Top 21 Best Korean Movies 2017 – 2018, All Time Greatest

best korean movies 2017-2018

21Best Korean Movies 2017 – 2018 You Should Watch Right Now!

KMazing – Not just Korean dramas, movies from ginseng country are also well accepted by many people. Some movies from Korea also began to appear in some parts of the world. The year 2017 has just ended, but a series of Korean movies with a lot of interesting stories and plots will definitely be an option is not it?

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South Korean film industry continues to print a variety of interesting film genres to watch. Although many Korean films not available to be aired in cinemas, it does not dampen the curiosity of Korean movie lovers to be able to watch the movie via DVD or television station that gets a broadcasting license. Here we choose the top of the top crafted with care by us.


21. The Prison

The Prison tells of a story of policeman played by Kim Rae Won who is disguised as a criminal to find the criminal brain behind his sister’s death. In this film will be shown how a big-time criminals can easily get in and out of prisons and organize criminal activities inside the prison. The movie stars Han Suk Kyu, Kim Rae Won, Jung Woong In, Jo Jae Yun, Shin Sung Rok, Kwak Min Ho.

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