Super Junior’s Kim Heechul involved in car accident while on his way for his schedule. Later on, according to several report it was revealed that Heechul was on his way for recording his JTBC’s program “Knowing Brother” when the accidents happened.

The accident that happened turn out to be minor accident, there is no harm done for either Heechul or other passengers that was in the car with Heechul. He even make it to the recording with his style-coordi and no problem reported whatsoever.

Kim Heechul then took his Instagram and post a message to convince his fans that he is okay, he posted a full-face selfie with caption “Please wear a seatbelt. That’s why I didn’t get hurt today. We were able to avoid a big accident because my manager was quick on his feet.” The idol also added “I notified SM Entertainment and JTBC’s ‘Ask Us Anything’ about what happened, and everyone was worried about me, telling me to not overexert myself and to get to the hospital immediately. But you know me… ‘If I’m not there, who would be there to make bad jokes?’ So I went to the filming session, and it went well. So kids, don’t worry about me. And I repeat, please wear a seatbelt.

Kim Heechul is considered the new blue chip of variety show, after consistently showing brilliant performance on “Knowing Brothers” he create a new style of gag where he spit everything that comes to his mind, the style was considered refreshing for most of the viewer, hence bringing new dimension for the show.





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