KMazing – Before reading this, you guys have to know that I have no bias whatsoever on any group nor I have any influence from any fanbase if in case my writing is a lil bit supporting one or other group. Let’s Hit it.

Super Junior, the very first thing comes to mind is usually the mega hit song, “sorry sorry” which release way back in 2009 with the catchy tune, signature dance move and their black and white music video *which is very disappointing feature of such hit song* . The legendary boy group assembled by SM have 13 members at it’s peak but later two member already left the group through various reason. This group already won almost everything that a boy group could win including best selling K-POP artist for four years in a row during they heyday.

EXO on the other hand, is mega super famous boy group which destroy the boundary set by Super Junior, Super Junior itself already got various record and trophy to their name, but EXO did more than their senior member and definitely have won more trophy and upgraded the boundary of success for boy group in K-POP. Both of the group have large number of member and signature song. But for song choice you have to admit that “sorry, sorry” is almost like an anthem in K-POP world, while EXO’s song maybe got good reception from the public but it’s still far for being at the same level as “sorry, sorry”.

One positive thing that I see in Suju but not in EXO *maybe it’s coming* is the ability to blend perfectly in variety show, the reason behind this is maybe because they are older that EXO, or the limit to express themselves in variety show which sometimes need to be limited due to their image. Well maybe in coming years we can see member of EXO MC-ing variety program like Leeteuk or Heechul does today.

Both of the group came from the same companies, so it’s blatant fact that EXO is the project to somehow took the baton from Super Junior to conquer another record, which they did. Suju did excellent but EXO did amazing. Stay awesome people !