KMazing – It’s quite common for an athlete to date K-Pop Idol, Mina of Girls Day used to be dating South Korean football star who now plays for Tottenham Hotspurs, Song Heung Min. Yuri of Girls Generation used to date date baseball player Oh Seung Hwan. But one thing I have seen, the pattern was almost always that the male athlete that approach female K-POP stars, it’s rare to see the vice versa.

There is always the first time for everything, the assumption of no female athlete dating male K-POP stars is fall to the ground. It’s just in, the famous South Korean gymnast, Son Yeon Jae is reportedly dating F.T. ISLAND’s Choi Jong Hoon. The couple was spotted enjoying their date together by DISPATCH. The rumor was they meet via mutual friends in February and have going out since then.


“Choi Jong Hoon love to make people laugh and Yeon Jae loves to laugh. They’re both such happy people and they’re a great match in everything starting from their personality to their hobbies. They refuse to stop talking.” – A Close Friend

The two didn’t even try to hide the fact that they are dating in several shot provided by DISPATCH, and Son Yeon Jae was even spotted during F.T. ISLAND tour in Japan.