they’re getting married. The transitioning dramatization additionally inspects the extraordinary fan culture that rose in the 1990s when original boyband, for example, H.O.T. also, Sechs Kies became the dominant focal point and K-pop was simply blooming.

The Miracle

How could twin sisters be such polar opposites? Kwon Shi Ah is the beautiful sister, gorgeous in every way and a member of the popular girl group known as Miracle Girls. Since she was in preschool, Shia has worked as a model and then a teen actress before becoming an idol. Her fraternal twin sister, Shi Yeon, is almost double the body size of Shi Ah and has always been ridiculed and bullied in school for her large frame. Because of this, Shi Yeon has become a recluse, who prefers staying home and producing an Internet broadcast within the safety of her room. The only time Shi Yeon ventures out is to visit a mysterious tarot card reader who gives Shi Yeon a magical tarot card every day. But the twin sisters’ lives are turned upside down when they wake up one day and realize that their souls have switched bodies! What will an idol musician and Shi Yeon’s high school crush think of the women they thought they knew?

Beating Again

Min-Ho’s (Jung Kyoung-Ho) father ran an extensive company, however, his demise prompted his uncle assuming control over the company. Along these lines, Min-Ho develops into a vicious financial specialist. Min-Ho at that point experiences a heart transplant surgery and his identity changes. On account of his new heart, he starts to have warm sentiments and he experiences passionate feelings for a lady named Soon-Jung (Kim So-Yeon).

Let’s Eat

Four single individuals: cheerfully separated paralegal Lee Soo-kyung (Lee Soo-kyung), strange gourmand Goo Dae-young (Yoon Doo-joon), plan understudy and previous rich young lady Yoon Jin-yi (Yoon So-hee), and petty legal counselor Kim Hak-moon (Shim Hyung-tak). Who appreciate living alone, with the exception of that bothersome issue that eating out isn’t intended for one. At Jin-Yi’s demand, she, Soo-Kyung and Dae-young begin eating out together and in this manner get engaged with each other’s lives

I Need Romance

I Need Romance is a 2011 South Korean romantic comedy series starring Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Jeong-hoon, Choi Yeo-jin, Choi Song-hyun and Choi Jin-hyuk. It aired on tvN from June 13 to August 2, 2011 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 for 16 episodes. The cable drama revolves around three thirty-something career women and their complicated love lives. It was popular with female viewers in their 20s and 30s for depicting contemporary women in a realistic way.

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix : Playful Kiss

2010 South Korean lighthearted comedy TV series, featuring Jung So-min and Kim Hyun-joong. It publicized on MBC from September 1 to October 21, 2010 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes. It was lifted from Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss composed by Tada Kaoru. The Korean series is the third TV series of the manga following the Taiwanese It Started With a Kiss in 2005, and its continuation They Kiss Again in 2007.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-youthful) was conceived with superhuman quality. Her quality is inherited and gone along just to the ladies in her family. Her fantasy is to make a computer game with herself as the primary character. She frantically needs to wind up a dainty and rich lady, which is the perfect kind of her smash, In Guk-doo (Ji Soo), a cop. On account of her power, she lands the position of a protector to a rich beneficiary Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the CEO of a gaming organization, Ainsoft. As opposed to Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is an odd man who is energetic, somewhat ruined, has no respect for principles, and abhorrences policemen.

Oh My Ghostess

A female chef assistant (Na Bong-sun) who has the ability to see ghosts. Therefore, she is often bullied by her friends and be the caused of her personality that is an inferior. On the other hand, there is a ghost woman (Shin Soon-ae) who is an aggressive and cheerful personality. Because there is a business that has not been solved in life, she loves to enter the body of a young woman. But when she enters the body of Bong-Sun, Soon-Aecannott go out and must live as Bong-Sun. Can Bong-Sun live with two very different personalities?

Boys Before Flowers

The drama tells the story of an ordinary girl named Geum Jan-di who made it into the elite school for saving the life of one of the students from the school. There, Jan-di has to deal with the bullying from the other students, as she gets close to F4, a group of handsome and popular boys at the school.

Descendants of The Sun

Korean #1 global drama phenomenon, best korean dramas on Netflix until 2019 Descendant of The Sun is a drama that tells about the love journey of Yoo Shi-jin, captain of a special Korean army troop, with Kang Mo-yeon, a surgeon at a hospital. Together they have to put on a charming appearance to do their actor jobs.