KMazing – There are huge amounts of drama produced every year in Korea, which most of them are very carefully written and executed, but in that huge amount a few took another path and captured the attention of the public. Here are three dramas in 2016 you need to show your friend to hook them to K-Drama World. Enjoy !

1. Another Oh Hae Young

To be honest, I don’t really like Eric acting, I have seen in another series I guess, but this series change my perspective. The story of this drama revolves around two girls named Oh Hae-Young that are a complete opposite and a man who has a clairvoyant ability of seeing visuals of the future ahead of him. One particular visual bothers him and due to his bitter past, he decides it would be better if he tried to get away from these girls. It’s not just another simple love story here, but more complicated sometimes poisonous love hate relationship. It’s perfect for your friend who are tired with cliche love story series with typical rich man and poor woman.

2. Reply 1988

Well, once again this television series is here, this drama is for everybody, call your grandma maybe she could enjoy this one too, the latest from reply franchise is the hit in the park for this franchise, the story is perfected from the last reply series, the attention is spreading quite well between the family and the story oh my, it’s simple but magical. Everybody can relate to this drama, the moment between family member captured perfectly in this drama and that is how they hook everybody to watch this drama.

3. Descendants of The Sun

*what should I say about this* It’s a perfect combination of pride of being an army, international crisis and love drama. It’s the drama that please your every sense and took you to emotional roller-coaster which you will enjoy. This is the IT drama of 2016. The connection between Song-Song couple also out of this world which make the drama richer and richer in content deepness.

Stay Awesome People !