While another couple like Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk confirmed their relationship, another couple revealed to have broken up. The other bloom while another die, it’s the way this world works. Jeong Jinwoon is reportedly have end his relationship with Yeeun after dating for almost 4-year *quite long time, what a waste* The couple was first announced their relationship in September last year after joined statement from their agencies. They have been dating since 2014 and getting close due to the same taste in music, and sometimes Yeeun would record a demo while Jinwoon play the instrument. Check out this video where they sing together.


The reason behind this heartbreak occasion is unknown as according to the source close to the couple said that “The couple who have broken up after dating for four years didn’t have a particular reason [for breaking up]. They naturally became distant.” The ex-couple decided to become friends after *maybe* their activities comes in a way of their relationship. Amoeba Culture, agency where Yeeun is, stating that “It is true that she broke up with Jeong Jinwoon. We cannot reveal the reason for the break up as that is her private life.” The ex-couple was first met through being in the same agency, at that time Yeeun was a member of Wonder Girls while Jinwoong was a member of ballad group 2AM, both used to be under JYP Entertainment.