Top 20 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Right Now 2019

best korean drama on netflix right now

As the globalization occur and the hype of Hallyu wave getting stronger through K-Pop, another entertainment medium is also getting lifted as long as it comes from South Korea. One of them is K-Drama. Before the Hallyu era, Korean Drama already famous with titles such as Boys before Flower or Winter Sonata that pick up the attention of the viewer on each side of the globe.

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Now the era of Netflix is here, Netflix as one the biggest company in providing entertainment didn’t overlook K-Drama and periodically renew their library with the greatest and the most interesting series. The range of genre adopted into the platform is getting bigger and bigger, from the classic Playful Kiss into the unique Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Netflix has it all for you. So KMazing will help you guys to choose and select the one you might need to watch first.

So, enjoy and let’s go !

20White Nights

As the characters in White Nights know everything, it’s a merciless street to the best. The three fundamental characters of White Nights — a beneficiary, her previous darling, and her new hire — might have distinctive foundations, yet they share similar goals toward progress.

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